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Most of the phone designs are pretty generic, each model deviating very slightly from the next. Internally, they're much the same, with similarly minor hardware differences. Smartphones aren't the only thing that are on display -- there's still a market for feature phones, apparently. These two iPhone lookalikes were very similar to another "new" phone that was on display. I wasn't allowed to shoot that one, but given the similarities, I did wonder what was the point of hiding it. As you walk around the booths of these Shenzhen-based companies, you'll start having a feeling of déjà vu, like you're in the Matrix.

One of the interesting phones that seemed to be getting a lot of attention from buyers from India and Eastern Europe was this Card Phone, It's a tiny 2G phone with its own SIM, and can be paired to your smartphone to make calls as well, According to the vendor, the phone will sell for just $10 (arond £6.50 or AU$13), I was quite enamoured with the Card Phone -- it's similar to the HTC Mini+, but a lot cheaper and slightly more functional, Rugged handsets were also on display, Nomu (which means to drink in Japanese) showed iphone case kickstarter off its device in a water tank -- which helped it get some attention..

BARCELONA -- At MWC this year, Kyocera showed off some of its early prototype and concept devices, some of which help users survive emergency and extreme situations, while others have innovative power sources. One such idea was a phone with a 0.6mm-thick solar film embedded in the back of the handset's display, so you can charge your device when the sun is shining. The solar capability is meant as a supplemental charging method, instead of a primary one. Due to its current inefficiencies, however -- the model requires 2 hours of charging to give you an extra 5 minutes of talk time -- Kyocera won't be ready to release a working solar-charging handset until it can boost its performance.

To create the shoe, Taiwanese chipmaker iphone case kickstarter MediaTek has provided the kit to 361, a major Chinese shoe manufacturer, The smart shoe will go on sale in China in the next month; a MediaTek spokesman said the price will be around 500 yuan, It won't be on sale in the rest of the world, but to give you an idea that's roughly £50, $80 or AU$100, Inside the shoe is a MediaTek Aster processor with 4MB of RAM and a GPS chip, recording the shoe's whereabouts and beaming the information to an app in your phone, Your can then see on your phone where your child is, Possible features that could be added to the app include geoboundaries, which send an alarm when the wearer moves out of a preset area..

This first version of the smart shoe is aimed at very small children, with fun, vibrant colours on a chunky sneaker design. The shoes are charged without needing to be plugged in -- kids just pull them off and plonk them on a fun colourful wireless charging pad. The chip inside isn't a huge power drain, so the 520mAh battery will last a couple of days. Potentially, the smart technology could be employed in other shoes, perhaps designed for seniors or other at-risk people for whom it would be useful if family or caregivers could monitor their movements.

The most obvious concern is security, Any time one device sends information to another, that data is potentially vulnerable to being intercepted, Parents face a uniquely modern dilemma: would you rather face the risks of not knowing where your kids are, or the risk that others may be able to access that data too?, Some readers may also have concerns about the privacy of the individual; perhaps not an issue with small children, who need to be iphone case kickstarter monitored at all times, but more of a concern with older children or seniors who deserve a degree of autonomy..

I checked out the 361 smart shoes at Mobile World Congress, the annual trade show where the mobile industry gathers to show off its wares. With a smart hat and smart socks also unveiled, it won't be long before you can put together a whole smart outfit. The Apple Watch Series 3 offers built-in cellular for data and even phone calls. It works.. After a month with the Fitbit Versa, we're looking past its limitations and finding there's.. Weeks-long battery, always-on screen, and yeah, $80. This slim "smart" activity tracker features GPS, a heart-rate monitor, color touch-screen..

It’s got everything you’d expect from a smartwatch, including cellular connectivity --., The 361 smart shoe contains MediaTek tech, a GPS tracker and wireless charging so you can see where your anklebiters iphone case kickstarter are, BARCELONA -- Unlike fitness trackers and other wearables, it's pretty hard to forget your shoes when you go out, Which makes shoes a pretty clever place to put a GPS tracker if you want to monitor the whereabouts of your loved ones -- so let's step into the 361 smart shoe for kids, powered by MediaTek technology..