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Being groomed in the school of politeness, I wandered over to offer a greeting of goodwill. As I was three feet away, he seemed to experience an involuntary twitch, as if something had bitten him beneath the table. When he lifted his wrist to his ear, I quickly realized that his Apple Watch had gone off. Even writing those last four words makes me wonder whether we're already in a Narnia for ninnies. Here was a grown man not only listening to his watch, while plugging his other other ear with an available finger, but also twisting his head to talk to his watch.

When he finished his wristy business, I greeted him with the words: "Curtis, do you realize how silly you look?""Yes," was his reply, There have been comedians already mocking the idea of taking a call on the Apple Watch, But this was real life, Or as real a life as you're going to iphone case 1000 dollars get in San Francisco, I should explain that the person in question is Curtis Sparrer, elevated member of the public relations community, He appeared at No, 27 in the Business Insider list of Top 50 PR people, This is an educated man, He went to what is said to be the most superior (academically speaking) high school in America, Yet here he was listening and talking to his wrist, And he was talking loud, This was not a quiet restaurant..

I considered calling emergency services. He stared at me and huffed a little. "Look," he explained. "I had a Psion in high school. No one else did. My pocket used to buzz. I like having the latest things."Who can say that he isn't a pioneer? Many pioneers must have looked extremely silly when they were pioneering. "Oh, look, there's those couple of idiots in a machine they think is a bird!"It was the onlookers who were the absurd ones, not realizing what they were witnessing. Still, for now some may struggle with the peculiar images that arise because of a watch that you can talk to.

Until, of course, we're all doing it, Technically Incorrect: An encounter with a friend is interrupted by his Apple Watch going off, Oh, the silliness, Technically Incorrect offers a iphone case 1000 dollars slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives, On Thursday evening, I was having dinner in a San Francisco restaurant when I espied someone I knew across the room, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Steve Jobs once said, "All of us use laptops and smartphones now. The question has arisen lately, is there room for a third category of device in the middle?"Turns out, there is. The release of the Apple iPad helped catapult the tablet into mainstream success, despite previous innovators hoping to be the first to sow that ground. Click through the slideshow to look at how tablets got to where they are now and what we expect from them in the future. Let's start at the beginning of the beginning. Manufacturers recognized that a portable device for simple tasks like browsing the Internet and checking email would please the people.

Enter the Netbook, These miniature-size laptops didn't pack a big performance punch, but they were cheap and compact, Needless to say, the ultra-affordable, ultrasmall laptop craze didn't last very long, The Tablet iphone case 1000 dollars PC, which integrated a touchscreen display with a keyboard, launched in 2001 and remained a niche product for the entire decade, It was like a large Palm Pilot with a keyboard, The original iPad, released in April 2010, earned the mainstream success that eluded the old crop of Tablet PCs, and it quickly rendered them extinct..

The iPad is the Marilyn Monroe of tablets. Before it stunned the world with its sleek design, the tablet scene looked rather homely. The JooJoo tablet, pictured next to an iPhone, was an OG slate that ran its own custom OS. Released shortly before both the Apple tablet and the explosion of Android-powered devices, let's just say it didn't stand a chance. An onscreen keyboard is now standard on tablets, but at first it was a rare adjustment. "Will typing on a screen replicate the effectiveness of a real keyboard?", I'm assuming our dutiful CNET editors asked.

While some users have adjusted, tablet lineups like the Microsoft Surface and Asus Transformer offer proprietary keyboard accessories for traditionalists, Accessory manufacturers also make supplemental Bluetooth keys for those who prefer a more tactile approach to typing, Sure, the Apple iPad impressed with a hearty app store and swift performance worth splurging on, but the Apple slate stays relevant five years later, thanks to its consistent attention to a slim and sleek aesthetic, Other high-end tablets, like the Samsung Tab S and Dell Venue 8 7000, also place high value in fashionably thin construction iphone case 1000 dollars and lightweight build, but have yet to meet the success of the Apple titan, Though, despite its name (and reputation), the Apple iPad Air 2 isn't the lightest tablet around..