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Choosing your storage capacity is the only real way to affect the internals of conventional phones, apart from selecting the actual make and model itself. This is exactly Ara's appeal, and its main argument over going the usual route. For its Puerto Rico pilot, Google partner Yezz plans to sell a basic model Project Ara phone, which customers can then augment through those aftermarket modules. While basic at first, those extras could balloon into those much more specialized features. It's easy to then envision how, like Moto Maker, buyers could build their phones online, starting with the color and size of the endoskeleton and then piecing together modules from third-party vendors, each with various backplate designs.

In terms of smartphones, it's hard to get more bespoke than that, For all the creativity that Project Ara phones could bring, they aren't without their logistical entanglements, A fully-functioning phone will use up almost all of the endoskeleton's modules, leaving maybe one or two ports free, So the reality of owning a bunch of swap-in modules is less practical, iphone case on sale Where are they going to go when you aren't using them?, I imagine a handful of extras gently clinking around in a small carrying case, or maybe neatly arranged in a zippered organizer, Perhaps your deluxe camera dangles off a keychain, Or maybe most of them live at home, where you keep them as collector's items the same way that Mobile World Congress-goers went crazy for these adorable Android pins..

Then there's the question of how well they actually work. We've seen demos and plenty of mock-ups, but until we start hot-swapping hardware features, there's no way to know. Project Ara is an enticingly wacky idea that promises the most creative expression a person can have with the device that, for many, never leaves their side. It may not catch on, especially at such an early stage in its development. Even if Ara never gets past its pilot program, though, I still like what it represents: a wild, but still attainable, concept that we can have some fun with; or, at the very least, a mental exercise in building our individual dream phones.

Although as a mobile society, Ara isn't our first collective pass at a modular phone, it is the only one to make real headway, floating on Google's resources as a lab experiment, Most famously, Dutch designer Dave Hakkens launched his own concept, Phonebloks, in 2013, Google cites another Ara forebear, however, a teeny tiny phone called the Modu 1 that you dressed up in hardware "jackets" and a new interface to suit your taste, We iphone case on sale first saw that one as a preview device all the way back in 2008 and again as a commercial product in 2010..

It may not sound too hopeful that modular phones haven't caught on in any meaningful way in the seven years since Modu first emerged, but from my perspective, that's OK. We need those reach-for-the-stars ideas in all areas of technology development, to inspire us past the sameness of so many devices. Besides, these ideas tend to transmute, growing beyond their initial hardware limitations and morphing into something stronger when engineers iron out the technical kinks. Ara is a fun idea that won't overtake the mainstream soon, but the important thing in dreaming up all manner of modular clip-ons is that it sets brains thinking about what's possible for phones, and what's next.

Smartphones Unlocked is a column that dives deep into the inner workings of your trusty smartphone, With Google's mix-and-match Project Ara handsets, the time is ripe for wacky add-ons to truly customize your phone, Imagine your phone as the ultimate Swiss Army knife, the perfect all-in-one toolkit, What would you want on yours: A mini screwdriver, a fingerprint scanner, a bottle opener? With Project Ara phones, the attachment possibilities are boundless, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at iphone case on sale any time at our discretion..

"Our users are passionate about fitness and have consistently requested a way to track their outdoor cycling activity. We are delivering this feature on Fitbit Surge for active consumers looking to track and better understand performance during rides, in addition to their other workouts," said Tim Roberts, Vice President of Interactive at Fitbit, in the company's press release. "Our goal is to provide users with the tools it takes to track their exercise and reward them for doing the activities they love to do most -- like biking and running."The Fitbit Surge can steps, distance, calories burned, sleep and continuous heart rate. The watch is also capable tracking runs, hikes, yoga and weight lifting, among other activities, in addition to being able to display text messages and call notifications from your smartphone. In our review of the Surge, we complained that battery life was far less than the 7 days of usage Fitbit originally promised. The company has said that it is "working to deliver even longer GPS battery life" and an update will be coming soon.

Fitbit also announced that users will now be able to pair up to six Fitbit trackers (specifically one of each model) to a single Fitbit account, This is ideal for users that own multiple Fitbit devices, The Fitbit iphone case on sale Surge may be a little too bulky for a lot of occasions, You will now be able to swap out the fitness watch for one of the company's more discrete trackers (such as the Fitbit Zip) without losing your daily activity stats, The cycling update is slated to hit Fitbit Surge devices in North America by next month, The company plans to roll out the cycling update globally in the future, Multiple device support will arrive this week to all Fitbit users..