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Let's just call this what it is -- a wearable that sniffs your farts. (This actually could be a loss for the human nose, depending on what research you believe.). Please note that it's a full month after April Fools' Day, and this appears to actually be a real concept. Whether it will ever become a real product looks doubtful at the moment, though, as it's only garnered about 2 percent of its fundraising goal on Kickstarter with just 20 days to go. While it may seem a bit disgusting, or an indication that wearables have jumped the shark or that we've hit peak quantified self, there is a noble social good at the root of a device that's more likely to end up the "butt" of many a joke.

CH4, as it's called (that's also the chemical formula for methane -- get it?), aims to reduce the scourge of unnecessary flatulence in your life, and in society at large, by tracking your farts via a sensor worn just above your posterior or in your back pocket, as well as following the foods you eat via a companion app, The app then analyzes the food and fart data and suggests changes to your diet to reduce your overall gas passage, (If the creator wants it to work on Apple Watch, he'll probably want to stress to Apple that this is a health app since the company just iphone case nordstrom passed on gas gags for the smartwatch.)..

CH4 is actually less invasive than other proposed means, like this pill, for measuring gas, which certainly does seem to be a legitimate way of tracking gut health, or just fine-tuning it ( apps and online tools already let you analyze your poop). The device is the brainchild of Rodrigo Narciso, a recent New York University graduate in interactive telecommunications who has also explored a variety of other non-flatulence-related wearable projects. To start tracking your own gases, you'll need to pitch in at least $120 (about £79, AU$153) to his crowdfunding campaign, with delivery expected next March.

All jokes aside, this seems like the kind of product that might have some sort of life as a specialty medical product for people who have serious enough digestion issues that it might justify adding another device to their lives, For the rest of us though, it's really hard to put the jokes aside, I mean, just try to look at these sketches without giggling, What do you think, would you help this campaign break $100,000? Or are you content to continue to break wind iphone case nordstrom as per usual?, With the CH4 wearable, now on Kickstarter, the quantified-self movement may have just jumped the shark, Or perhaps flatulence truly is a data gold mine..

While terms of the deal weren't disclosed, the The Wall Street Journal reports Microsoft paid about $30 million for the technology. Microsoft owns around a 6 percent stake in N-trig; the two have been partners since 2008. Microsoft's Surface tablet has become an important consumer business that now accounts for more than a $1 billion in quarterly sales. The company has not disclosed lifetime sales of any of its six Surface units to date, but revenue in the Surface division has been steadily on the rise since the introduction of last year's Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft iphone case nordstrom markets that device and its cheaper sibling, the recently released Surface 3, as true two-and-one devices capable of creative work, like drawing with a stylus, as well as tasks suited to a PC, Microsoft also makes an 84-inch digital whiteboard for businesses, the Surface Hub, that, while not using N-trig technology, using a proprietary Microsoft stylus, Founded in 1999, N-trig makes both digital pens and chips for touchscreens, It employs about 150 people, has more than 100 patents and has worked with other hardware makers including Lenovo and Sony..

In February, Israeli financial websites Calcalist and Globes said N-trig was in talks with Microsoft to be acquired for as much as $200 million, and Microsoft appears not to have followed through with a full-on acquisition. The Israeli company was valued at $75 million in February 2014 and the company's revenue totaled $20.6 million in the first half of that year, when it sold 1.3 million digital pens, though it posted a loss of $5.1 million, according to Reuters. Correction at 11:45 a.m. PT, Saturday, May 2: A previous version of this story said Microsoft's Surface Hub uses a N-trig-made stylus. That is incorrect; Microsoft makes it own stylus for the Surface Hub.

"Permanent or temporary changes to your skin, such as some tattoos, can also impact heart rate sensor performance," Apple wrote, "The ink, pattern, and saturation of some tattoos can block light from the sensor, making it difficult to get reliable readings."This is the first time the company has iphone case nordstrom acknowledged the Apple Watch's issue with tattoos, Over the last week -- the first seven days that the device has been available to consumers -- users who have tattoo "sleeves" have reported that the heart rate monitoring feature would stop working entirely, Until the update, which was spotted today, Apple hadn't said anything about the issue..