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If you're moving from another phone to the Nexus 6, Google makes it simple to migrate your apps, wallpapers and account settings; turn on NFC on both devices, tap the backs and wait until the handsets connect. The loading process takes only a few minutes depending on how much content you have on your old device, and makes the migrating process easy. The first great smartphone of 2015. Beautiful and bold..with complications. The new no-compromise MacBook. A stellar on-ear headphone. Crave-worthy curves for a premium price.

The Good The Google Nexus 6 has a razor-sharp and expansive display, a powerful Snapdragon 805 processor, the Android Lollipop OS and an OIS-equipped camera that takes great photos, The Bad Broad and bulky, the Nexus may be too big -- in iphone 7 screen protector 9h size and price -- for some users, The Bottom Line The Nexus 6 is a powerful plus-sized Android handset, though the slimmer Samsung Galaxy Note 4 delivers superior overall performance and native productivity features, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

"We believe in open platforms and strong partnerships because together we can better serve our customers," Samsung President Won-Pyo Hong said Wednesday during a keynote at Samsung's developers conference here. Hong oversees Samsung's Media Solutions Center, the group working on software and services for Samsung devices and also the group hosting the developers conference. "The hundreds of products in our homes..all need to work together in a simple and permanent way," Hong said. "We know Samsung cannot build every single one of these products alone."Samsung is hosting its second annual developers conference at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, the same venue where Apple and Google host their yearly confabs. The conference is part of Samsung's effort to work with startups and become a bigger part of Silicon Valley. The South Korean company has long been at the forefront of hardware advancements, but it has struggled with software and services.

Samsung hasn't said how many people have registered to attend, but last year's event, which was held at a smaller venue, iphone 7 screen protector 9h had 1,300 participants, The company has more than 200 people lined up to speak over the course of three days, In particular, Samsung's developers conference will be focus on digital health, smart home, virtual reality and wearables, The company introduced software development kits for the sectors, including the Samsung Digital Health SDK, a beta SDK for Samsung Smart Home and an S Pen SDK, The New Look SDK allows developers to take advantage of the curved screen of the Note Edge phablet, and a Gear S SDK lets app makers create software that applies to the smartwatch's standalone features, The Gear S includes its own cellular modem, making it the first Samsung smartwatch that doesn't need to be constantly connected to a smartphone..

The company also talked up Samsung Flow, which lets users to access programs and information across its various devices. Similar to Apple's "Handoff" feature, users can start reading something on their phone and then move to their tablet. They also can defer items to pick them up again when ready or get notifications about incoming messages and calls across devices -- that includes receiving texts on Samsung TVs. During the keynote, Ram Fish, Samsung vice president of digital health, showed off the second generation of its Simband wearable reference design -- basically a blueprint for future wearable devices from Samsung and other companies. In May, Samsung's Strategy and Innovation Center unveiled the first version of the wearable, which contained a host of sensors for measuring advanced health characteristics, as well as a cloud-based software platform called Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions (SAMI) that can collect sensor data from the device for analysis.

The second-generation Simband device looks like Samsung's Gear S smartwatch but with extra sensors embedded, Developers will be able to access Simband to make new sensors and applications, and it's now available for ordering, Samsung also unveiled an SDK for its cloud digital health platform, "Digital health is one of the biggest, most meaningful opportunities of our generation," Fish said, "To crack it, we need to collaborate."The conference comes as Samsung feels the heat from Chinese vendors willing to undercut its product pricing and from the steady competition of Apple's iphone 7 screen protector 9h iPhone franchise..

Samsung has also struggled to develop apps and services that are widely used by consumers, and its homegrown Tizen software -- an alternative to Google's Android mobile operating system -- has been a nonstarter in smartphones. Eric Anderson, Samsung vice president of content and product solutions, said the company will be rolling out the Tizen operating system across its product portfolio in 2015. That includes televisions and other items. Currently, Tizen runs most of Samsung's smartwatches, including the Gear 2 and Gear S.

It's vital for Samsung to partner with startups and other app developers to provide software customized for its devices, Being just another Android player is not enough, at least not if Samsung wants to hold onto its position at the top of the electronics food chain, Instead, the company has to set itself apart from everyone else in the market, It needs something that boosts its own ecosystem and connects its various devices together, Samsung also must make customers loyal to its devices and offer software and services they really iphone 7 screen protector 9h use, And it needs to put itself on the same level as Apple and Google, owning the relationship with consumers instead of simply selling them gadgets..