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I go to Starbucks early and confess that it's occasionally a troubling experience. Ahead of me might be someone who's desperate to be modern and pay with their Starbucks app. They wave it at the scanner. It doesn't work. They wave it again. It still doesn't work. Then they poke at their phone. They wave it again. Finally a beep. My regular baristas, Kurshina and Marie, have patience coursing through their veins. I, however, mutter through gritted gums: "Wouldn't it have been easier to pay cash?"It seems that such a scenario might have played a part in one of the more spectacular customer service angerfests of the year. This one was at a Starbucks in Queens, NY.

As reported by Grub Street, New York Magazine's food and restaurant blog, Ruby Chen went into the Elmhurst Starbucks to buy a Frappuccino with a cookie straw, Cookie straws are a big thing at Starbucks, I tried one once, It got wet, Still, the tale goes that the Starbucks manager called Chen's name and she didn't hear, Chen was having trouble with her Starbucks app and, well, the friction began to froth, It may be that the manager was already having a bad day, Which is surprising in such a genteel place as Queens, She expressed her displeasure, however, with a verve that reminded iphone case custom one of Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield's ear..

She apparently wasn't happy that Chen was allegedly holding up her line, presumably because of having not heard her name and her app fumbling. Unfortunately (for the manager) and fortunately (for lovers of drama), the scenario was captured by a bystander and placed in the window to the world known as YouTube. It was posted there by Chen herself, among others. The manager appears to be a woman of a certain level of compromise. She offered Chen the choice of either giving her the straw or leaving with the straw and never being allowed into that Starbucks again.

The argument continued and the video doesn't reveal its conclusion, However, Grub Street says that the manager finally called the police, I contacted Starbucks and a spokeswoman told me: "This customer's experience is not reflective of the service our partners (employees) provide to customers every day, As soon as we learned about this, our partner was immediately suspended and now no longer works for Starbucks, Our leadership team is reaching out to the customer to apologize and make this right."Just as police officers get iphone case custom filmed and sometimes exposed, so do baristas, Our public behavior is now available for not merely scrutiny, but mass publication and judgment...

The first line of Panasonic Viera Smart TVs, which run on Firefox's operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, have gone on the market in Europe, Mozilla announced in a blog post on Thursday. A handful of Panasonic sets are included in the first run, including the CR850, CR730, and CX800, among others. Mozilla says the Firefox OS-powered televisions will be available elsewhere around the world "in the coming months."By jumping into the television market, Mozilla is now competing against a range of operating systems running on both HDTVs and set-top boxes. Samsung, for instance, runs its smart TV technology on its Tizen platform. LG has WebOS built into its televisions. Google, Roku, and Ubuntu are also delivering television software technology. Meanwhile, a host of companies, including Apple, Amazon, and TiVo, all offer set-top boxes that deliver apps, similar to Firefox OS.

Firefox OS was launched in April 2013 as an alternative to Android and iOS on lower-end smartphones in emerging markets, The platform is a Linux-based operating system and Mozilla iphone case custom has touted its support for open Web platforms, including HTML5 applications, JavaScript, and others, The operating system is designed to entirely take advantage of Web technologies, Mozilla argues that rather than develop for closed-off systems, like iOS or Android, developers should be able to design apps with Web standards and readily port them to any other platform..

Mozilla's core vision is to provide a credible alternative to the dominant mobile operating system forces, Android and iOS, and break down some of the barriers that cause users to stick with their mobile OS of choice, rather than try something else. The issue for Mozilla, however, has been getting Firefox OS off the ground. In March, Annette Zimmermann, research director for Gartner's consumer markets and technology group, told CNET that Firefox OS hasn't been a success. "In a 1.2 billion smartphone unit market in 2014, they only shipped a bit over 2 million units," she said, and only a limited number of handset makers -- namely ZTE, Huawei, and TCL's Alcatel brand -- have decided to pursue Firefox OS devices. Still, Mozilla has said that it can grow despite the headwind. The company's chief technology officer Andreas Gal said in March that Firefox OS phones were available across 30 countries and more products and developers are coming online each month. Mozilla hopes to make a push for higher-end devices in addition to the lower-end of the market where it's lived.

Expanding to televisions is another important component in Mozilla's strategy of proving it has the chops to compete in what is a crowded operating system space, At Mobile World Congress in March, Mozilla showed off Firefox OS on a Panasonic television, saying that the television-based operating system would deliver all of the features built into the standard Firefox OS that customers had come to expect, Mozilla has come through on that promise, The Panasonic televisions run on a slightly modified Firefox OS designed for big screens that comes with all of the standard features, including access to iphone case custom the Firefox apps marketplace, The platform also includes the Firefox browser..