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The Nomad Stand will allegedly arrive a month earlier, on May 1. It's built from a solid piece of military grade extruded aluminium, Nomad says, sounding a little like Apple's Jony Ive. And it also serves as charging stand, incorporating the Watch's included charging puck and cable into its design (you provide Apple's accessory). It's stabilized with copper ballast and a high-friction rubber base. Most people expect the Apple Watch to sell well, but many remain skeptical that it will be a runaway success, particularly at its high launch prices. But Nomad founder Noah Dentzel is a Watch believer.

"We think it's going to be absolutely massive," he writes in an email, "We're really focusing on building out Nomad as a leading brand in Apple Watch accessories and other watches once there's some competition (maybe from Pebble Time), I think it's only a matter of a few years before smartwatches overtake smartphones as the primary mobile device iphone 8 case otterbox people use, Smartwatches will soon have 3G, phone-calling capability, and everything you need, Think about it, it's the same thing to lift your phone to your ear to take a call as it is to lift up your wrist."Not exactly, But as Asia once sang, only time will tell..

With a 1,800mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery housed tightly inside, the $59 Nomad Pod, due out in June, packs enough power for four complete charges of Apple Watch. In 2012, Nomad started out making the ChargeCard and other innovative mobile charging products for the iPhone. Now it's jumping headlong into the Apple Watch accessories market with two new products, a mobile charging solution, the Pod, and a swanky stand and charging station, the Stand, both of which cost $59 and will allegedly ship in the next few months. (The San Francisco-based company ships internationally, with the US price converting to around £40 or AU$80.).

Dr, Meena Devalla offered her staff some guidance when it was clear the baby wasn't going to wait, We're all staring into screens 16 hours a day, so that's become a greater reality than the smoggy version outside, It's not too surprising, then, that some of life's elemental moments are now being experienced through screens, rather than touches and screams, Just last month, an Australian man watched the birth of his child through Samsung Gear virtual-reality equipment, Now word has reached me of another technological joy being experienced through a screen, This time it was Newark, iphone 8 case otterbox NJ, This time, it was FaceTime..

Dr. Meena Devalla, an OB/GYN, was finishing surgery Thursday at a hospital a few miles away when she received an urgent message from her office: One of her patients, Keyanna Rivera, had gone into labor there. But the baby wasn't going to wait for the ambulance to arrive. What are you going to do? Nature has called and you cannot (yet) be in two places at once. At least, physically. So, as MyFox New York reports, Devalla whipped out her iPhone, launched FaceTime and directed operations. "It was comforting to know that she wasn't there, you know, physically, but she was still telling them 'clamp here, make sure the baby's breathing and do this,'" Rivera told the TV news station.

And so baby Rafael came into the world with very modern help, "A few years ago, I didn't have this option," said Devalla, But the doctor also made it clear that it was an emergency, I contacted Dr, Devalla's office, which confirmed the events, I still hope to hear from the doctor herself, To think one day soon, she'll be able to direct childbirth while at dinner, Yes, on her Apple Watch, of course, Wouldn't you love to be on the next table overhearing iphone 8 case otterbox that conversation?, Technically Incorrect: So what if you go into labor at your doctor's office, but she's at a hospital a few miles away? Never fear, she can still guide the birth -- as one New Jersey mom has discovered..

One of China's most popular smartphone makers, Xiaomi, will partner with sports brand Li-Ning to build smart running shoes, the companies announced Monday, according to Reuters. Li-Ning, a China-based sports equipment and sneakers company, will partner with Xiaomi's fitness-focused wearables company, Huami, to develop smart sneakers with a chip in the sole to provide feedback to wearers on running progress and form. A related app will track running achievements, according to Reuters. Li-Ning is perhaps best known in the US for its viral marketing efforts at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The company arranged a slew of sponsorships with athletes and the company's founder, Li Ning, lit the torch at the event.

Soon after, Li-Ning's sales soared as consumers around the globe started to take interest, However, over the last few years, Li-Ning's revenue has slipped and the company announced in January that it would post a net loss for the third consecutive year, The company's troubles are numerous, but chief among them is is that Li-Ning is seeing demand mainly come from its home base of China; worldwide demand for its products has fallen since the Olympics, Xiaomi, meanwhile, is soaring, The company is best known as one of the leading Chinese handset makers, offering products that look and feel like those from Apple, Samsung and others, but come at a far more affordable price, Xiaomi produces many other types iphone 8 case otterbox of electronics, including a wireless router, a set-top box and an action camera similar to the GoPro, In 2014, the company's revenue was $12 billion -- a giant sum considering the firm was founded in 2010..