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There are three models of the Apple Watch: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. Once you've chosen the watch you like, you then have to choose the size. There's a smaller 38mm model and a larger 42mm one. The bands you purchase must be the same size of the watch. For example, while the 38mm link bracelet can be used on the Sport, Watch and Edition models, it will not fit the 42mm size, regardless of model. You should also consider purchasing only certain bands for certain models. Even if a band fits your watch, it may not match the finish. For example, the anodized-aluminum finish of the Apple Watch Sport may not look great with the link bracelet or Milanese loop.

There are two small button on the back of the watch, To change the band, press down the button and gently slide the strap out of place, With the silicone band, you can remove each strap one at a time, For the Link Bracelet, however, you must remove both sides of the strap at the same time, Once the band has been removed, simply slide the new one in, For more information on the Apple Watch, be sure to check out CNET's full review and our getting started guide, It only takes a matter of seconds to change the look and feel of the Apple Watch, Here's what you need to iphone 8 case same as 7 know..

The bands on the Apple Watch are interchangeable, meaning you can easily change and swap bands for different looks. Unfortunately, you can't use a normal watch band. Apple uses its own proprietary system for the way the band connects, however we do expect to see some third-party options in the future. CNET's Scott Stein showed us how to swap bands and the process couldn't be simpler. Here's what you need to know. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

I'm preparing to try on the $17,000 Apple Watch Edition, the most expensive version of Apple's first wearable, Though I'm unconvinced I'd ever be willing to spend that much on a wrist-worn iphone 8 case same as 7 computer, I'm eager to see what the 18-karat gold watch looks and feels like -- and how Apple's retail stores, accustomed to hawking phones, tablets and computers, will handle the sale of such a luxury product, What I do is wait, And wait, I wait for the saleswoman to tell her colleagues outside the room which size and models of the Apple Watch I've asked to see, Only two of the yellow and rose gold watches are allowed out of the safe at a time, I'm told, So I wait for security to remove the two 42 mm (1.7-inch) Apple Watches left in the room by the previous customer, and then I wait some more for the arrival of the 38 mm (1.5-inch) models I think I'd like better..

I also wait for answers on how features work, and I wait for a sales pitch on what I can actually do with the Apple Watch. It never comes. And now, even if I had the money to drop on the solid gold watch, I'd be waiting for weeks, if not months, to get my hands on the model I want. Apple earlier this week updated some consumers with news their Apple Watches would arrive sooner than expected, but it acknowledged that "many customers are still facing long lead times." At best, Apple says a watch ordered today will arrive in mid- to late May. Worst-case scenario, I'm looking at July for some models of Apple Watch, including the $1,099, 42-mm space black version with the stainless steel link bracelet.

For some customers who pre-ordered the device when it went on sale April 10, Apple's first smartwatch will be delivered starting Friday, The expectations are high for the gadget and what it may do to fuel the wearable device market, Some analysts estimate more than 2 million Apple watches were preordered in the two weeks leading up to the April 24 launch, All other smartwatch vendors combined shipped only 4.6 million devices in all of 2014, according to Strategy Analytics, The Apple Watch rollout is a major test for CEO Tim Cook, who needs to show that the company can still create lust-worthy, must-have products in new categories, That last time it did that was in 2010 with the "magical" iPad tablet, which was ushered to market by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs before he died the following year, Jobs also moved Apple, originally known as the maker of the Macintosh computer, into the smartphone market with the iPhone in 2007, Cook has said that Apple began work on the smartwatch after Jobs' death in October 2011 and that he considers it the "most personal device" the Cupertino, Calif., company has iphone 8 case same as 7 ever created..

The watch is also the first major test for Angela Ahrendts, who marks her first year as head of Apple's online and in-store retail stores next week. Apple hired the 54-year-old away from her role as Burberry CEO in late 2013, with Cook touting her as a "wicked smart" leader who led her former employer company "through a period of phenomenal growth with a focus on brand, culture, core values and the power of positive energy."The challenge for Ahrendts comes in making the often-chaotic Apple Store environment feel like a premium shopping experience. And it's about making everyone, even the people forking over a mere $349 for an Apple Watch Sport, feel like they're special.

"The Apple Store 'come in and play' experience has been crucial for Apple's success over time," said Carolina Milanesi, chief of research and head of the US business at Kantar Worldpanel, "I would hope this will not change as it is the best PR iphone 8 case same as 7 that Apple can buy."Apple declined to comment or to make Ahrendts available for an interview, An Apple Store tends to have a better consumer experience than consumer electronics retailers like Best Buy, with peppy, iPad-toting sales reps eager to guide you through the store and handle your sale, But it's no Burberry or Tiffany..