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Buyers who order the Urbane through the Google Store will have to wait awhile for shipment, though not as long as you'd have to wait for an Apple Watch. The LG Urbane is slated to ship by May 8. But the Google Store isn't your only option. In the US, Verizon is also currently selling the watch. AT&T is currently selling it online and will offer it in its stores starting Friday, May 15. Outfitted with new features from the latest version of Google's Android Wear OS, the $349 smartwatch is now available through the Google Store.

The leather cases on the LG G4 were "vegetable tanned," which means they were lathered with vegetable dye to help the leather withstand humidity, LG said it only used iphone case 3d file high-quality cowhides, which it said has 0.001 micrometer (one millionth of a meter) pores that allowed the leather to "breathe."The company said the leather ventilates well and won’t spoil from long use, A process called "edge coating" was also used, which prevents the leather fraying at the edges, This helps guard against minor scratches as well as damage from water splashes..

LG's 640,000-square-meter Digital Park is home to 10,000 employees working on projects related to televisions, mobile and auto components. A small part of Digital Park is LG's mobile assembly facility, the largest of its five mobile assemblies found around the world. Two main parts of the G4 drop in at the beginning of the assembly line -- the front of the phone and the "main board," which contains key components. The workers, who work in pairs at each station, scan the parts before assembling them.

An LG worker examines the back of the G4 to ensure everything is up to snuff, There's a lot of pressure to move quickly -- the target for G4 units assembled that day is nearly 15,000, The G4 iphone case 3d file has to pass through several stations, including ones that test the various radio signals and another more basic video and audio check, Another station adds a SIM card and battery, while another automated system prints the LG logo at the bottom of the phone, Once there are enough G4 units to fill a cardboard box, an Auto-Guided Vehicle comes around to pick up the box and ferry them away, It follows a track of gray duct tape on the floor to its next destination..

As the work in progress moves down the line, another worker installs a SIM card and battery, while another places each phone in a little box to test the wireless signals. Further along the assembly line, you can hear a woman say "ahh" over and over again -- a short video clip that plays once on each unit to ensure the audio and visual capabilities are up to snuff. For the most part, the employees -- almost all women -- work in pairs. It resembles that famous chocolate-wrapping scene with Lucy and Ethel in "I Love Lucy" -- only these workers operate with machine-like efficiency. The plant, located an hour south of Seoul, has 25 assembly lines able to produce 3.5 million smartphones a month, making it the largest of LG's five mobile-focused manufacturing facilities around the world.

"We tried a line with just men, but production fell by 20 percent," an LG plant manager tells me through a translator, The work, she explains, requires delicate fingers with a unique blend of speed and dexterity, At the end of the iphone case 3d file line, the smartphones are stacked together in a black cardboard box, When the box is filled, it's picked up by a small, auto-guided robot , which whirs away as it rolls across the factory by following a track of gray duct tape on the floor, Those robots aren't just carrying away a box full of LG's latest flagship smartphones, The G4, which will be unveiled at six events around the world later today, represents the company's best shot at keeping pace with the titans of the smartphone industry..

LG, the perennial second fiddle to Korean conglomerate Samsung Electronics, is better known as a maker of televisions and washing machines than of smartphones. But it has made strides in mobile, with its G3 smartphone winning both critical praise and surprising commercial success in 2013. The G3, which jammed a large, super-high resolution display into a slim body and added a laser-guided camera, helped LG nearly double its profit in 2014 and hang on to fifth place in the global smartphone market.

The company is now hoping to build on that momentum with its successor flagship smartphone, The goal: to reach the rarefied strata occupied by market leaders Apple and Samsung, which together shipped more than half a billion smartphones last year, The problem is that the iPhone is on a tear -- Apple sold more than 61 million units last quarter -- while Samsung won back fans with its Galaxy S6, which incorporates metal and glass, and its curvy Galaxy S6 Edge -- both of which Samsung says are selling faster than they can make them, CNET editor Jessica Dolcourt called the Galaxy S6 the " first great smartphone of 2015 ."LG is also outgunned when it comes to resources -- it ended last year with a iphone case 3d file little more than $2 billion in cash, while Samsung ended 2014 with a war chest of nearly $16 billion and Apple with nearly $195 billion..