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A final factor is compatibility. The content on the page should be compatible with the device. As one example cited by the team, Apple doesn't support Adobe Flash on its mobile devices, so Flash content won't appear on an iPhone. Videos that require certain types of plug-ins or other dependencies also may not render properly. Bing looks for such incompatibilities when ranking mobile pages in its search results. A Bing blog from last November offered webmasters some information on making their sites mobile friendly.

Of course, a site needs to be more than just mobile friendly to earn a high spot in Bing's search results, Microsoft will still value the relevancy of a page as a dominant factor, So some pages may still rank highly in the search results on a mobile device even if they're not particularly mobile friendly, "Mobile-friendly webpages are key to satisfying on-the-go information needs, so it is important to optimize sites for an increasingly mobile user base," the team said in its blog, "We are very interested in hearing your thoughts on mobile friendliness and any feedback you may have on our plans, Join the conversation about mobile ranking iphone 8 screen protector target -- give us your feedback through the Bing Listens portal."Microsoft's search engine will roll out a new algorithm that will reward sites that are compatible with mobile devices..

Up for sale since April, the Apple Watch is the company's first wearable device geared to compete in a growing landscape of smartwatches and fitness bands. Designed to pair with your iPhone, the new watch alerts you to incoming phone calls and text messages, makes mobile payments via Apple Pay, and can run a variety of mobile apps. But one flaw, according to the folks at iDownloadBlog, is in the area of security. In response to a growing number of iPhone thefts, Apple added a feature to its smartphone called Activation Lock when it launched iOS 7 in 2013. Automatically enabled, Activation Lock requires your Apple ID and password to erase or reactivate your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, thus rendering the device virtually useless to a thief. iPhone thefts in several major cities have dropped since the introduction of Activation Lock -- also sometimes referred to as "kill switch" technology."But the Apple Watch has no such Activation Lock, according to iDownloadBlog writer Jeff Benjamin. Conducting his own test, Benjamin was able to reset or wipe the Apple Watch back to its default settings, bypass the passcode and then pair it with a different iPhone. Thieves could easily do the same thing, and as a result either sell the watch or keep it themselves.

On the plus side, a thief would still need to know your passcode in order to access your personal data, And of course, it's not as easy to steal a watch securely strapped to your wrist as it it to steal an iPhone from your hand or pocket, But iphone 8 screen protector target the lack of an Activation Lock feature does leave the watch more vulnerable if you lose it or leave it unattended, On another plus side, you can at least disable Apple Pay should you lose your watch, This how-to article by CNET's Jason Cipriani explains how to use iCloud to cut off access to your Apple Pay account..

One solution offered by Benjamin is that Apple could make sure your watch checks itself against your paired iPhone's Apple ID or asks for your password if anyone attempts to unpair the device. That type of protection should be doable with an update to the Apple Watch's software. If so, hopefully Apple won't take as long to add this type of tighter security to its smartwatch as it did to the iPhone and iPad. Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment. A thief who steals your Apple Watch can reset it and pair it with a new iPhone, says iDownloadBlog.

Does this story have a ring of truth?, You must decide, But first, please lie down while we examine together the lament of Hanan Mahmoud Abdul Karim, She is a 36-year-old Jordanian woman who went to a private hospital on April 24 for a C-section, As reported by Gulf News, she gave birth, but when she came home, her family claim they noticed that her iphone 8 screen protector target abdomen was vibrating, By this point you, like I, might already be rolling your eyes, However, the story goes that Karim's mother brought her back to the hospital, where she allegedly received no help..

So she took her to a public hospital in Amman, where they performed an X-ray. Karim's stomach must have flipped. For, after emergency surgery, a cell phone was allegedly removed. Gulf News goes on to explain that this case so roiled the nation that it was discussed in the Jordanian parliament. One lawmaker reportedly declared: "In countries which show respect to their nations, and following such scandals, governments usually resign. The parliament should show responsibility and be on the level of the case."I'd like to make the Jordanian parliament (if not Karim) feel better. The Washington Post reported last year that US surgeons leave something behind inside their patients once every 5,000 to 7,000 surgeries. For comparison, there are at least 50 million surgeries a year.

You do the math, I don't currently have the stomach for it, Often, but not always, these are surgical iphone 8 screen protector target items like sponges, Still, one question about the Jordanian case affects my indigestion: where did the gynecologist think he'd left his cell phone? Don't you look everywhere and then eliminate places one by one? Might the mere thought of a surgical error have crossed his mind?, It's not known what sort of phone this was, However, if he'd had a phone tracer app like Find My iPhone, surely he'd have been able to locate the phone..