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That's according to the latest rumours surrounding the follow-up to last year's HTC One M8. The new flagship is likely to be a big deal for the troubled Taiwanese company, but with Samsung's dominance over the Android smartphone market slipping, there's everything to play for. According to Bloomberg, the HTC One M9 will boast a 20-megapixel camera. That marks a departure from the so-called ultrapixel camera on the M8. HTC made up the name ultrapixel to describe a camera with a lower 4-megapixel resolution than you might expect from a flagship phone, on the basis that fewer, larger individual pixels are less prone to image noise.

Whether that means HTC is abandoning the ultrapixel concept iphone case kate spade remains to be seen, Reports suggest that the new phone will look similar to the current M8 model, draped in gold, gray or silver, Inside it's set to be powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, with the next generation of HTC's Sense interface decorating the action onscreen, The long-rumoured smartwatch will also see HTC get into the wearable technology game, after the interesting Re camera marked a new tangent away from smartphones..

Nothing has been officially confirmed as yet. An HTC spokesperson told us the company doesn't comment on rumour or speculation, but it's likely we'll find out on 1 March when HTC holds its press conference at Mobile World Congress 2015. MWC is the annual trade show for phones, tablets, wearables and other mobile technology. It takes place in Barcelona from 2 to 5 March, with the big press conferences and announcements in the days before. As always, CNET will be there in force, bringing you our first impressions, hands-on photos and shiny videos of the coolest and most important new kit you need to know about.

The Golden State Warriors team, like many sports franchises, has pushed to make its arena more high tech, Features of its app encourage fans to stay involved in the game, The Warriors' technologists plan to mic up the court and transmit the sounds -- like bouncing balls and squeaking shoes -- to fans sitting too far away to normally hear the action, One technology used throughout the Oracle Arena is Apple's iBeacons, The hardware sends notifications to users via Bluetooth, giving them the opportunity to do things like get free popcorn with the purchase of pizza, iphone case kate spade The concession stand notifications haven't been very successful yet, the Warriors' technologists say..

One iBeacon ping fans receive is an offer to upgrade to better seats by selecting the deal in the app and paying the price difference. The Warriors don't have many empty seats per game, though. The venue has sold out more than 100 games in a row, and there's usually only about five to 10 tickets -- which were held for owners and other people -- that are available for upgrade purchases. The Warriors' team store includes a beacon (it's the small black box located near the Adidas sign) to send fans deals, such as a free item after spending a certain amount. Fans with the beacon promotion spend 93 percent more than those without the offer.

We've seen iDevices dropped from planes and stuck in molten lava, but the below video of an iPhone 6 descending from the edge of space seems to be about as far as gravity's effects can be pushed, short of tossing an iPad into a black hole, As usual, the effort is part of a campaign to sell us something, This time it's Urban Armor Gear's composite iPhone case, which protected the silver iPhone 6 in question as it rose from the English countryside with the help of a balloon and a flight iphone case kate spade rig with two GoPro cameras, GPS and a backup phone, The phone ascended over 100,000 feet to the stratosphere before the balloon ruptured and the device began to fall..

A parachute did deploy to prevent the phone from becoming a potentially lethal projectile, but it still had to withstand temperatures of -79 degrees Fahrenheit that killed the charge in its battery, 70 mile per hour winds and 150rpm spins. The landing was a bit rough and broke up the flight rig, even with the parachute, but the phone survived and was still fully functional after being recharged. You can watch the full video below. Now, if anyone has a wormhole we can borrow, perhaps it's time to start planning that black hole test..

When you are using the app to get directions, you can now select your starting point and destination by tapping on the map instead of needing to know the exact address, When choosing either a starting point or a destination, there is a Choose on map option that opens the map with a red pin at its center, Move the map until the pin rests on or near where you'd like to start or end your directions, This new feature is helpful when you know where you want to go on the map iphone case kate spade but don't know the exact address..