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The announcement was celebrated on stage by the cutting of this massive cheese, made by TAG's CEO from his 86 dairy cows. "We have a good history. That's why before you leave, you will eat my cheese," he stated. He meant it too, and it was delicious. Rather than a tech giant like Google, Gucci has teamed up with former Black Eyed Peas star Will.i.am for a smart band which will work independently of your phone. It manages this thanks to its 3G connectivity and will also include features such as a front facing camera, fitness tracking, notifications, and music control.

Although Will.i.am was wearing a version of the smart band, it's apparently a long way from being ready for launch, so for now, we just have to wait, A new brand was brave enough to enter the increasingly crowded smartwatch arena. Vector launched a range of smartwatches, which all promise an impressive 30 days of battery life, Vector explained that the monochrome display and simple software both help achieve that figure, It syncs to Android, iOS and even Windows Phone devices and will show incoming calls, texts, general notification and iphone case stand fitness activity too..

Vector is also opening the watch up to third-party developers. Nest is already on board, allowing the watch to control your Nest smart thermostat from your wrist. It'll be on sale this summer for $349 (which converts to roughly £235 or AU$450). Breitling got in on the connected watch game too. The B55 Connected isn't a fully fledged smartwatch, so don't expect it to track your health or show you your notifications. What it will do though is link to your phone to instantly and accurately change time zones on the watch, as well as let you record flight times. Recording flight times may not be the most common smartwatch feature, but the B55 is aimed at pilots, who are legally obliged to keep a record of all their times.

Still in the concept phase for now, the B55 Connected will potentially be on sale at the end of this year and Breitling is hoping to keep the price under $10,000, Mondaine's Helvetica 1 smartwatch uses the same internal technology as Frederique Constant's, meaning both watches are able to iphone case stand track your steps and your sleep, feeding that information back to your smartphone, For its watch, Mondaine has stuck to its iconic minimalist Swiss design, with an all-metal body and leather strap, It'll be available later this year for around $900 (roughly £600 or AU$1,150)..

Samsung's luxurious metal-and-glass Galaxy S6, which packs a 5.1-inch display, is not cheap. An example tariff, from EE through Carphone Warehouse, costs £100 upfront plus £42 per month, for 5GB of data and unlimited texts and data. A Vodafone offer meanwhile will set you back £80 upfront and £39.50 per month, and gets you 4GB of data, plus unlimited texts and data. You can also pre-order the S6 SIM-free directly from Samsung, though not every colour and size combination is available at present. The 32GB S6 will cost £600, with shipping listed as 9 April. Prices for the 64GB and 128GB versions are as yet unannounced.

Meanwhile, those hoping that the S6 and the S6 Edge -- which is almost identical to the S6 but features two alluring curved edges -- would be on an even footing price-wise are about to be disappointed, An example tariff for the 64GB S6 Edge (which comes in 64GB and 128GB versions), comes courtesy of O2 at £48 per month with a £100 upfront cost -- a deal that gets you 2GB of data, iphone case stand plus unlimited texts and data, Vodafone will give you the S6 Edge with an upfront cost of £100 and £43.50 per month through Carphone Warehouse, but that only gets you 1GB of data and 600 minutes..

Direct from Samsung with the same 4 April shipping date estimate as the S6, the 64GB S6 Edge will set you back a wince-inducing £760. The price of the 128GB version is yet to be disclosed. The HTC One M9, which keeps the same industrial look as last year's M8 but adds niceties such as a 20-megapixel camera, can be yours SIM-free from Carphone Warehouse for a penny shy of £580, with delivery expected by 31 March. If you're looking to pay monthly, an O2 deal gets you 2GB of data plus unlimited texts and minutes for £38 per month, plus £50 upfront, for example.

A Vodafone deal listed with Carphone iphone case stand Warehouse with 4GB of data, unlimited texts and minutes costs £43.50 per month, with no upfront cost, As a final footnote, O2 is promising a free Fitbit Charge smart band to customers who buy the S6, S6 Edge or One M9 on one of its Refresh tariffs, We've been hands-on with the S6 , S6 Edge and HTC One M9 , so be sure to read all of our initial thoughts on the new devices while you mull over a purchase, and stay tuned for full reviews of all three phones in the near future..