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While it's too early to say whether Samsung's Silicon Valley push will be a success, the company knows it can't step back. At the very least, the Android operating system running on most of its devices is developed in the region, as are the apps most used by its smartphone customers. "Their fate depends on what's going on in Silicon Valley," said an executive at an influential Valley tech company who asked not to be named. "They have to stay really close to that."The Korean electronics giant has been making a big push in California over the past couple years. CNET lays out its successes -- and what it still needs to do.

The Kizon is a simple, colourful strap that you attach to your child's wrist, Inside the gadget there's a 2G SIM-card that can handle GPS, while an app on iphone case neck strap the parents' phone lets you request its location, showing you where the tracking gadget is on a map, The Kizon itself has only one button -- a big phone button that places a call to the parent's mobile, Once connected, your child can hear your voice through the Kizon's on-board speakers, and respond by talking to the watch, Dick Tracey-style, The battery lasts 36 hours, with a notification sent to the parent's phone when power reserves dip below 20 percent, A feature called Location Reminder also lets you pre-program the Kizon to give you location alerts at specific times of the day -- handy if you want to check your kid made it home safely from school, for instance..

Revealed earlier this year, Kizon has thus far only been available on LG's home turf of South Korea. The tech giant has said that Kizon is going on sale in Poland this week, with other European countries to follow. US, UK and Australian availability and pricing has yet to be announced. If your kids aren't old enough to use a proper phone but you still want a way of keeping in touch with them when they're out and about, Kizon could be a sensible solution -- but as the BBC and The Guardian have noted, the gadget has sparked debate over the extent to which parents should be using new technology to monitor their children.

When LG first iphone case neck strap unveiled Kizon in July, one CNET commenter dubbed it "helicopter parenting taken to the next level", LG's GPS-equipped wearable straps to your child, letting you keep track of their location, They, in turn, can call you with a single button press, LG's child-tracking wearable is expanding beyond its South Korean birthplace, now giving European parents the chance to remotely track their childrens' movements, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Apple quietly introduced a new tool in the last couple of days that solves one of the biggest headaches former iPhone owners have: lost messages. The problem begins when iPhone users sign up for iMessage in the first place. The service, which Apple introduced in 2011, helps iPhone users communicate with one another over data networks and Wi-Fi, instead of using text messages on cellular networks. To do this, Apple keeps track of a user's phone number so that when another iPhone user tries to send a message, it can shift to iMessage instead.

What happens if users no longer own an iPhone? Until now, they had to turn off iMessage on their old phone before turning on a shiny new Android or Windows Phone device (or BlackBerry, if that's your thing), Some users, however, have said turning off iMessage doesn't always solve the problem, Unhappy users former iPhone owners have sued the tech titan over the issue, complaining they fell into iphone case neck strap a void where iMessage texts do not travel, Worse, the sender usually thinks the message was delivered even though it never was..

Apple's new tool includes step-by-step instructions for de-registering iPhones still in the possession of their former users. And for those who longer have their iPhone, the page includes an option for typing in their phone number and receiving a confirmation code that can be entered to confirm their choice. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the new tool. CNET's Nick Statt contributed to this report. New option helps former iPhone users remove their phone numbers from Apple's messaging system to fix a vanishing text message issue.

Born 100 years ago today in Vienna, the actress made a lesser-known contribution to wireless communication when she tried to defuse a potential military threat during World War II, To prevent remote-controlled torpedoes from being hijacked, she helped develop an early version of spread spectrum communication, which is part of the basis for wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Her successes remind us that women were central to the invention of many technologies iphone case neck strap we appreciate today, Over the past year, many tech giants have released demographic figures showing just how few women, and minorities, are among their collective workforce, Changing those trends has become a central issue, particularly among educators and industry critics..