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Identical to the all-white and silver model, this version features a gold trim that gives the 5-inch handset a delicately refined look. There's an option of a black or white back cover, however we were only able to get our hands on the white and gold model. Aside from its eye-catching build, the Nokia Lumia 930 is a highly-lauded Windows 8.1 smartphone thanks to its sharp screen and quick camera. Pricing for it depends on the carrier and country. You can get a SIM-free model from Nokia directly for £440 in the UK or in Australia and the US, you can find it unlocked from various online retailers for around AU$700 or $600.

Among the changes for this iphone case glitter fourth-generation software overlay are tweaks to the camera and gallery apps, as well as "smarter" alerts and notifications, Quick Shot lets users double-click the volume-down button to quickly access the camera, even with the phone display powered off, Additionally, the photo gallery will automatically create albums based on common details such as time, date or location, The Smart Board feature gathers data from a variety of apps and services and presents them in a home-screen widget, LG grabs the info from your calendars, music and health-related apps..

Smart Alerts can learn what sort of activities you might be into and will tailor the widgets and notifications thusly. Like to run or mountain bike? The G4 may be able to tell you the best time of day to get your workout on. The G4 is widely expected to take center stage on April 28 at LG's press event. LG's next-gen custom software officially surfaces weeks before the company launches its next flagship smartphone. LG, all too anxious to show off its refreshed custom mobile software experience, has officially begun teasing UX 4.0, its custom software layer for Android phones. Expected to debut on the upcoming flagship G4 smartphone, the new interface promises to be more streamlined and user-centric.

A politician telling the truth is as rare and precious as a fish thanking you for eating it, I am, therefore, moved to paroxysms of wonder at the revelations of British Labor Party leader and prime ministerial candidate Ed Miliband, He appeared on the radio and decided to bare all, technologically speaking, Talking to Absolute Radio, he first admitted to have been a fiend at Manic Miner, a classic 80s game which, oddly enough, didn't feature former iphone case glitter British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, It was his iPhone, however, that almost brought his personal and political downfall, He became obsessed with it, checking Twitter nonstop to see if anyone had called him Mr, Bean that day..

He found a solution. He dumped his iPhone and bought a BlackBerry. Some might think this an odd choice. Yes, it used to be the de rigueur phone of businesspeople and their underlings -- politicians. Miliband, though, gave it a very hard sell. He said: "The good thing about a BlackBerry -- I'm going to insult the BlackBerry makers now -- is that it's a little harder to do those things. It's more limited functionality, I think they call it."I think at BlackBerry they call it: "Why do we still let the Queen of England be our head of state?"Perhaps, though, Miliband has inadvertently exposed a certain market gap. Soon, iPhones will become obsolete as we all squint at our wrists in order to text our loved ones.

There is surely a place for phones of limited but gloriously enjoyable functionality, So why doesn't BlackBerry release a watch that merely tells the time and allows for the use of just your one favorite app?, There is surely a potential market that might iphone case glitter be termed the For The Sake Of Your Sanity segment, It would appeal to all those, like Miliband, who realize that they might be losing their minds and hearts to technology's insipid claws, The new BlackBerry Xanax: The Technology That Takes The Stress Out Of Technology..

According to Motorola's David Schuster, the first-generation Moto X, Moto E and select Moto G LTE models will skip Android 5.0 and update directly to Android 5.1 release. Motorola employed a similar tactic for the Droid Turbo , skipping an already-outdated version of Android in favor of the most recent OS version. There is no indication when the software update will roll out for the respective models; it will likely be a few more weeks at the least. Google has only recently made the 5.1 release available, and it takes some time for vendors to test their new OS builds in the real world, especially if they're adding a layer of their own custom software on top.

On a positive note, Motorola is known for a stripped-down and nearly stock Android experience, This means it takes less time to put the platform iphone case glitter through its paces, ensuring it plays nicely with its hardware and preloaded apps, According to a Motorola representative, the handset maker will focus its upgrade efforts on the latest release of Android, Sorry, first-gen Moto X owners, you won't be seeing an Android 5.0 Lollipop update, Not to worry, though, you'll soon be right back on track with the 5.1 release, In fact, the same goes for a couple of other models, too..