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With the e-commerce company's Apple Watch app, people will be able to to see an overview of their notifications, as well as the items they are bidding on, selling and watching. eBay can also offer up push notifications to help buyers keep tabs on the items they're watching and help sellers quickly see customer messages. eBay started offering smartwatch apps about two years ago with similar functions, such as for the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Pebble. But, the Apple Watch -- which went on sale in April -- is expected to dominate the smartwatch market going forward, so it's an important platform for the company to reach. Amazon, a major rival, came to the Apple Watch in April.

"Our goal is to make it relevant to users and not obnoxious," John Tapley, eBay's senior product manager for mobile and wearables, said of the new app in an interview, "We're just at the start of it, so we'll continue to evolve the feature set over time."eBay is joining a growing list of e-commerce companies and retailers creating Apple Watch apps, with all of these firms hoping to follow the trend of customers migrating away from personal computers and more toward smartphones and smartwatches, Now, over 50 percent of users reach eBay from its mobile apps, the company said, so iphone 9 case it's critical for the company to be where its customers are, Staying relevant to those consumers is also important for eBay as it plans to separate from its faster-growing PayPal unit later this year..

Other retail players on the Apple Watch include Target, which created a shopping list app; Amazon, which allows search and purchases on its app; and Fandango, which lets users display their movie tickets on the watch, though the app doesn't yet allow for direct purchases. eBay on Tuesday also said it updated its apps on Apple's iPhones and iPads and Google's Android mobile operating system to improve the search function, so people looking for a laptop don't end up getting results filled with laptop cords or chargers. Also, people can now more easily search by country on their mobile devices. Those improvements are part of eBay's broader push, executives said, to make its website and apps more like storefronts and less like a classifieds listing page.

Apple launched its new music service by first reminding everyone that its brand was about people, rather than machines, The joke has always been that Android is for nerds and Apple is for real human iphone 9 case beings, As Google has rushed headlong into taking humans away from the steering wheel and shovelling all known human data into and through its algorithms, Apple has consistently asserted its continued interest in the Human Project, Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed privacy and insisted that this was an issue of human morality..

On the eve of WWDC 2015, he talked about diversity and how it was very much a problem that his company intended to grapple with. Cook has brought Apple to the forefront of issues such as gay rights in Indiana too. During Monday's presentation, however, Apple almost wanted to go back to a time when authoritative humans, rather than machines, recommended you music. It wanted to go back to a time when men wore platform boots and women wore handkerchiefs for skirts. Apple wants DJs and other famous people to offer you some relief from one of the things you fear most: abundance. When there's so much stuff, how do you choose? Do you really want to make the effort every day to find something to listen to? Do you really want a machine to do it for you?.

After all, in other areas of your life you rely on aggregators and other wise people to sift, so that you don't drift into a peculiar madness, Apple wants machine knowledge of you to be kept on your own machine, rather than stored in some company vault where nefarious beings might reach it and discover your penchant for an obscure Australian band called the Mixtures and a very noisy punk outfit called the Mutants, Some have suggested that this quaint belief in humanity iphone 9 case is dangerous for Apple's business, Renowned Apple commentator John Gruber worries that there is a strong argument to suggest that Apple may not be able to improve its products as quickly as Google, because it won't have as much information about your daily habits..

This might be. But the curious thing about Apple is that it has never been overly obsessed with data. Would data have led Jony Ive and his team to insert that curious but fascinating wheel -- the Digital Crown -- on to the Apple Watch? Would data have designed the iPhone? Some might suggest that the machine people chose subsequently to copy it. Steve Jobs certainly suggested that. Gruber worriedly quotes Dustin Curtis, who insists: "Google knows where I am right now, where I need to be for my meeting in an hour, what the traffic is like, and whether I usually take public transportation, a taxi, or drive myself. Using that information, it can tell me exactly when to leave. This isn't science fiction; it's actually happening. And Apple's hardline stance on privacy is going to leave it in Google's dust."It may well be that the deplorably weak humans will continue to cede what's left of their humanity to machines that are able to tell them what to do, so that humans don't have to think.

Apple's challenge, therefore, is to channel some continued essence of humanity -- be it beauty, simplicity, or even a semblance of honesty -- through its products, For a very long time, engineers have used the argument that Apple's products are retrograde in pure engineering terms, Cupertino, they claim, catches up with so many features years after they're incorporated into Android products, The question is, though, whether human beings really care about features or whether they, too, will iphone 9 case continue to express and bathe in some of those absurd basics that make us human..