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The guidance comes on the heels of a disappointing fourth quarter, which saw the company's operating profit decline 36 percent and the loss of its worldwide smartphone sales crown to Apple. Samsung hopes to turn things around in the coming quarters with the sales of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the new metal-body flagship handsets due to hit retailer shelves on Friday. Samsung smartphone shipments, which have been a smaller part of Samsung's operating profit in recent months, are being squeezed in emerging markets by low-cost handset vendors such as Xiaomi and Huawei. The company is also facing stiff competition from Apple in the market for pricey, high-end smartphones, especially since Apple in September launched two bigger-screen iPhones that now compete with Samsung's large-screen offerings.

Samsung's share of the global smartphone market has been shrinking, due mainly to Apple, according to a Gartner report released last month, For the final quarter of 2014, Apple took home a 20.4 percent share of worldwide smartphone sales, up from 17.8 percent during the same quarter in 2013, Over the same period, Samsung's share of the smartphone market, on sales of 73 million units, plummeted to 19.9 percent from 29.5 percent, In an unusual pre-earnings comment, Samsung hinted that its first-quarter performance iphone case sizes would beat market expectations, according to Korea Times..

"There have been a lot of reports about earnings forecasts for Samsung Electronics," Lee Joon, chief communications officer at Samsung Future Strategy Office, told reporters in Seoul on Wednesday. "It's fair to say that we will report improved profits during the January-March period.". Samsung shares were trading up 3.2 percent at 1.48 million won on Monday ahead of the company's guidance release. Electronics giant estimates operating profit declined 30 percent year-over-year. Samsung Electronics said Monday it expects its quarterly earnings to decline yet again as it continues to grapple with tough competition in its core smartphone business.

The best-in-class is usually demarcated by the color gold, so it makes sense for Nokia to release a gold rimmed version of the Lumia 930, Click through the slideshow to see more and check out the full review for details, Like the original, iphone case sizes this version also features a white backside, It's shiny, smooth to touch and comfortable to hold, The Lumia 930 runs the latest version of Windows 8.1, From left to right, you can see the volume rocker, power button and camera button, The top edge is home to the headphone jack and SIM card slot..

CEO Tim Cook on Monday sent a memo to employees saying Apple will give all workers a 50 percent discount on Apple Watch or Apple Watch Sport. The purchase has to be for personal use, and the discount, which starts at the time preorders begin on April 10, is only valid for the first 90 days after Apple Watch is available, the memo said. "Our products enrich people's lives like no others, and we think Apple Watch is going to delight our customers in ways people can't yet imagine," Cook said. "We want you to share in that experience right alongside them."The discount is a generous one, particularly when compared to rivals such as Samsung and to the launch of iPad. Samsung gives employees minimal discounts, and Apple didn't give employees special pricing for the iPad when it first came out. Apple did, however, give all employees free iPhones when the smartphone hit the market in 2007 -- making a 50 percent discount a little less attractive.

Still, Apple's headcount has soared since it released iPhone, making it pretty expensive to hand out free watches (though its sales have also soared iphone case sizes -- to record highs), In fiscal 2007, which ended September 29, Apple had 21,600 full-time employees, In fiscal 2014, which ended September 27, Apple employed 92,600 full-time workers, About 46,200 of those 2014 employees worked in Apple's retail stores, Apple's first smartwatch, Apple Watch, hits the market April 24, and presales start April 10, The device comes in two sizes, three different models, a couple different finishes per model and with a variety of band options, The entry-level device, the aluminum and glass Apple Watch Sport with plastic band, starts at $349, The midrange Apple Watch ranges from $549 to $1,099, and the premium gold Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000 and goes as high as $17,000..

But you won't be able to walk into a store to purchase an Apple Watch like you can with the iPhone and iPad . Instead, all sales will be made through a reservation system, Apple confirmed to CNET on Friday. And that's true for the indefinite future. Apple has no plans at this time to allow you to stop into a store and walk out with an Apple Watch, even after the device officially hits the market. Starting April 10, you can set up an appointment for an in-store fitting in one of more than 400 stores across four continents.

What will ultimately determine the success of Apple Watch are the apps offered on the device, Apple, at a press event in early April, showed how you'll be able to call an Uber car using the watch or unlock your hotel room door, You'll also be able to check in for a flight or turn off your house lights using a tap on your wrist, Initial watch apps are largely an extension of the main iPhone app, providing users with quick notifications and fairly limited abilities, Cook's memo on Monday noted that developers submitted more than 1,000 Apple Watch apps in the first four days the App Store iphone case sizes started accepting them, "and the rate of submissions has only been climbing since then.""Some of the most innovative developers in the world are working on new experiences designed specifically for Apple Watch," Cook said..