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The hack, however, wasn't the company's only problem. Sony posted a $1.2 billion loss in the fiscal second quarter after its mobile division fell off a cliff. While certain units within Sony's stable of businesses did well, namely its PlayStation gaming division, much of it was erased by its weakness in smartphones, which are presented as premium items stacked up against Apple's iPhones and Samsung's Galaxy S line. Sony's event tends to draw in the crowds, and the pressure is on for the company to wow an audience that has gone through a day's worth of press conferences. Check back in with CNET for all the live details.

The Ring works via an app that allows up to 23 gestures and assigns them to tasks on your phone, An upcoming hub will also interface with home iphone 8 screen protectors att appliances and devices over infrared, and Logbar already claims that the Ring can work via WeMo in smart-home setups, The Ring comes in a variety of sizes, and has motion sensors inside plus a small button, like an air mouse, There have been a lot of rings like these popping up on crowdfunding sites, Can the Ring win? At CES, we'll never know, The Apple Watch Series 3 offers built-in cellular for data and even phone calls, It works...

After a month with the Fitbit Versa, we're looking past its limitations and finding there's.. Weeks-long battery, always-on screen, and yeah, $80. This slim "smart" activity tracker features GPS, a heart-rate monitor, color touch-screen.. It’s got everything you’d expect from a smartwatch, including cellular connectivity --.. Control your home with a Ring: take a look at another take on finger tech. LAS VEGAS -- Waggle your finger in the air, turn off the lights. Squiggle a shape, tweet a photo. If you've ever fantasized about controlling your life with your magic finger, the Ring is here. Actually, the Ring already arrived back in October, off a Kickstarter campaign. That metal version is sold out, but a new and improved black plastic model is coming this March, for an undetermined price that will, according to Logbar, probably be close to $130.

The San Diego based firm -- the world's biggest maker of chips for mobile electronics -- should hit on this broad ambition during its 2015 Consumer Electronics Show presentation Monday, starting at noon PT, We'll be iphone 8 screen protectors att there live-blogging the event, providing photos, news and analysis starting about half an hour before the presentation starts, The chipmaker last month offered up a preview of some of what it will present at CES, showing off the capabilities of its new Snapdragon 810 mobile chip, The chip for premium smartphones and tablets starts shipping in devices early this year and gives devices a kick up from its predecessor, the 805, thanks to a stronger processor, improved data speeds, longer battery life and fuller support of 4K video, the next step up from high-definition video..

Qualcomm is hoping smartphone and tablet makers use the 810's improved processor and higher speeds to make devices that can come even closer to replacing your laptop or desktop -- which in turn could help Qualcomm sell more of its mobile chips. Also, having a new top-of-the-line chip is critical to maintaining its leadership ahead of lower-cost competitors like MediaTek. In addition to discussing the company's new top-tier Snapdragon 810 and 808 chips, Qualcomm President Derek Aberle could mention developments in connected cars, wearables or its new partnership to create free Wi-Fi hubs throughout New York City, called LinkNYC.

The company has been struggling with a long-running anti-monopoly investigation in China -- Qualcomm's biggest market by revenue -- but it's unlikely the company will use its stage at CES to discuss updates about that issue, The mobile chipmaker may touch on its big plans this year to expand into cars, wearables and other Internet-connected iphone 8 screen protectors att devices, Every day, more stuff is being linked to the Web -- from city infrastructure to cars to wearable devices, Qualcomm wants to be the company powering all those new connections..

The Chinese handset maker raked in 74.3 billion yuan ($12.1 billion) in pre-tax sales last year, an increase of 135 percent from 2013, Lei Jun wrote on a Weibo blog blog Sunday. The company's revenue boost came on the sales of a little more than 61 million handsets in 2014, an increase of 227 percent from a year earlier, Lei wrote. The figures underscore the rapid success of Xiaomi, which has vaulted to the No. 3 position among global smartphone makers by selling low-cost smartphones and tablets aimed at budget-conscious customers in markets such as China, Indonesia and India. While largely avoiding western countries such as the US, the UK and Australia, the company plans greater global expansion in the new year, Lei wrote.

"We believe everyone in the world would appreciate the opportunity to enjoy technology innovation," Lei wrote, according to a translation provided by the company, "Thus we remain fully committed to our global business."Despite its rapid sales growth, Xiaomi faces obstacle to expansion into developed markets due to concerns over intellectual property, Ericsson has sued Xiaomi for infringing on patents earlier this month, prompting a ban on sales in India, The ban has been iphone 8 screen protectors att temporarily lifted, but the legal dispute continues..