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Those of you who don't feel like heading to your local Apple Store to check out the watch can instead videoconference with an Apple salesperson to learn about the device. Videoconferencing will be offered to customers interested in both the Edition version and the stainless steel Apple Watch. However, those eyeing the Edition version will reportedly receive a more "elegant" experience via video, and if they buy it, they can also learn how to set it up through a follow-up video chat. People who purchase the Apple Watch Edition will receive a dedicated phone line offering two years of technical support available 24/7. Finally, the Edition version will initially be available only at stores in Apple's "largest markets," said 9to5Mac's sources, and then will roll out "gradually" to the rest of the company's retail outlets.

Assuming all these details are accurate, iphone case 7 wallet Apple's special in-store experience is hardly surprising, The company is positioning its new watch against other smartwatches, conventional watches and luxury watches, Therefore, Apple would be keen to roll out the red carpet for potential watch buyers, especially those who plan to spend at least $10,000 on the most expensive edition, Walk-in customers won't be able to walk out with Apple's new smartwatch, But there will be pampering of those shopping for the 18-karat gold Edition gadget..

Please feel free to be sickened, indifferent, appalled or even depressed. But please don't say you're surprised. An explosion in Manhattan's East Village on Thursday left more than 20 people injured and two still missing. Work by firefighters, putting out the last stubborn bits of the blaze and digging through the rubble, continued into Saturday. The effort is, for some people, an event. It's like a concert or a party. So you should definitely make sure you can tell people that you were there. Seven women who posed for a selfie -- taken with the help of a selfie stick -- decided to commemorate the occasion with a heartfelt modern memento. They smiled in the middle of the street as behind them rescuers searched for more victims.

The photograph was posted to the Twitter feed of EventsPhotoNYC, It also appeared on the local news blog EV Grieve, Today it graces the front page of the New York Post with the headline: "Village Idiots."It's not immediately clear who these women are and whether they're now aware of the dubious nature iphone case 7 wallet of their photography, The Post did, however, find other blast site selfie-snappers, One, named Jeanie, reportedly posted her smiling selfie with the hashtags #beingtourists and #weresocreepy, She told the Post her art was "satire."The New York Daily News offered an Instagram selfie (since removed) taken by a woman named Christina, She is smiling and making the sign of victory, Some might wonder whether this was the victory over good taste and humanity..

Let's return, though, to the lack of surprise. These people may not even have stopped and thought about anything other than taking their selfies and posting them the very soonest. They were there and you weren't, so they needed to tell you. The benefit? Your admiration, of course. This isn't exactly the first time that humans have thought it best to record themselves in solemn places being slightly slimy. You surely must remember Selfies at Funerals. Even world leaders partook of that spirit at Nelson Mandela's memorial service.

Now every occasion has been co-opted as a photo op, Every disaster, every tragedy, iphone case 7 wallet every newsworthy event is an opportunity for some smiling self-promotion, Meanwhile, according to the New York Post, 23-year-old Nicholas Figueroa and 27-year-old Moises Locon are still missing, Technically Incorrect: A photograph of seven women using a selfie stick to take pictures near the site of last week's East Village explosion causes quite a stir, And it's not the only smiling selfie from the scene, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives..

Just ask Kimon Keramidas, curator of "The Interface Experience," an exhibit that rounds up tech milestones from 40 years of personal computing for visitors to see and touch. He said almost everyone has a favorite item they make a beeline to and greet like an old friend. "It's either 'Oh my God, it was so great!' or 'Oh my God, that was so hard to use,'" Keramidas said. "It's an emotional thing. People are connecting at more than just an intellectual level."The show, which opens Friday at the Focus Gallery of the Bard Graduate Center in New York City, offers visitors a trip through history with what is essentially a gadgety greatest hits. On display are more than 25 different devices, as well as a wall of more than a hundred mobile phones (what Keramidas calls his cell phone "petting zoo") -- all of which can be touched and, in some cases, played with.

"Most computers in museums sit in a corner behind a glass wall; they're not turned on, and you can't touch them," said Keramidas, "I wanted to stage things so people could experience them and watch each other working on the devices."The centerpieces of the exhibit are five particular technologies that serve as markers for major stages in the development of interfaces for personal computing: the Commodore 64 as the first computer for the masses, the Apple MacIntosh for the introduction of a graphical user interface and the mainstream debut of a mouse, the PalmPilot as the first competent mobile device, the Apple iPad for introducing the touchscreen in tablet form and the Microsoft Kinect for making motion sensing accessible iphone case 7 wallet in the living room..