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It's so easy (and awesome) to plug into Pandora or Spotify when you're, say, riding the train home from work, you might not realize what it's doing to your data plan. What it's doing is killing your cap. If a music service streams at a 320Kbps bit rate, that's 2.4MB of data per minute, or a whopping 115MB per hour. Even if you tune in only a couple times per week, it's easy to rack up big data numbers. Fortunately, a lot of mobile apps let you downshift to a lower bit rate, a very advisable move if you must listen on the go.

Pandora, it's worth noting, never streams at more than 64Kbps on mobile devices, even if you're a Pandora iphone case cute One subscriber, One other option: if your music service allows it (and most do nowadays), download your tunes (via Wi-Fi, of course) for offline listening, If music streaming is bad, video trumps it by an order of magnitude, Awesome though it may be to binge on episodes of "Black Mirror" or trending YouTube vids when you're on the treadmill at the gym, streaming can swallow as much as 50MB per minute..

That's according to Netflix, which estimates 3GB per hour for HD video. Of course, those numbers can and will vary across different services (Hulu, Google Play, iTunes, YouTube, etc.), but there's no question that video does the most damage to your data plan. Fortunately, with a little advance planning, you can watch on the go without using any data at all. Consider a service like PlayLater, which allows you to "record" streaming video from the likes of Hulu and Netflix for offline viewing on mobile devices. Likewise, a smattering of YouTube apps let you save videos right to your phone so you can rewatch them later -- no connection required.

Which apps and services are the worst offenders when it comes to chewing through your data plan?, In the early days of cell phones, it was all about the minutes -- voice minutes, that is, because people used their phones to call each other, (Weird, right?) You had to limit your conversations or suffer the horrors of overage charges, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time iphone case cute at our discretion..

Please lend an ear and don't be concerned. I won't be using the phrase "phoning it in."I cannot, you see, reach for simplistic psychology after viewing this footage. It comes from a middle school basketball game in Washington state. The two teams are North Whidbey Middle School and Oak Harbor Middle School. There are players of various shapes, sizes and abilities. However, it's the ref's behavior that makes it memorable. He's on his cell phone. And he continues to officiate the game. This apparently went on for around a minute. The players seemed oblivious. The ref just signaled calls with his left hand, while taking a call with his right.

Surely, though, some parents must have wondered what the call might have been about, Jokes about lovers, bookies and dealers must have bounced around the bleachers, The truth, though, is a touch mundane, Or, depending on your perspective, even more disturbing, The iphone case cute local public schools gave this statement to Deadspin: "We did some fact-checking, Turns out the ref was calling his supervisor to report that a referee was needed at a crosstown game with 44 kids and no officials, Poor judgment to call during the game? Yes, but his intention was to help the other school, The referee organization has confirmed the call and is investigating the incident."Wait, it was the ref who made the call? During the game? Might this have been during a time-out?..

Some might see apocalypse in these proceedings. The cell phone has now invaded to such a degree that it's a wonder priests don't deliver services with one in their ear. How long before the president will give the State of the Union address, while sneaking a peak at a Bulls game on his phone?. I, however, see a tinge of hope. Wouldn't it have been lovely if, for example, during last week's controversial Detroit-Dallas NFL playoff game someone could have called the ref and said: "Sir, have you completely mislaid your eyeballs?.

And wouldn't it be nice if, instead of having to make yourself heard above the din of thousands of fans, you could personally text a ref during the game to say: "Dear referee, In all my years of watching sports, you have besmirched them the most."The written word still has power, I fancy one or two people would marvel at seeing the ref read the text and then grimace just a touch, But wouldn't it also be amusing if, for iphone case cute once, the referees could answer back?, How bracingly gleeful it would be to receive a text back from the ref that read: "You know, maybe I blew that call, But at least I always call LeBron for traveling."Technically Incorrect: A middle school basketball game carries on with the referee signaling calls one-handed, In the other, he's making a call..