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Chinese phone maker's Hugo Barra says accessories will soon be available in Europe. When it comes to its handsets though, Xiaomi is skipping the West and focusing on India. BARCELONA -- Hot on the heels of Xiaomi's event in San Francisco where the Chinese company announced plans for its online Mi store to debut in the US, Xiaomi said at a trade show here that the same would happen for European markets. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

At this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Fujitsu has been showing off a concept phone iphone 9 plus case that uses infrared lasers and cameras to scan your iris and unlock your phone, The first question in all of this is, of course, why?, Well, there are some good reasons, For starters, Fujitsu explains that the human iris is more complex than a fingerprint and is therefore a more secure method of locking a phone, It also means you don't need to remember PIN codes, passwords or patterns, which are easy to forget, especially after you've had a drink or two..

Crucially though, fingerprint scanners can be confused if you have damp fingers or are wearing gloves. With iris scanning, you can whip your phone out on a chilly day and won't need to expose your fingers to the cold air to access your phone. As a resident of London, I find this somewhat appealing. Though it's only a concept, I was impressed at how well it worked. You'll need to register your iris on the phone first, which just requires you to position your eyes in the on-screen guide for 20 seconds, and then it's all done. Fujitsu recommended I take my glasses off for the registration process, but I found it was able to recognise my iris afterwards extremely easily, with glasses on or off.

Once registered, you'll simply have to hold the phone 20-centimetres from your face each time you wake it from standby, It recognised my eyes in an instant -- to the extent, in fact, that it was difficult for CNET video producer Sally Neiman to film properly, as it happened too quickly to really see what was going on, If you're in a hurry and trying to quickly grab some info, the scanner certainly won't slow you down, Fujitsu showed off the technology strapped on top of a generic Android phone, but it said iphone 9 plus case it will be squashing the scanner inside phones that should go on sale later this year, Fujitsu wasn't willing to provide any details on its upcoming phones, or indeed exactly when we'll see them and how much of a premium we'll have to pay for this new technology, but keep your eyes on CNET for more information in the coming months..

Yes, that's an odd-looking smartphone, but that hat it's wearing is there for a good reason. It contains an infrared laser and camera, which are used to scan your iris in order to unlock your phone. It's a new concept from Fujitsu and we went in for a closer look. There are several good reasons to use eye-scanning to unlock your phone, says Fujitsu. For one, if your fingers are damp -- or you're wearing gloves -- fingerprint scanning won't work. The iris apparently is more complex than a fingerprint too, meaning it's more secure, and the setup means you don't have to remember PIN codes or passwords. Sign me up.

That's if CEO John Chen thinks the opportunity is right, "It's not in the works, but it's on my mind," Chen said in an interview at the Mobile World Congress conference here, A BlackBerry tablet could satisfy the needs of a small but fiercely loyal group of productivity-focused customers who have stuck with the struggling smartphone maker and its operating system, potentially giving it a new revenue stream, But there aren't enough BlackBerry faithful to sustain such a business, especially given the tablet category saw its first year-over-year decline in shipments in iphone 9 plus case the fourth quarter..

With its market share at less than 1 percent, BlackBerry seems open to experimentation. Last year brought the unusually wide BlackBerry Passport, with a square screen accompanied by a squatter version of the line's trademark keyboard. On Tuesday, BlackBerry offered a brief glimpse at a touchscreen smartphone with curved edges on the sides and a slide-out keyboard. A tablet would mark BlackBerry's second attempt to enter the market. The first shot, the BlackBerry Playbook, was critically panned when it was released in 2011 and quickly fell into the bargain bin.

On the plus side, there's iphone 9 plus case renewed interest in tablets powerful enough to handle work tasks, Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is a billion-dollar business, and there's the persistent rumor of a larger iPad Pro, Still, tablet sales have hit a rough patch, with even Apple suffering declining iPad sales, Total worldwide shipments of tablets and so-called 2-in-1 devices (hybrids of laptops and tablets) during the fourth quarter of 2014 fell by 3.2 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2013, according to IDC..