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The reorganization, which was announced Monday in an email sent to employees by CEO Brian Krzanich, will be implemented early next year, Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy said. "The market continues to evolve rapidly, and we must change even faster to stay ahead," Krzanich said in the email, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal. Kirk Skaugen, a senior vice president who now oversees Intel's PC Client Group, will lead the newly formed Client Computing Group, Mulloy said. The new division will also include sales of processors and modem chip used in mobile devices, which were previously part of the Mobile and Communications Group.

The mobile group was created in a 2011 reorganization that combined four existing divisions: mobile communications, Netbook and tablet, mobile wireless, and ultra mobility, Mobile group chief Hermann Eul, who joined Intel as part of the chip giant's acquisition of Infineon in 2011, will supervise the transition, which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of iphone case se 2015, Mulloy said, Intended to improve internal communications and efficiency, the structural changes come as the lines separating consumer devices blur, Mulloy said..

"We are seeing a blending of the lines between various devices," Mulloy said in an interview. "The idea is to accelerate our efforts for tablets and create greater efficiency."Intel dominates PCs and server systems but has struggled when it comes to mobile devices. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company has spent billions of dollars trying to expand its chip sales for mobile devices amid fierce competition from rivals including Qualcomm. So far, Intel has managed to get its mobile processors or modems into just a handful of notable products, including the Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone in Europe and Asia, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet in the US.

Last month, the company reported a better than expected third-quarter profit as PC and server-system iphone case se sales made up for dismal results in its mobile unit, The division recorded an operating loss of $1 billion during the quarter, compared with a loss of $810 million a year earlier, Revenue shrank to just $1 million, from $353 million a year earlier, as it appears subsidies Intel pays to manufacturers to win new mobile business drained nearly all the mobile unit's revenue for the quarter, The company has been working to get into tablet computers by offering subsidies to manufacturers, hurting its profit in the process, but Intel has kept pace with its goal of putting its mobile chips in 40 million tablets by year's end..

To set this feature up you must first sync your phone or tablet with a Bluetooth device; this can be a smartwatch, a speaker or even a car. A Smart Lock notification will appear on your phone or tablet once the two devices have been paired. Tap where it says "Add as a trusted device," click on the Plus icon, select whether it is a Bluetooth or NFC device and choose the device you would like to use. This menu can also be accessed by also going to Settings, selecting Security, followed by Smart Lock and Trusted Devices. The Smart Lock option will only be available if a security lock, such as a pattern or a passcode, is enabled on your device.

Your passcode or pattern will no longer be required the next time you turn off your display, as long as the trusted device is in range of your smartphone or tablet, For more Lollipop tips, please see CNET How To's guide to Android 5.0 Lollipop, You can use a Bluetooth or NFC device to unlock your Android phone, Here's how, It's always a good idea to use a security passcode or pattern on your mobile device, even though it can be annoying iphone case se to constantly have to enter a code to unlock it, A new feature in Android 5.0 Lollipop looks to make things a little easier, When a trusted Bluetooth device or an NFC tag is in range of your phone, the security lock will be disabled..

Namely, all Lollipop devices will come from the factory with device encryption enabled by default. But therein lies the problem: device encryption in Lollipop is only enabled by default on a brand new device. Meaning when updating an existing device, say, a Nexus 5 to Android 5.0, you'll have a two different options to go about encrypting the device. The most likely method to enable encryption on a freshly updated device is to manually enable it through the Security menu. For most devices, this can be found by launching the Settings app then tapping Security.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Nexus 5 I have (which was recently updated) is not encrypted, By tapping on Encrypt phone you'll be walked through the process for securing your data, Just be sure to start with a fully charged battery and your device still connected iphone case se to a charger, The entire process takes an hour, or so, depending on how much data you have stored only our device, A Nexus 5 with no apps or services setup currently shows it'll take over two hours to complete encryption, Your experience may vary..