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Fortunately, the latest update to Evernote 6.2 grants premium users on Android access to business card scanning. As a bonus, if you are a free user and have a LinkedIn account, you can try this feature free for one year. Here's how. Step 1: Open the Evernote app on your Android device and tap the new button in the lower right-hand corner. Select the Camera function and then swipe to the Business Card option on the far right. Step 2: You'll see a prompt that says you need to upgrade to Premium in order to use the feature. Under that will be a link to connect your LinkedIn account, so you can try business card scanning free for one year. Put in your details to authorize a connection and you'll be able to use the scanning feature immediately.

Step 3: For best results, you should place any business card you want to scan on a contrasting surface, Then, just tap the screen to focus, and then the camera icon to snap the photo, Evernote will automatically parse the data to create a contact note, Note: The scanning feature is not yet able to differentiate between phone and fax numbers, As a workaround, if you don't need the fax number you can delete it to avoid confusion later, After you review the data, you can add the details to the contacts on your phone or scan another card, Scanned business cards will be titled by contact name followed by "Business Card" in your Evernote account, The contact notes also include shortcuts for calling iphone case ideas and texting, if you don't want to add someone to your personal address book on the device..

Love the free version of Evernote, but want a taste of the new premium features? Check out this quick way to activate the business card scanning feature for free. Evernote for Android has been trailing the iOS version when it comes to new features, like the ability to scan business cards. Being able to scan a card is useful because it syncs to your account, you won't have to keep track of a paper card, and it saves you time by doing the typing for you. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

This particular nugget of smartphone lore has come iphone case ideas courtesy of Tae Moon Roh, Samsung's executive vice president for product strategy and innovation R&D, while we spoke at the company's sprawling campus in October just 18 miles south of Seoul, A 17-year Samsung veteran who holds a PhD in electricity and electronic engineering, Roh had a lot to say about about the importance of trends and trade-offs in Samsung's mobile portfolio, His recollection of the Note's early, totally different design was a definite highlight of our Q&A conversation, Note that the excerpt below was delivered through an interpreter and has been edited for brevity and clarity..

Which trends are the most relevant in mobile technology right now?. Roh: The smartphone display will be clear, sharper, with a high resolution. In the case of cameras, the same principle is applied, as those cameras in the future should work just like the human eye. For example, they should provide good imaging even in low lighting, and should be able to delete the shadowing effect. Different from human eye vision, camera sensors have to choose between dark or bright when both sides coexist in one picture or in one frame, because they cannot cover the whole dynamic range in one angle. So that means that when they are focusing on the dark side, the bright side might be blurred, and vice versa.

We are proud to say that the Galaxy S5 uses a companion IC (integrated chipset) for the cameras to use higher dynamic range, That is what we call "Shadow Free Function." And the Note 4 has an even more upgraded version of that, Samsung has taken risks when it comes to smartphone design, For example, theGalaxy Beam and Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G , plus the Galaxy Round and the Galaxy Golden flip phone, However, not every innovation worked, Roh: Samsung mobile, as a global player, is very diligent in terms of evaluating and meeting the demands of our users currently and in the future, That's why we look at not only the iphone case ideas mature technologies, but also emerging technologies, As you said, we had made lot of trials in new technologies and we will continue to work in that direction..

Will any elements from those past phones make a comeback?. Roh: Looking back, some of the trials were a little bit too early, though they might work better today. There were some unsuccessful trials in the market but we don't think that they were meaningless. Through those initial trials, we've learned a lot and the technologies remain with us for the next innovations. When we announced the first Note, it was not welcomed highly in the market at the initial stage, but eventually people recognized the benefits of a larger screen and the S-Pen productivity. Today, the Galaxy Note is one of the most successful series of Samsung's Galaxy products.

Of those features that didn't quite break into the mainstream, is there one device that you want to see revived? Maybe that phone with the long antenna., Roh: The antenna is iphone case ideas a clear example of going against the demands of the consumers, [Laughs.] I do not think we will be reviving it at all, Specifically, out of all the innovations in the R&D world that you have overseen and helped nurture, which do you think is the most impactful?, Roh: Before the Note series, the functions of smartphones themselves were limited or confined to texting, The usability was quite low, However, with the Note series, we now have more functions than ever before, like handwriting and multimedia assistance, I believe that we have now changed our cultures and generated new demands..