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The LM-20, LM-30, mount and a kickstand to prop your phone up when you're not using a lens come in the $90 Creative Mobile Kit. It's more expensive than the LM-10, but the better mount and bigger lenses are worth it. Having a good grip on your phone can make it easier to steady your shots. The Focal case for the iPhone 5/5S by Incipio gives you that and more. The two-piece case slides over your iPhone and locks together. On front is a vegan leather hand grip with a shutter release, power/function button, and digital zoom rocker on top. A removable wrist strap is included for extra security.

Incipio Focal camera case for iPhone 5/5S available at Amazon, The Focal case connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth LE and requires you to use Incipio's free inCamera app, Once downloaded, installed, and opened, the app triggers the phone to connect to the case, Press the power button on top and you're done, The app is pretty basic, though you can pick different flash modes (auto, on, off, and always on); shutter settings (single, burst, iphone case kohls and 3- and 10-second timers); turning on a rule-of-thirds grid and/or a level; and switching between photo and video capture, Also, once the case is connected, the power button turns into a programmable function button for quick access to flash, shutter, viewfinder, or camera mode options..

You can also set the case to stay connected to your iPhone for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or one hour. Once you've got the shot you want, you can open it up and edit it using the inCamera app's included editor powered by Aviary. The Focal case doesn't have the shooting modes that the Snappgrip has, a built-in tripod mount, or a set of lenses to attach, but it is more compact, connects faster, and doesn't require charging: it's powered by a replaceable coin-type battery that's good for up to 300 hours of use.

The black version iphone case kohls can be found for around $50 (£50), though other colors are closer to the $70 MSRP, So, yeah, it's not cheap, but for those nonstop iPhone shutterbugs out there, the Incipio Focal Camera Case could be priceless for taking better pictures, You use your smartphone camera because it's always with you, With the Selfy case, you'll always have a remote shutter release with you, too, The dual-layer, shock-absorbent case for the iPhone 5/5S and 6/6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S5, has a slide-out Bluetooth remote shutter release so you get your arm out of the shot, The case is just thick enough to stand on its side as well, so you don't have to hold your phone, either..

The $40 price is a bit steep, but the storage slot also works with several mounts, so you can attach your phone to your car or bike or tripod. If you don't want to change out your case to take better selfies, check out the HISY. The $25 lightweight little puck (it's pronounced "hi-see," by the way) connects to your iOS 7 or higher device via Bluetooth. It takes just a couple seconds to set up and after that you just launch the native camera app and press the button on top. It works for both photos and video.

Of course, you don't need to only use it for selfies, Anytime you think your hand shake might get between you and a blur-free photo, you can set your phone down and use it to trigger your shot, I found it particularly helpful when shooting macro shots, The HISY is powered by a replaceable battery, which lasts up to 2 years based on taking 100 shots per iphone case kohls day, and comes with a small tether that plugs into your device's headphone jack, For Android users (as well as iOS), the company's $25 Halo combined with its Shutter Panorama app not only lets you wirelessly trigger your smartphone's camera, but can be connected to multiple smartphones to fire them simultaneously..

The Snappgrip is probably closest you'll get to actually turning an iPhone 5/5S into a point-and-shoot camera. Available through bitemyapple.co and direct from Snappgrip for $70 (£50), you get a case and a hand grip with a shutter release, shooting mode dial, and digital zoom control, and there's a metal tripod mount on the bottom with a power switch. A built-in rechargeable battery has a standby life of 60 days and is charged via Micro-USB. The grip slides onto the case and locks in place. Using Snappgrip's app or supported third-party apps, you pair the grip to your iPhone and you're ready to shoot. A half press on the shutter release triggers the autofocus like a regular camera would and you can use the dial to change modes for what you're shooting.

There's a threaded mount around the lens cutout so you can even attach lenses, Plus, since the shutter release uses Bluetooth, you can slide the grip off the case and use it as a remote shutter release, Though it doesn't have anything directly to do with your smartphone's camera, the Instax Share instant photo printer is designed exclusively for printing pictures from your mobile devices, The ultracompact printer connects wirelessly to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and prints out 2x3-inch instant photos using the same film for Fujifilm's iphone case kohls line of Instax Mini cameras..