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Xiaomi's OS was also the first at the time, Barra claims, to optimize T9 predictive text for Chinese names. Xiaomi's chumminess with its users isn't just about being hip. It's also a business strategy that's a linchpin to the company's trademark rock-bottom prices, the reason that the fairly high-end Mi Note can sell for roughly half the cost of an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 . Since Xiaomi relies on social media networks and its own forums and events to spread the word among its customers, it doesn't have to pay for pricey advertising campaigns.

That, combined with a sales model that includes one-day flash bargains through its Mi.com retail site, means that Xiaomi can afford to collect lower margins from its hardware sales, a category that includes tablets and TVs as well as air purifiers and, unbelievably, bunny plushies (its mascot), For Xiaomi, effective social media -- from popcorn parties to contests -- is just one more sign that proves the phone-maker is, iphone 7 screen protector tempered glass in Barra's words, "an Internet company, We do things the Internet way."The up-and-coming Chinese smartphone manufacturer has gone from obscurity to China's number-one vendor in just four years, Xiaomi owes a large part of that to its attitude toward customers..

As the surgeon worked on my arm, I turned and looked up at the ceiling. My limb was so heavily anesthetized a shark could have been gnawing on it and I wouldn't have flinched. But there was another reason I wasn't paying attention: the buzzing in my pants. Because this was a simple elective surgery, I didn't need to change out of my clothes -- and I got to keep my smartphone -- and it was buzzing and buzzing. The doctor swapped out surgical tools and made a noise that normally would have made me look, but I was focused on the now unnatural silence of my device. I couldn't stop myself from asking, "Hey, can I check my email?"The doctor didn't even think about his answer. "No," he said and began doing up my stitches. Looking back, I realize it was an idiotic request. But can you blame me?.

Reacting to that buzz -- it could be an important email or text message, a fascinating tweet or an artsy Instagram photo -- is a compulsion for smartphone addicts like me, This tiny, powerful, pocket-sized computer is a connection to a vast digital frontier, "I don't last seven minutes without looking at my iPhone," admits Shaquille O'Neal, former NBA superstar and now on-air basketball analyst, "I can't take a break from my iPhone."As a society, we've become hooked on gadgets and the social identities we live out in the digital world, This tangle of connectivity is only getting more complex, In addition to smartphones, tablets have become our couch companions, and laptops rule at work, Pretty soon, we'll all have smartwatches strapped to our wrists, text messages beamed to our retinas via smartglasses, and sensors in our clothes telling us we've been in the sun too long, Electronics makers are iphone 7 screen protector tempered glass busy building cars, refrigerators, thermostats and other smart appliances that will talk back to us..

But all that talking may be one-sided. The more we're engaged with our devices, the more we risk isolating ourselves from the real world. Employers who ask that we're on call 24/7, our FOMO on online water cooler discussions, and our inexplicable (and misguided) belief that being connected means we're productive -- it's all turning our eyes away from the physical world toward the ones playing out on our screens. Plus, children are journeying into that world at younger and younger ages. "Our network life allows us to hide from each other, even as we are tethered to each other," notes MIT professor Sherry Turkle in her book, "Alone Together," about the relationship between humans and technology.

Are we doomed to a Matrix-like, plugged-in-from-birth fate? Not necessarily, While many preach the virtues of moderation and occasionally unplugging, just as many believe our newfound access to the wider digital world is the best thing to ever happen to humans, "I grew up in rural Wisconsin, pretty much as disconnected as you can get iphone 7 screen protector tempered glass in the US, And the difference between not being connected versus being connected for me is everything," says Internet browser pioneer Marc Andreessen, who now helps run Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, "It's how do you learn? It's how do you communicate? It's how do you work? It's how do you play? It's just so much better to be connected."But even ardent technologists, Andreessen included, acknowledge we need to find the right balance, It's doable, It just may not be easy..

Whenever Scott Keeney, better known as DJ Skee, is on a flight, he feels anxious. A recent three-hour trip to Silicon Valley from Kansas City felt like eight hours. It isn't fear of flying that prompts his dread; it's lack of Wi-Fi. "You feel like the world ends when you don't have connectivity," says the host of the "SKEE Live" show on AXS TV. Actor and musician LL Cool J doesn't consider himself an addict, "but I definitely go all out to maintain my connection."Vivek Wadhwa, a scholar at Singularity University, is so afraid of being disconnected he packs a laptop, iPhone 5, and backup iPhone 4S wherever he goes. "God forbid, I be without my backup."YouTube blogger and Internet personality Connor Franta feels a buzz when nothing is buzzing -- a phenomenon known as phantom vibration syndrome. And he's bummed when he reaches for his smartphone, only to find a blank screen.

"We've totally reoriented our brains," says Larry Rosen, a psychology professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills and author of "iDisorder." "Instead of thinking of it as an iphone 7 screen protector tempered glass itch that needs to be scratched, we think of it as an alert or notification coming in that we have to attend to right now."Rosen believes FOMO is the driving force behind that anxiety, In 2014, researchers from the Boston Medical Center published a study after observing 55 groups of parents and children eating dinner at fast-food restaurants, A majority of adults were focused more on the mobile devices than their children, with some reacting angrily when their kids asked for attention..