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Basis, which is owned by Intel, also announced Tuesday that a firmware update to the Peak will soon add a stopwatch feature and deliver improved heart-rate tracking to the activity tracker. Improvements to heart-rate detection will reportedly improve monitoring in both normal and active usage situations, such as when walking, running or biking. The firmware update is slated to arrive on May 20. The Basis Peak , which was announced last September, is capable of tracking steps taken each day, calories burned and automatically tracking sleep at night. It also includes a continuous heart-rate sensor, personalized activity goals and smartphone notifications.

In our review of the Peak , CNET editor Scott Stein iphone case 4c pointed out that the tracker wasn't particularly attractive to look at, Basis appears to have heard our concerns, and has announced a new Basis Peak Titanium Edition, The updated tracker shares the same features as earlier Peak models, however the design has been upgraded with a satin-finish titanium case that resists scratches and corrosion, Alongside the new watch, Basis is also releasing five new leather straps for the Peak, The new straps are made of genuine Italian leather and include quick release pins for easy swapping, The five colors are: noir (black), fog (grey), saddle (caramel), khaki (light tan) and blush (light pink)..

The new leather straps and titanium Basis Peak are available now from the Basis website. The titanium Basis Peak can be picked up for $300, while the straps are priced at $50 each. International pricing wasn't announced, although the US price directly converts to about £191 in the UK and AU$375 in Australia for the titanium Peak, and £32, AU$63 for the leather straps. Basis also announced a premium titanium edition of the Peak activity tracker, along with a new line of leather straps. Basis Peak owners can now sync data with Google Fit and Apple Health. The added integration comes via an update to the Peak mobile app. Additionally, a new feature called Basis Peak Playground is launching alongside the app update and allows users to get an early look at experimental features and provide feedback.

Have you ever wondered whether smartphones can make your kids smarter?, Yes, they iphone case 4c make them smarter at Snapchat and Candy Crush, but do they help them crunch a math problem with greater mental alacrity?, One survey suggests not, Performed by the London School of Economics -- an institution that didn't kick me out -- this piece of research suggested that in schools than ban phones, 16-year-olds performed better by a potentially crucial 6.41 percent, The study, titled Ill Communication: Technology, Distraction & Student Performance (PDF), looked at four English cities and concluded that it was those of lesser natural gifts who benefited most from their school ensuring that they couldn't play with phones in class..

The researchers looked simply at the timing of phone bans being introduced and then compared test scores before and after. They were very clear as to their reasoning: "A highly multipurpose technology, such as mobile phones, can have a negative impact on productivity through distraction."It doesn't sound like science when it feels like common sense. It's not as if adults are immune from such being distracted by phones. We sit on trains, in buses and bars and even in meetings, courtrooms and parliaments, merrily staring at our phones and discovering videos of rabbits who can sing like Maria Callas.

In this study, those students deemed low-achieving actually benefited from a cell phone ban by scoring 14.23 percent better on their tests, This puts into interesting focus a recent story from Philadelphia, in which a school principal explained to a parent that the school would keep a child's confiscated iPhone 6 for weeks, Dad was not happy, But surely he might be happier if his daughter did surprisingly well, The LSE researchers estimated that the improvement in performance was iphone case 4c the equivalent of five additional days being added to the school year..

Perhaps some enterprising schools should try threatening to lengthen the school year by five days, unless parents agree to a phone ban. Which parent, faced with the prospect of five more days of their kids whining about school, wouldn't support such a proposal with an uplifted heart?. (Via the Guardian). Technically Incorrect: A UK study suggests that schoolkids' performance significantly improves when they can't get hold of a phone at school. It also showed that low-achieving students improved the most.

The Korean electronics giant on Monday took the wraps off the new G4 Stylus and G4c, handsets that incorporate many of the features of the G4 in larger and smaller packaging, respectively, The G4 Stylus sports a 5.7-inch display, slightly larger than the flagship G4, and as the name suggests, includes a stylus for taking notes or doodling on the screen, The G4c's display iphone case 4c comes in a bit smaller at 5 inches, Both handsets feature either a 13- or 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, Both also run Google's Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system on a 1.2GHz quad-core LTE chipset, The Stylus will also be offered in a 3G configuration with a 1.4GHz octa-core chipset..