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Android nabbed just 11.3 percent of all smartphone profits during the fourth quarter of 2014, according to data from research firm Strategy Analytics. That's a significant slide from a 29.5 percent share in the prior year. Apple's iOS took 88.7 percent in the fourth quarter, rising from the 70.5 percent share it had in the same period in 2013, the figures released Thursday show. The amount of profit each operating system generates is a mirror image of worldwide device shipments. During the fourth quarter, Android owned 76.6 percent of the worldwide smartphone market, topping Apple's 19.7 percent share, according to research firm IDC. (Shipments -- usually not the same as sales -- generally mean the number of devices a company sends to retail outlets. Sales are the actual number of items purchased by consumers.).

But selling smartphones is, for most companies, a for-profit business, And at least so far, Android is not proving to be all that profitable, What's worse, profits in the smartphone business are actually on the rise, growing 31.4 percent year over year to $21.2 billion, So, not only iphone case 05763 has Android lost profit share, it's leaving a significant amount of money on the table for Apple's iOS to scoop up, The issues facing Android profitability are numerous, Unlike Apple, which makes a handful of smartphones, there are a slew of Android devices by various hardware makers all vying for customer attention, And with price points ranging from free to a few hundred dollars on contract and so many companies trying to attract customers, it's hard for any one company to generate a sizable profit..

Nowhere is that more apparent than at Samsung, which at one time, was generating 95 percent of Android smartphone profits. The company, which will unveil the Galaxy S6 on March 1, has been a leader in the Android smartphone space, but profits over the last year have been exceedingly difficult to generate. The company reported a 64 percent drop in fourth-quarter operating profit for its IT and Mobile Communications division, which includes smartphones. Samsung has been saying for months that it's facing "intense" competition and has been forced to spend more on marketing to keep sales going. Those marketing costs cut into profits.

Meanwhile, Apple iphone case 05763 last month posted its best quarter ever as customers spent $51.2 billion on smartphones during the three-month period ended December 27, Apple didn't break out profit during the period, but Strategy Analytics says that the company netted an operating profit of $18.8 billion during the fourth quarter, All Android devices combined could only muster $2.4 billion in profit, "Apple's strategy of premium products and lean logistics is proving hugely profitable," Strategy Analytics executive director Neil Mawston said Thursday..

Mawston went on to say that Google might be a little worried by his company's findings. He argued that if major vendors, like Samsung, continue to have trouble generating "decent profits from the Android ecosystem, they may be tempted in the future to look at alternative platforms such as Microsoft, Tizen or Firefox."While that is certainly possible, there is one issue: no other platform, including Microsoft's Windows Phone, tallied a profit in the fourth quarter. Neither Google nor Apple responded to a request for comment.

Sometimes branded as Rezence, it uses magnetic resonance to throw a charge over a small three-dimensional space, Instead of inductive charging, where you need to place the phone or tablet directly on the pad to charge it (this is the Qi type of charging, by the way), resonance charging shoots a magnetic field up through the surface to reach your device, say a phone or wearable, The bottom line for you: you don't have to worry about clearing off part of your table or desk for a large charging pad, Instead, a resonance charger can be screwed or even taped iphone case 05763 underneath a surface, like a table or countertop, which means that you will be able to reclaim that space..

CNET got a chance to see two pre-commercial devices at Qualcomm's headquarters in San Diego. In the first demo (watch it in the video above), I placed a wooden block that represented a table surface on top of the plastic pad that generates charge. Next, I placed phones and a Bluetooth device on top of that, both singly and in combination, tossing on metal objects like paper clips and USB drives to see how that affected the charge. Instead of the metal objects heating up as they might with an induction charger (or an induction stovetop) -- or the charge stopping to keep you from handling the ultrahot metal -- the devices kept on taking in current.

The second demo device converts from a flat pad into is a standup dock with a shelf to hold a tablet; in this case, one that Qualcomm made to demo this type of wireless charging, In truth, there isn't much to these demos -- but so far, so good, It wasn't possible in such a short time to gauge how quickly or how efficient the devices topped up, iphone case 05763 but Qualcomm says the charging rate should be comparable to a standard charger, though slower than its QuickCharge technology, How does it all work? This type of charging, which relies on the A4WP standard of specification for wireless charging, generates a magnetic field using an antenna and coils found in both the charging station and the device, Ferrite shielding directs the magnetic field back into a resonator (the antenna)..