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When the Covent Garden store opened its doors, employees began cheering at the door like any major Apple product launch. But only five people walked in initially, with more trickling in. Before the store opened, the people were asked to sign up for a fitting. An employee later said the store had plenty of appointments all day. At the famed Selfridges store in London's main shopping district, the crowd around the store was a bit busier, but there were as many employees as customers. It was unclear whether the spectators were just gawkers or intended to buy a Watch.

At Apple's Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan, a small line of a few dozen customers stood in the gray, drizzly weather before the store's iconic glass cube entryway to test out the Apple Watch, The number of people outside was just a fraction of the massive crowds that wait outside this store for days before a new iPhone launches, It was a quiet scene, too, early on at the Apple Store on University Ave, in Palo Alto, Calif., hard by the company's home turf of Cupertino, though as the morning wore on an increasing number of people were iphone case personalized milling about, curious to see the devices, Meanwhile, all the fitting times for the Apple Watch Edition were filled up there and at the Apple store in downtown San Francisco..

Apple CEO Tim Cook put in an appearance at the Palo Alto store at about 11 a.m. PT, appearing cheerful and relaxed in blue jeans and a black T-shirt, and taking time to pose for photos with customers visiting the store but didn't linger for long. Cook appeared to be wearing the stainless steel Apple Watch with a white sports band. John Koncoli, one of the first people at the Palo Alto store, wanted to check out the device but didn't have plans to buy one (or upgrade his years-old iPhone 4). "I love Apple," said Koncoli, who works with people with developmental disabilities. "But I don't know too much about" the Apple Watch, he said.

Jeff Kell, a Mountain View, Calif.- based iphone case personalized entrepreneur who operates a business to help elderly people digitize their lives, planned to buy Apple Watch but wanted to try on the various bands and models before ordering, He signed up online for a fitting to help make up his mind, "The whole process is interesting," Kell said, "I normally would have waited in line, but this all feels very civilized."He added that the long wait times to receive the Apple Watch so soon after preorders began was disappointing, "I feel like I've been waiting already for three months," he said..

There also was some confusion about whether the device was actually available to take home Friday. Julie Mickelson stopped by the store to purchase Apple Watch but didn't want to take the time out of her workday for a fitting. "I just wanted to buy it," Mickelson said. "I'm just going to order it online."But she quickly ran into problems ordering online -- namely, how to figure out which size band to order. The measurements are included in millimeters, but the sizing isn't consistent. A large modern buckle band, for instance, is about the same size as a small to medium-size sports band. "In the US, we still use inches," Mickelson told CNET in a follow-up email. "So I have no tools to measure my wrist."In New York, blue-shirted workers cheered on the first wave of customers as they entered.

Kevin Lupercio, a 16-year-old student from Queens, N.Y., said he quickly preordered a $600 steel Apple Watch with a black sports band after trying it on Friday, explaining that he's most excited to use its fitness applications, "It felt really perfect to me," he said, "I knew I had to get it."Lupercio said he works weekends at his parents' food truck, so he'd be able to make enough money that way to buy the smartwatch, "Once I tried it on, iphone case personalized it felt wonderful, so it was definitely worth it," he added..

After a burst of activity right as the store opened, many of the first round of customers departed about an hour later, leaving mostly media roaming the lines of long tables holding Apple Watches. Outside the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Apple built a queuing area out of movable barriers, but only four people were lined up. Apple clearly braced itself for heavy interest, with dozens of blue-shirted staff in the Apple Store on hand and abundant security personnel. Paris customer Luong, who's working on an app for doctors that lets their patients report pain levels using their phones, was one of the people in that line. She wants to see if she can extend her app to the Apple Watch.

"I'd like to buy one," she said, "For me, it's the future of the watch."Wozniak, who is often a first-day buyer of Apple products, was cooler on the Apple Watch, "I'm not as excited as about most Apple products," he said, "This one just isn't for me maybe."Connie Guglielmo, Shara Tibken and Nick Statt contributed iphone case personalized to this story, Updated throughout the day: To include details about the launches in New York, London and Palo Alto, as well as comments from Steve Wozniak, Trying to show it's more than a utilitarian electronic object, the Apple Watch arrives in high-end stores surrounded by luxury brands, But you can't walk out with one until April 24..