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The other advantage to using plain Android is that it tends to be less demanding on a processor than interfaces that make use of various live widgets and swooping animated menus. That's important on a phone that only has a lower midrange 1.2GHz quad-core processor at its heart. Even so, I didn't find navigating the Moto G's interface to be as swift as it could be. In my time with the phone, I did experience the odd slowdown, with it sometimes taking a couple of seconds to open menus. Perhaps I'm being too harsh, as for the most part it was fine, and for only basic tasks, you may not even notice the odd moment of sluggishness.

It didn't exact fly through our benchmark tests, scoring only 5,054 on the Quadrant test -- a significant step below the iphone case 2 phones 8,800 scored by the non-4G Moto G, It's on par at least with the Moto E (5,256), but considering the Moto E's lower price, I'd have hoped to see a stronger performance, Essential tasks like email, Web browsing and Instagramming are handled well however and it managed to play a few races on Riptide GP 2, although frame rates did drop slightly on occasion, For a spot of light gaming on your morning commute, the Moto G will do absolutely fine -- which is really all it's designed for..

The phone comes with 8GB of storage, of which around 5GB is available to use. Various budget phones have been caught arriving with only 4GB of storage, which leaves you with such a tiny amount of usable space that it quickly becomes an annoyance, so I'm pleased that Moto hasn't gone that route. It does have a microSD card slot as well, letting you expand the phone's storage with cards up to 32GB in size. An 8-megapixel camera sits on the back of the Moto G. It's the same camera as in the non-4G version, which was itself a step up from the original Moto G's 5-megapixel camera. Confused yet? The cheaper Moto E has a 5-megapixel camera too.

The first great smartphone of 2015, Beautiful and bold..with complications, The new no-compromise MacBook, A stellar on-ear headphone, Crave-worthy curves for a premium price, The Good The Motorola Moto G's big, bright screen makes movies more immersive, the pure Android Lollipop experience is easy to use and both the camera and the battery put in decent performances, The Bad Processor iphone case 2 phones power is underwhelming, even for a budget phone, which makes operation sluggish at times, The Bottom Line The big screen, 4G LTE data speeds and low price make the Motorola Moto G a solid choice both for people who want to watch movies on the move and for smartphone newbies..

Abroad can be a troubling place for some Americans. It's oddly international. They have strange teeth there. Some of the men wear skirts. Traveling there can be a deeply discombobulating experience. It seems, though, that another data point of discombobulation is, well, data. When it comes to our phones, the mere concept makes our earlobes twitch. We sweat and we kvetch because we don't know what our kindly cell phone service providers will charge us for the data we use while outside the country.

I have become even more deeply aware of this because of a survey that has prostrated itself before me, It suggests that Americans are so confused about international data plans -- and even what constitutes data and what doesn't -- that they completely change their behavior, This is the equivalent of Americans ceasing to ask where the nearest McDonald's is when they're visiting the Pyramids, The survey was performed by Serious Insights, which talked to 237 people aged between 18 and 75, evenly spread across the sexes, in February and March of this year, Behind the research was a company called Telestial, which happens to sell, gosh, global SIM cards (and allegedly well-priced ones too), the sort of iphone case 2 phones thing travelers to foreign lands are known to pack along with their passports, But surely some of this information has a ringtone of truth..

It seems over half of respondents -- 58 percent -- declared that they changed their cell phone behavior when abroad, fearful of what their phone use might cost them. How fearful? Well, 81 percent sniffed that they're concerned they'll be stiffed with a bill bigger than that of a platypus. But we are Americans. We exist to make other countries just like ours. Being forced to behave differently stifles our naturally gregarious and self-centered nature. When it comes to communication, we already have to be careful about the hand gestures we use (as this video shows.).

Must we also curtail our ability to watch YouTube videos featuring a monkey, a cat, a clown and a jar of iphone case 2 phones peanut butter?, Serious Insights kindly granted me access to the raw data, which has its disturbing aspects, One respondent offered: "My very first international trip cost me $7,500 in data, I had no idea I needed to change my patterns."Another offered: "I didn't pay attention to texting rates for international service, My phone bill increased over $1,000." Gee, that's a lot of texting, Things have changed over time, Of those who traveled abroad in a decade ago, nearly one-quarter said that although they took their phones with them, they left the gadgets switched off, Now that switcher-offer figure is just a hair under 4 percent, Moreover, 43 percent said that they have bought an international SIM card at least once on a trip (I wonder if they truly know what an international SIM card is), while 5 percent said they have bought a separate device just for an international trip..