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That prediction comes from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster following Apple's earnings results for the just-ended quarter. Based on Apple's financial guidance for the current quarter, Munster anticipates iPhone sales from April through June of 46 million units, up from his prior projection of 41 million. In an investors note released late Monday, Munster said that the iPhone numbers for the January to March quarter suggest that Apple now has an 18 percent share of the global smartphone market vs. 16 percent a year ago. It's a rise that was buoyed by the iPhone 6, which debuted in September.

On Monday, Apple announced its earnings and sales for its fiscal second quarter, which ended March 28, Boosted by sales in China, the company sold 61.2 million iPhones, higher than the 43.7 million sold in the year-ago quarter and the 57.2 million eyed by analysts polled by Fortune, It would be hard to match the accomplishment of last year's holiday quarter, when sales of 75 million iPhones helped Apple achieve its most profitable quarter in iphone 8 case ebay its history and set a record for publicly traded companies to boot..

The strong uptake for the iPhone comes as Apple has become more dependent on the iPhone than ever. Apple makes the bulk of its sales from the iPhone -- around 69 percent last quarter. And with iPad sales still shrinking, Apple needs to ensure that its No. 1 moneymaker can continue to draw in more customers and revenue, especially in the high-end smartphone market. "We believe the iPhone unit strength is another sign of the iPhone 6 cycle's fundamental difference from prior upgrades given the size increase of the screen," Munster said. "If you look at the high end phone market, the iPhone share gains are more pronounced."Another plus for Apple is that there are still a lot of existing iPhone users who could potentially upgrade to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. During Monday's earnings call Q&A with analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook estimated that 20 percent of the iPhone 6 upgrades to date have been from current iPhone owners. That's up from around 13 percent in the December quarter, according to Munster, but still leaves plenty of room for more.

Munster said he sees that measurement as a positive for iPhone gains this year, especially based on the following statement from Cook, The overall news is a plus not just for Apple but for its investors, Munster noted, iphone 8 case ebay "We believe iPhone 6/6+ is well positioned to gain share..in the back half of 2015 and will cause Street numbers to slightly increase and move shares of [Apple] higher," the analyst added, Given Apple's guidance for the current quarter, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has boosted his prediction for iPhone sales..

Selling for $349 as of Monday, the LG Watch Urbane is now available in the Google Store for consumers in the US and other countries. And it's the first watch to be equipped with the latest version of Android Wear, Google's operating system for wearables. On the surface, the Urbane could be seen a competitor to the new Apple Watch. Both are available at a price tag of $349, assuming you opted for certain varieties of the Apple Watch Sport model. The Urbane also tries to add some style through its stainless steel body and stitched leather strap. But the Apple Watch is aimed at iPhone users, while the LG Watch Urbane is geared toward Android phone users.

LG's new watch initially went on sale in the company's home market of South Korea last week and is now up for grabs at the Google Store in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea and Spain, This isn't LG's first foray into the smartwatch arena, Last year, iphone 8 case ebay the company launched its G Watch and G Watch R , at a time when smartwatches were only beginning to register in most people's minds and when even the best-selling ones weren't selling in any great numbers..

And now the competition is fiercer. It's not just the Apple Watch -- widely seen as the spark that the market needed -- but also a range of new or updated smartwatches from companies including Sony, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and Pebble. Courtesy of the new flavor of Android Wear, the Urbane will be able to connect to Wi-Fi networks all by itself. You can get updates about new emails and calendar appointments directly on the watch. You'll still need your phone to receive notifications, send messages and use certain apps. But your phone can be anywhere and can even connect to the Internet via a different Wi-Fi network.

The Urbane comes with always-on apps to keep the display from going black, A new interface offers quicker access to your favorite apps, You'll also be able to change the font size on the watch and view notifications even when you're using a different feature, And you can also draw emojis with your fingers, Sporting a 1.3-inch round P-OLED iphone 8 case ebay display at 245 pixels per inch, the watch is available in a gold or silver finished steel body, The stitched leather strap can be swapped out for standard 22mm watch bands, The watch's basic features are similar to those of the LG G Watch R , But the LG Urbane will be less bulky even with a display size that remains the same..