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According to a report on Android Police, the new mode is called on-body detection, It keeps your device unlocked while it's on you, such as if you're holding it in your hand or carrying it in your pocket, Whenever you set your device down, it locks, The feature means data won't be as readily accessible to thieves who target a device that's been left behind, dropped or set aside temporarily, Google has added smart-locking features to its Android mobile operating system before, With Android version 5.0 iphone case quad lock Lollipop , mobile gadgets could detect when a trusted Bluetooth device or a near-field-communication tag was in range and disable the security lock for you..

Google didn't immediately respond to a message to confirm the new feature. On-body detection doesn't mean your phone understands when it's being cradled by its owner. The device will remain locked when you pick it back up. And if you pass an unlocked phone over to another person it remains unlocked. Android Police said the feature was first noticed on a Nexus 4 still running Android 5.0.1. Though the feature appears to be rolling out slowly at first, it seems to be cropping up on many devices, including most Nexuses.

Google's mobile iphone case quad lock operating system adds a function that brings up your device's lock screen when the accelerometer senses you've set the gadget down, according to a report, Google is rolling out a new automatic "smart lock" function that uses your mobile device's accelerometer to determine when you set the gadget down, to possibly protect your data better if your device is stolen, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

That's not to say Chou -- who on Friday stepped down as HTC's chief executive to take over the company's development of future products -- has any desire to turn his flagship smartphone line into a selection of rugged, all-terrain devices. Rather, he wants to establish a distinct look that makes an HTC One phone immediately recognizable, just as the Range Rover's iconic traits have done for the vehicle throughout the years. "Sometimes, like in the car industry, you need to keep some of your signature DNA," Chou said during a 30-minute interview at the Mobile World Congress trade show earlier this month. "Smartphones sometimes are moving too fast, and not really creating a timeless piece of design."Coming up with an enduring design is exactly what HTC set out to do with the One M9 , the latest version of its premium smartphone, which bears more than a striking resemblance to its predecessor, the One M8. The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer is betting that consumers still like the metal-clad body enough -- along with some under-the-hood improvements -- to give the One family a second look. The One M9 hits the market later this month.

"The response has been overwhelming, people like iphone case quad lock our design," Chou said, But critics and hardcore HTC fans may be disappointed by the lack of significant change in aesthetics from a company known for its design chops, "A very similar overall design means the One M9 is much more of an evolution of an existing breed, rather than a new species altogether," said CNET editor Andrew Hoyle , The One M9 still features an all-aluminum body, which has been slightly tweaked for a better grip, The smartphone has the familiar face with the large "forehead" and "chin" above and below the display, allowing for the front-facing "Boomsound" speakers, In addition to the gunmetal color, HTC offers new colors including a silver-and-gold version that Chou said was modeled after similarly two-toned luxury watches..

Similar to the design of many cars and watches, creating a consistent look is what will help the HTC brand stand out over time, Chou said. Think Movado's minimalist watch face, or the classic Porsche sports car design. He complimented rival Apple for keeping the overall look of the iPhone similar over time. Apple takes the unusual route of making more-significant design changes every other year, in the meantime opting to polish an existing device with better specifications and new features under the "S" name. The iPhone 5, for example, was followed by the iPhone 5S and then the iPhone 6.

HTC, however, isn't Apple, "I am not sure I buy the iphone case quad lock 'signature mark,'" said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Kantar WorldPanel, HTC may have played its hand already with the introduction of a unibody metal smartphone three years ago, she added, HTC's choice to make modest improvements to the body of the M9 also comes as Samsung Electronics made drastic improvements to the design of the Galaxy S6, and its more unique sibling, the curvy Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung ditched the plastic material in favor of a metal frame and glass on the front and back, creating an eye-catching new smartphone..