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At its Lenovo Tech World conference on Wednesday, the company revealed concepts for three new products designed for mobile use. The term concept means that the products aren't yet available in the flesh but are on Lenovo's to-do list to try to bring them to market. Lenovo has done well for itself in the PC and smartphone markets. For its fourth fiscal quarter ended March 31, the company reported a 20 percent jump in sales to $46.3 billion. Lenovo is the world's top PC maker and the world's third largest smartphone vendor. But in a sluggish PC market and competitive smartphone arena, the company needs to continue to expand and innovate with new products. The ones announced Wednesday could prove innovative enough to attract the appetite of consumers looking for something different.

One product is a new smartwatch dubbed Magic View, a device that attempts to distinguish itself from other smartwatches, which can be too small to easily read, Magic View would offer two screens -- one with a iphone 8 plus screen protectors regular view and the second with a virtual display 20 times larger than the standard display, The watch uses optical reflection to create the virtual image, which lets users read a map, view photos or even watch a video, Lenovo said, The second concept device teased at the conference was a virtual keyboard and built-in projector for smartphones, Known as Smart Cast, the device is designed to make smartphones as usable as PCs through virtual technology, The virtual keyboard is projected onto a table or other object, giving smartphone users a full-sized keyboard on which to type, The projector can display the content from the smartphone onto a wall or large screen, ideal for giving presentations, watching videos and playing games..

To demonstrate Smart Cast, Lenovo employed a pianist to play a song using the virtual keyboard while reading the sheet music displayed through the device's projector. The third concept brings the smarts from your phone or wrist to your feet. Dubbed Smart Shoes, this product outfits high-tech shoes with the ability to display mood and fitness data directly on small screens embedded into the shoes. The device would be able to track your heart beats and calories consumed as well as display directions to your destination.

Though still in the concept stage, the products show that Lenovo is clearly thinking beyond its roots as a PC maker, At its Tech World conference, Lenovo announces iphone 8 plus screen protectors concepts for several "innovative" new products that it believes "will change the way people interact with technology."Lenovo has some intriguing products up its sleeve that could appeal to mobile users, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Here's everything you need to know. You can watch today's Google I/O developers conference in real time. Here's how. Google's annual I/O developers conference will kick off in just a few hours. The company is expected to announce the latest details on the upcoming Android M operating system, along with added goodies to the Android TV, Android Wear and Android Auto platforms. Knowing Google, there are sure to be some surprises, but you don't need to be inside San Francisco's Moscone Center to follow along.

One thing you should worry about, however, is managing the order in which the apps and watchfaces are displayed on the watch, Taking a couple minutes of your time to rearrange them now will iphone 8 plus screen protectors potentially save you time in the future, The best part of this process is the fact you don't need to arrange anything on your watch; something that would be complicated and more work than it's worth, Here's what you need to do, Back out of the app when you're done and the changes should sync to your watch, To access the apps installed on Pebble Time, press the middle Select button on your watch, Scroll up and down using the respective buttons on the watch, Pretty easy, right?..

The days of being limited to eight slots for apps and watchfaces on a Pebble device are gone. Now, it's all about managing them. One benefit of the Pebble Time over its predecessors is that it's no longer limited to having a measly eight apps and/or watchfaces installed on it at a time. Instead of having to manage what's installed on your watch from your smartphone, making room for what you need at that moment, you can now install what you need and worry about it later. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Google will unveil an overhaul of its mobile-payments products Thursday during its annual I/O developer conference in San Francisco, according to the New York Times, The search giant is said to have revamped its Google Wallet as a peer-to-peer payments app that will allow users to send each other money through their bank accounts, The company is also expected to offer more details about Android Pay, the payment platform for retailers it unveiled in March, Apple, meanwhile, is expected to unveil enhancements to Apple Pay next month at its Worldwide Developers Conference, including a rewards program iphone 8 plus screen protectors for users of its mobile wallet, according to the Times..