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In the United States during the three months that ended in January, Apple's share of smartphone sales grew to 42.8 percent from 39.2 percent year over year, while Android's dipped to 51.9 percent from 55 percent. But Android actually outscored iOS in the US after being overtaken by Apple during the last three months of 2014, thanks to strong sales from key vendors. "Samsung was able to take its share to levels similar to January 2014 and LG also grew its share of sales year on year," said Carolina Milanesi, chief of research at Kantar.

Across the so-called European Union Five (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom), Apple's slice of sales grew to 21.9 percent from 18.7 percent, while Android's piece inched down to 67.2 percent from 69.4 percent, The iPhone 6 was the top-selling phone in Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan, "Great Britain was once again the market that recorded the sharpest drop in Android share," Dominic Sunnebo, business unit director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech Europe, said, "However, a more stable performance by Samsung was able to hold share quarter-on-quarter and an improved performance by Motorola and HTC helped overall Android sales."Despite the gains seen by Apple thanks to its iPhone 6 lineup, Android iphone case 30 ft drop continues to dominate in every country tracked by Kantar except for Japan..

The newest edition of Google's Android Developers Dashboard reveals a 3.3 percent share for Android 5.0. That percentage takes into account all the Android devices that hit the Google Play store during the seven-day period ending Monday and is up from the 1.6 percent recorded by Lollipop a month ago. As always, the latest flavor of Google's mobile OS takes time to gain traction among mobile devices. That's because the road from Google to Android users is a long and rocky one. Before a new version of Android can reach you, mobile phone makers must test it both internally and through a small group of target users. Testing and actual rollouts then kick off region by region. Mobile carriers must also put the OS through its paces to make sure it meets their requirements. And all of this has to be done for each individual Android device. Hence the curse of Android fragmentation.

Some Android device vendors, such as Motorola, got off to a quick start in rolling iphone case 30 ft drop out Lollipop shortly after Google launched it last November, Others have been slower, Even Google itself ran into trouble pushing out Lollipop onto certain Nexus devices due to technical issues, But more mobile carriers have been starting to update specific devices to version 5.0 across the world, Among all the existing versions of Android, Jelly Bean still leads the pack with an overall share of 42.6 percent, But KitKat is catching up with a 40.9 percent chunk and is likely to overtake its predecessor over the next month, Older versions continue to see their shares dwindle, Ice Cream Sandwich dripped off a share of 5.9 percent, while Gingerbread took home a 6.9 percent piece of the pie..

BARCELONA -- The Ace, available from the Filipino carrier Cherry Mobile, costs just $23 (that's around £15 or AU$30). It runs Firefox OS, Mozilla's browser-based operating system. It's powered by a 1GHz ARM processor made by Chinese chipmaker Spreadtrum. The Cherry Mobile Ace runs Firefox OS, which Mozilla hopes will spread its ethos of openness and help bring Net access to people who can't afford it today. The Cherry Mobile Ace's plastic housing has rounded corners and a stippled back. On the back is a 2-megapixel camera.

The 3.5-inch 480x320-pixel screen is small and pixelated compared to today's high-end phones -- but remember that this phone costs as much as a lunch for two at a sandwich shop, The Cherry Mobile Ace has a USB charging port on one side, It's a dual-SIM design, which iphone case 30 ft drop is popular in developing countries where customers often subscribe to different carriers' network service for better coverage, The Firefox OS browser-based app is most comfortable with Web apps like this one from Wikipedia, In principle, any mobile-optimized site will work fine as an app on Firefox OS..

BARCELONA -- This is the Samsung Z1. It might look familiar to anyone who's used one of Samsung's older Android phones, but this chap runs Tizen, not Android. With Tizen on board, Samsung has been able to make this phone extremely affordable for developing markets. It's on sale now in India for the equivalent of $90 (about £60 or AU$115). It's available soon in Bangladesh, although Samsung has yet to announce any plans for a wider release. Tizen is an open-source piece of software, developed by the Tizen foundation, of which Samsung is a major player. It's available not only for phones, but can be customised heavily for watches, home appliances, cameras and various other bits of technology. Samsung uses it in its new smart TVs too.

Samsung has really had its way with the software for this phone, making it look extremely similar to Android, As well as various home screens containing widgets, there are eight quick-access apps along the bottom, Swiping up displays all your apps in a tray, Even the navigation buttons on the bottom are identical to iphone case 30 ft drop Android, Yep, that's basically Android, The phone itself looks just like any other old Galaxy phone too, with an all-plastic design, There's a 3.4-megapixel camera on the back, and a 0.3-megapixel camera on the front, Inside is a 1.2GHz dual-core processor..