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The brain behind Nixie is founder Christoph Kohstall. The Stanford postdoctoral student, an avid rock-climber, wanted to make sure the wearable camera was hearty enough to withstand getting knocked about while climbing. Jelena Jovanovic, chief operating officer of Nixie, said the selfie drone will shoot in HD and 1080p, and it will have several modes including boomerang (the drone flies off your wrist, snaps a pic and then returns to you) and follow-me (the drone stalks, err..I mean flies behind you).

We were a bit disappointed Nixie didn't demonstrate a working prototype, Jovanovic cited intellectual property concerns as the reason behind keeping the device at home, She said the startup is working hard to bring the product to market, The $500,000 in prize money should give them a boost on that front, Just how much will a Nixie run? Jovanovic said that depends on how many they sell, Expect it to initially cost a bit more than a GoPro portable video camera, but if the Nixie fares well, the price should be iphone case 7 ebay comparable to a point and shoot camera..

Imagine the profile pictures you could snap with a wearable camera that's also drone. CNET's Sumi Das has more on Nixie, a device that wowed judges at Intel's "Make It Wearable" contest. In the quest for the perfect selfie, happy-snappers have resorted to distinctly odd behavior -- everything from carrying poles wherever they go to getting perilously close to a wild bear. So it should come as no surprise that the grand prize winner of Intel's "Make it Wearable" challenge is a product designed to help you capture the quintessential selfie.

Occupation: Producer / Reporter, Member Since: 27 January 2014, Bio: Sumi Das has been covering technology since the original dot-com boom, She was hired by cable network TechTV iphone case 7 ebay in 1998 to produce and host a half-hour program devoted to new and future technologies, Prior to CNET, Sumi served as a Washington DC-based correspondent, covering breaking news for CNN, She reported live from New Orleans and contributed to CNN's coverage of Hurricane Katrina, which earned the network a Peabody Award, She also files in-depth tech stories for BBC News which are seen by a primarily international audience..

It may also strike you as very Hollywood. There is conflict, drama and a denouement that certainly one of the characters would not have rehearsed for. It begins at an American Film Institute screening of "Mr. Turner" at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. This is a movie about the English painter J.M.W. Turner. Its director, Mike Leigh, describes it as "examining the tension between this very mortal, flawed individual, and the epic work, the spiritual way he had of distilling the world."Last night, it seems that the tension was between a mortal soul using her cell phone and a possibly flawed individual who couldn't find a spiritual way to make her stop.

As originally reported by Mashable, the movie had just iphone case 7 ebay begun when a man asked a woman to please turn off her cell phone, It was apparently shining its distracting light, It isn't always easy to tell from behind whether a Hollywood human is male or female, In this case, the complainer apparently misidentified the phoner as a man, "Excuse me, sir," was his reported dialogue, He is said to have tried several times to attract her attention to the distraction that she was causing, It was then that the complainer, frustrated that the phoner wasn't taking heed, reportedly tapped the woman on the arm..

In the words of Mashable's eyewitness: "She stands up and starts cursing, saying 'You hit me, you hit me, I'm going to call the police.'"Ah. Oh. When shining her flashlight app in the man's face didn't work, the woman reportedly threatened him with a macing. Shortly afterward, the story goes, she delivered that macing to his face. ABC 7 reports that the man immediately left the theater. The station also suggested that the substance that had been administered to the man's face had been pepper spray.

The film kept on turning, However, after 20 minutes, the woman was reportedly removed from the theater without further drama, The American Film Institute told the Hollywood Reporter: "There was an incident, and it has been handled, and everyone is OK."Quite how the Institute knows that everyone is OK, I'm not sure, So I have contacted it to see whether it can offer further information, I will update, should I hear, I have also contacted the theater to ask for comment, I've never been maced, but I imagine it could be a traumatizing experience, especially for someone living in LA, We have no information whether the man woke up this morning in fine spirits, or iphone case 7 ebay whether he's already breakfasting with his lawyer at the Mondrian..