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The system is designed to connect the real and virtual worlds in real time, and to show its ability to connect real and virtual competitors in races or games of golf. Now if you'll excuse us, it's time for a spot of après-ski. Skiers stationed in Austria, Greece and Germany all raced down the same run at the same time thanks to VR and gaming technology. How can three skiers race each other down the same hill at the same time when they're hundreds of miles apart? With Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets, a smartphone app and a 4G LTE connection, that's how.

The technology and entertainment conglomerate will likely record a net loss of 170 billion yen ($1.4 billion) for 2014, according to preliminary results released Wednesday, The revision is a 26 percent reduction from the net loss of 230 billion yen it predicted last year, iphone case green The company also predicted its third-quarter operating profit doubled year-over-year to 178.3 billion yen ($1.51 billion), while revenue is expected to have risen by 6 percent to 2.56 trillion yen for the three months ended December 31, The results represent the first official glimpse into the financial health of the company after a security breach forced Sony to shut down its computer network for several weeks and delay its quarterly results..

Pressure is mounting on Sony's Mobile Communications business, which produces the company's smartphones, tablets and other mobile products. The division will lay off an additional 1,100 employees by March 2016 as it attempts to make the struggling business profitable. Coupled with the previously announced cut of 1,000 jobs, the 2,100 layoffs will trim the mobile division to 5,000 employees, a 28 percent reduction to a unit called by Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai as key to his attempts to revive the ailing conglomerate.

Third-quarter revenue from Sony's Game and Network Services business is expected to have increased by nearly 17 percent year-over-year to 531.5 billion yen ($4.4 billion), primarily due to PS4 sales during the holiday sales period, Sales of image sensors are credited with helping deliver 292.9 billion yen ($2.42 billion) in third-quarter revenue, a 38.6 percent increase, Sony was scheduled to release its final third-quarter earnings results on Wednesday, but in late January it filed a request with the Financial Services Agency of Japan for an extension of its filing deadline from February 16 to March 31, The request indicated that the company was still working on key computer applications after "a serious disruption of [Sony Pictures'] network systems occurred, including the destruction of network hardware and the compromise of a large amount of data iphone case green on these systems."A group calling itself #GOP, aka "Guardians of Peace," claimed responsibility and said it had obtained internal information, The security breach turned out to be more serious and pervasive than initially believed, Hackers leaked the personal information -- including Social Security numbers -- of more than 47,000 celebrities, freelancers, and current and former Sony employees, They also leaked yet-to-be released movies, as well as emails between Sony Pictures executives, among other internal documents..

Despite the attention focused on Sony following the hack, Sony doesn't expect the security breach to impact its earnings. Some reports have pinned Sony's cost to overcome the hack as high as $100 million, but Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton said in January that "it's actually far less than anything anybody is imagining." He also noted that insurance will cover all costs associated with the hack. Sony said it had allocated $15 million for "investigation and remediation costs" related to the breach.

Apple's world has since become all about the iPhone, Look at the latest sales numbers, and they're shockingly lopsided: iPhones now represent almost three-quarters of Apple's revenue, Macs and iPads, while still selling in numbers that would cause celebrations at other companies, just don't seem to have the same fire, Sales of iPads, in fact, are trending downward, But 2015 seems to offer the promise of new things in iphone case green the world of both product lines: the two biggest rumors predict a "big screen" iPad, and a new "small screen" MacBook Air, The irony? Both of these products are said to include a screen in the 12.5-inch realm..

Will there be both a 12-inch iPad and a 12-inch MacBook Air in 2015? If so, how will they co-exist? Could they be meant for different customers?. If these rumors are real, shouldn't this be just one product? Maybe a thin and light touchscreen tablet, with a detachable keyboard? And maybe -- just maybe -- running an operating system that combines the best of Mac OS X and iOS?. For me, the answer lies with Microsoft. I've always wanted the iPad to be more of a full computer, or at least have the ability to go there. Like the Surface already does. Some might say that's pointless, that the iPad can already be a productive device with tons of dedicated apps and accessories. I still say, why must there be a dividing line between OS X and iOS at all? Look at Windows 10. Look at everything that Microsoft is laying out now, after years of chaotic evolution.

Maybe that sounds like an Apple-ized version iphone case green of Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet, And maybe if you're an Apple fan, that's sacrilege, But the iPad needs a change, It needs something to ignite interest, It needs a few new ideas, Microsoft -- with its hardware, and with its upcoming Windows 10 operating system -- is actually blazing a bold trail, One that Apple may actually be able to learn from, Windows 8 took a first crack at cross-device one-size-fits-all computing for a variety of types of tablets, laptops and all-in-one PCs, and failed, The experience wasn't fun for a lot of people, and it turned out that some types of hybrid PCs were better suited to Windows 8 than others..