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To get started, you will need to install the universal TodayRemote app for iOS and the companion Mac app available from TodayRemote.com. (You may need to head to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and allow apps downloaded from anywhere before you can install the Mac app.). Once you have both apps installed, follow the setup instructions on the iPhone app. Step 1: Enable the Notification Center widget. Swipe down from the top of your iPhone screen to open Notification Center. Scroll down on the Today tab and tap the Edit button. Find TodayRemote listed and tap its green "+" button to add its widget to Notification Center. Tap Done.

Step 2: Pair your iPhone and Mac, With the companion Mac running and with both devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, tap the Add Device button from the last setup screen on your iPhone, If you see your Mac listed, tap the Request button and then click the Accept button from the corresponding notification on your Mac, If you don't see your Mac iphone case jb hi fi listed on the Add New Device screen on your iPhone, disconnect and then reconnect each device to your Wi-Fi network; that did the trick for me when my MacBook wasn't shown initially..

Step 3: Rock out with remote control. With your iPhone and Mac paired, you will see playback and volume controls in the TodayRemote widget in Notification Center. (Via WonderHowTo). The TodayRemote app lets you control music playback on your Mac from your iPhone without needing to open an app. Apple has long offered the Remote app that lets you use your iPhone to control Apple TV or iTunes on your Mac. With the TodayRemote app, you can control iTunes on your Mac with the added benefit of not needing to open an app on your iPhone to do so. TodayRemote lets you add a widget to Notification Center, giving you access to playback and volume controls just by swiping down from the top edge of your iPhone. The app is free, but a $1.99 in-app purchase lets you use TodayRemote with Spotify, Rdio, VLC and Vox, while also adding global volume control and the ability to control multiple Macs from a single iPhone.

The social network announced a new feature for its mobile app that uses your phone's location services to surface more information about the places you visit, Called Place Tips, the feature draws on posts created from a place's page and from your friends, Now when you visit a location your friends have been before, Facebook will bring up their related posts and photos, Place Tips is optional, and will appear only if you've given Facebook permission to access your location, The company will start testing Place Tips in the New York City area, using cell networks, Wi-Fi and GPS iphone case jb hi fi to determine your location, The network won't share your location publicly, according to the company, For now, the feature is only available for iPhone users..

It's another stab at building recommendations into your social-media experience, and a deeper dive into a market currently dominated by Yelp, and to a lesser extent, Foursquare. Facebook wants to make sure users keep coming back to its mobile app. Adding contextual, and personalized, location information is another way to hook users. "Place tips will show you fun, useful and relevant info about the place you're at," reads a Facebook blog post. If you visit a restaurant, for example, the business' page may show you popular menu items and upcoming events, in addition to your friend's photo of a favorite dish there.

Facebook has been consistently expanding its personalized recommendation features to take advantage of its growing mobile traffic, Nearly 84 percent of its 890 million daily users access Facebook through a mobile phone, according to the company's latest earnings report, The network started showing you when your friends were having iphone case jb hi fi fun nearby in April, and then launched Place pages in November in hopes of building a database of businesses and activities for users, The social network is testing a mobile-app feature that serves up information about wherever you happen to be, For now, it's iPhone-only..

Alibaba's revenue hit $4.2 billion during the fourth quarter, up 40 percent compared to the same period in 2013, the company announced on Thursday. Alibaba's mobile revenue was up a staggering 448 percent year-over-year to $1 billion. Despite these big jumps in revenue, Alibaba watched its profit fall by 28 percent to $964 million. Alibaba is a major e-commerce force both in China and around the world. The company operates a wide range of e-commerce sites, including Taobao and Tmall. Alibaba also has a digital-payment arm, called Alipay, that allows users to place transactions online.

Alibaba, which finds itself in an increasingly competitive e-marketplace, is making strides to expand its presence in the US, Earlier this month, the company announced that it's working with US retailers to provide them access to Chinese customers, Rather than set up an e-commerce site in the US similar to that of Amazon, Alibaba, in partnership with its subsidiary Alipay, is providing an apparatus through retailer sites that facilitates transactions with Chinese consumers, The program, called Alipay ePass, is integrated into existing US online marketplaces, Chinese customers pick the products they want iphone case jb hi fi to buy and purchase through their Alipay accounts, The currency is exchanged for dollars and deposited into the US company's account, All logistics are handled by Alibaba, removing costly issues like customs clearance and international shipping costs previously incurred by US companies..