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Consistency is a very beautiful thing. Unless someone is consistently rude, consistently unreliable or consistently smelly. Five years ago, Melinda Gates, wife of the Microsoft co-founder, declared forcefully that she and her family only use Microsoft products. Yes, this included a Zune. But time has flown. Microsoft has embraced a new open world. Why, it's even featuring MacBooks on its Facebook page. Surely the Gates family can now be more open-minded too. It seems not. Melinda Gates was intercepted by one of those infinitely friendly, annoyingly ill-informed TMZ cameramen yesterday.

After greeting her daintily, he inquired: "Will you be interested in the Apple iWatch?"Yes, he did refer to it as the "Apple iWatch."Gates viewed him with benign pity, "No, I'm not going to own one," she said, But does that mean she might borrow one, secretly play with one, or at iphone 8 case wireless charging least stare at the 12 loving pages of Apple Watch advertising in this month's Vogue?, She was deeply, abundantly clear, She is not for turning, After being goaded with the idea that surely her family would at least check out the competition, she was having none of it..

"No, no. We use Microsoft products," she said. One must conclude, therefore, that there will be no Apple Watches and no golden MacBooks in the Gates household. Will there be tears?. Or will they be sneaked in under cover of darkness and prodded, poked and torn apart for their secrets, while the perpetrators still listen to U2 on their vintage Zunes?. Technically Incorrect: The Microsoft co-founder's wife says that she is not swayed by the Apple Watch. Her family only uses Microsoft products. Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

The Japanese game maker's latest big release, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for its 3DS portable game system, was the best-selling portable game in the franchise's history, according to industry watcher the NPD Group, Majora's Mask grabbed the the No, 1 sales spot last month ahead of large console releases, including the shooting sci-fi game Evolve in the No, 2 spot and survival horror game Dying Light in third, The retail video game industry grew 8 percent in the month of February from the same time last year thanks iphone 8 case wireless charging to a healthy 10 percent boost to hardware, Nintendo, again, takes credit for that with the 3DS beating out Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One for best-selling hardware device of the month, Nintendo launched a new, larger version of the 3DS in North America last month, helping the growth..

Last month marks a sign that Nintendo's business is beginning to regain some health. The company's followup to the best-selling Wii -- the Wii U, which launched in 2012 -- has chronically missed sales expectations, leading to ever-widening quarterly losses. That's put an immense amount of pressure on the company's 3DS handheld, which had a rocky launch but is now considered a buoy for the otherwise struggling company. With the launch of Zelda and a select number of other titles in Nintendo's storied catalog, including a new Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U last fall, Nintendo is finding more solid footing. Sales of the Wii U increased by 20 percent last month from the same time last year, the company said Thursday.

Though the 3DS isn't pulling as much weight for Nintendo as it has in the past, it propped up the rest of the hardware industry last month, Console sales dropped 5 percent in February from the same iphone 8 case wireless charging time last year due to a decreasing sales of the older Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Those consoles, released almost a decade ago, are on an eventual march to obsolescence next year when Sony and Microsoft suspend support of the platforms, Overall sales of physical games from retailers grew 6 percent, bucking a consistent industry trend of slumping game sales since the launch of new devices in November 2013..

"This is the first time since the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One that the top 10 console software SKUs were all from eighth generation consoles," said Liam Callahan, an analyst with NPD. The shift, Callahan said, is "a sign of consumer's further transition away from seventh generation consoles towards the new console generation."In online marketplaces, such as Sony's PlayStation Store, Apple's App Store and Valve's Steam marketplace for PC titles, total spending jumped 2 percent year over year, to $995 million, in the month of February, according to competing industry watcher SuperData Research.

After installing iphone 8 case wireless charging the free app, launch it and wait until you get a reading containing the milliamps your device is using, Keep this number handy, as you'll need it in a minute, Next, plug your phone or tablet in to charge, Wait until you have a new reading, and write down the number, Now, look on the AC adapter itself for its output reading, Each AC adapter has a set output, For example the unit I tested will push out 500 milliamps, I know his because it's listed in fine print on the AC adapter itself..