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ATAP is Google's answer to DARPA, the federal government's technology and research arm. Both Dugan and Paul Eremenko, head of Project Ara, previously worked for DARPA. Other ATAP initiatives include Project Tango, which aims to advance 3D mapping technology on smartphones and tablets, and Spotlight Stories, an effort in animation software. Why is Google choosing Puerto Rico? Eremenko said it is the ideal test bed because it has a diverse user base. Its population has a good mix of smartphone and feature phone owners, and 75 percent of Internet access takes place on mobile devices, Google said. For the pilot, the company is partnering with two local carriers, Open Mobile and Claro.

The company is also working on ways for people to buy the devices, Google will set up an online market where people can choose the parts they want to use for their phones, The company is creating retail shops that look like food trucks where people can come see the products, The company on Wednesday also talked about the next version of the prototype phone, called the Spiral 3, The criteria for success will be if the phone can stand up to a traditional state-of the-art smartphone, That means the Ara phone will need to be able to make a 4G phone call, iphone case 7 plus amazon have a good camera and offer day-long battery life, said Eremenko, He said he hopes the phone will have 20 to 30 interchangeable parts, or modules, from which customers can choose..

The search giant announces a test pilot for its Project Ara smartphone initiative, which allows consumers to mix-and-match parts, kind of like Legos. When it comes to smartphones, people are used to customizing their applications and software. But for the handset itself, they're stuck with what the hardware maker built. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The Israel-based company offers live video conferencing for up to 12 users on the same line and allows them to chat, play games and share photos or videos through its app, which is available globally iphone case 7 plus amazon for Apple's iOS and Google's Android mobile operating systems, Other free services, such as Google Hangouts, offer multiple-user video chats, but Rounds tries to differentiate itself by creating activities and games within its service, So far, Rounds said 94 percent of video calls on its app involve these interactive games or videos..

Rounds -- which has now raised a total of $22 million -- said it has 25 million users and no revenue so far. Those numbers make it a small player in the messaging-service space that includes WhatsApp's 700 million user base, as well as sizable user bases on Viber, WeChat, Line, Tango, Snapchat, Kik and Facebook Messenger. However, the interest from major venture-capital players like Sequoia and Samsung Ventures shows that there remains plenty of growth for messaging companies, big and small. Sequoia invested in WhatsApp early on and benefited enormously after the company was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion last year.

"We've been active in the mobile messaging space, watching the evolution of communication very closely," Shmil Levy, partner at Sequoia Capital Israel, said in a statement, "We believe the next generation is about instant video chatting and interactivity and this is exactly what we see in Rounds."The privately held startup, founded in 2009, has 24 employees and plans to grow to 40 to 50 employees by year's end, It's previous funding round included investor Tim Draper, iphone case 7 plus amazon Verizon Ventures and Rhodium, which all contributed to the new funding round as well..

Dany Fishel, Rounds co-founder and CEO, said in an interview Wednesday that his company has been growing rapidly in recent months without having to spend any money on advertising. Going forward, the firm will continue to focus on learning about its users' behaviors and interests to improve the app, he added. "I believe that in 2015 we'll be able to grow dramatically," Fishel said. "I do feel confident that we can put a good, decent fight to the big players of the day."Mobile video service Rounds raises $12 million, giving it a bit more ammunition to compete in the messaging app world.

Known as the Apple Watch "Companion" app for iPhone, the software apparently will let watch owners manage settings for apps and for connectivity iphone case 7 plus amazon with the iPhone, Purported screenshots of the app published Tuesday by Apple-focused news site 9to5Mac spill the beans on several of the app's key features, The Apple Watch is set to debut this spring, The smartwatch will mark Apple's entry into the wearables market, which already features devices from such major players as Samsung, Motorola, LG and Sony, Although product lineups are growing at a quick clip, wearables have yet to truly take off with consumers..