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He takes samples from devices sent by handset makers, pieces used in Corning's lab tests or busted phones brought by co-workers ("If we've got a phone in the family that's broken, we give it to Kevin," Amin said). Reiman then uses each break to learn more about the glass so he can try to make the next Gorilla Glass a little better. "It's like detective work, looking for clues, looking for evidence, piecing it together and putting the story together," Reiman said. "It's a lot like CSI, in a way, because you're letting the glass tell the story of how did it break."The reliability and testing team's work is part of Corning's broader research and development engine. The company spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year and employs about 1,700 scientists at its headquarters to better understand glass and other materials. It's all that R&D that has helped Gorilla Glass maintain its lead in the market, said Oppenheimer's Uerkwitz, who added that Corning's rivals spend far less in R&D each year to catch up to Corning's latest innovation.

Although Corning's executives say they see a strong future for its glass in mobile devices, some industry analysts predict that iphone case on amazon down the road more smartphone makers will use sapphire as display covers, A handful of niche phones already do, including the heavy-duty Kyocera Brigadier and Vertu Signature Touch, which starts at $10,800, Apple also uses the material in newer iPhone models to cover the device's home button and back-camera lens, "I think sapphire will be adopted in high volume sooner or later," said Pierre Maccagno, an analyst at Dougherty & Co, who holds a Ph.D, in material science, The reason, says Maccagno: sapphire is a "superior" material to Gorilla..

Corning's Amin agreed that sapphire had some impressive qualities but disputed that it would ever become mainstream. He said it was too brittle to be used in most smartphones, even as a laminate atop Gorilla. Sitting in the Corning headquarters dining hall, which features large windows overlooking the Chemung River, Jeffrey Evenson, the company's operations chief of staff, discussed the future of Gorilla Glass. He told me a main focus will be making it even stronger, so it can survive the daily scrapes, drops and bumps a smartphone gets in the real world.

On top of that, Corning is looking into glass that reflects less light, repels water (to avoid phone shortages in the sink) and fends off oil (to prevent fingerprints on the screen), Corning can make Gorilla Glass thinner than a dollar bill, so it appears the company is looking to add new features to the next generations, since Gorilla can't get much thinner, Evenson conceded that it will be a challenge to balance all those capabilities into one piece of glass, but added, "We think we can definitely offer iphone case on amazon improvements on multiple dimensions at once."In a hint at what could be coming next, earlier in the day Amin showed off a sleek glass display with curved edges all around, offering a potential wrap-around look for a smartphone, Although the display is curved, Amin said the company was able to make it just as transparent and durable as flat Gorilla sheets, "I think it has exciting potential," Evenson said, "We're looking forward to working with customers on it."But before the new design can hit the market, it will first have to make it through Corning's torture lab..

At Corning's Gorilla Glass testing labs, the glassmaker that fronts Apple's iPhone tried to show that rival sapphire crystal isn't all it's cracked up to be. PAINTED POST, N.Y. -- Using extra-fine sandpaper (320 grit, to be exact), Corning scientist Kevin Reiman lightly rubbed the surface of a small, thin square of transparent sapphire crystal. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Announcing its financial results for the three months between July and September, LG identified the G series and L series as big hits, The number of phones shifted by LG rose by over a third in this period, hitting 16.8 million devices, while the company's operating profit hit $450 million -- more than double the figure from the same time last year, Although LG hasn't unpacked the numbers for individual phones, it seems LG's latest flagship the G3, which went on sale this summer, is a catalyst for these record sales, We summed up our review of the G3 as "finally giving LG the right phone with which to challenge Korean rival Samsung", and it looks like we were spot on, We're less impressed with the watered-down G2 Mini and new iphone case on amazon LG G3 S , but their bargain price tags will probably keep sales ticking along..

With Samsung expected to announce lacklustre results this week, it looks like LG is making a comeback in the crowded market of Android manufacturers. LG's total revenue for the third quarter was $14.5 billion. Outside the mobile device division, sales of LG's LCD TV sales were up. Discussing the results, LG said 4K TVs would drive sales in future, and also suggested it would start producing quantum dot TVs next year. Meanwhile profits were slower in the appliances part of the business, and the air conditioning unit actually made a loss thanks to the weather in Korea.

There is some nifty design work that has gone into making the two iphone case on amazon sides of the case get along, The case is made from titanium with a battery-powered heating element that warms up the back, So you don't toast your iPhone, it's built with a layer of Aerogel ceramic fiber to insulate the phone itself from any heat, Polycarbonate corners help protect against bumps and drops, The Embercase connects to your phone via Bluetooth, which allows you to control the temperature using an app, The case has already been through several rounds of prototyping, Exumme is hoping to raise $50,000 to go into production and is up to over $9,000 with 25 days left to go on the project..