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Among US carriers, Verizon leads in terms of coverage, at 86 percent, followed by AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket and Sprint. But when it comes to speeds, T-Mobile is tops at 10Mbps, followed by Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and Cricket. 4G networks -- fourth-generation designs that use the Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology -- are gradually becoming more ordinary as carriers upgrade their equipment and consumers buy new phones. But you'll still have to be patient, especially if you're outside major cities where 3G, 2G or no coverage at all still are common.

There's a reason you have to be patient with the 4G transition: it's hard and expensive, Carriers must license new radio spectrum from governments, upgrade equipment on tens of thousands of cell phone radio towers, and often upgrade the "backhaul" communication links those towers use to link to the Internet, too, Their total 4G investment will be $1.7 trillion from 2014 through 2020, said Dan Warren, iphone case trendy senior technologist for the GSMA mobile industry group, And after that, they have to do it all over again for 5G networks expected to boost data-transfer speeds starting in 2020..

Accessing the panel is still the same, requiring you to swipe down from the top of your screen with two fingers. Alternatively, you can swipe with one finger to reveal notifications, followed by another to reveal quick settings. In prior versions of Android, tapping on the icon would turn the respective service on or off. Tapping on the name of the setting would launch Settings, where you could then connect to a different Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth device. In Android 5.1, however, small arrows are now placed next to the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi labels, indicating that a drop-down menu is available. Tapping on the name opens a screen within the panel, allowing you to stay on the current screen.

Of course, if you need to change more settings than what's available in the panel, there's a button to launch the Settings app, Once your device receives the latest and greatest version of Android, you'll want to know how to use these shortcuts, Android 5.1 Lollipop is currently rolling out to Nexus devices with a few changes in tow, One of those changes alters the functionality of the quick toggles for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the Quick Settings panel, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete iphone case trendy comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Once I had an iPhone, I realized I didn't need a watch. Now Apple is telling me that the perfect complement for my iPhone is a watch, perhaps even one with a Mickey Mouse face on it. I confess to feeling a touch confused. Still, I've always thought I could use a little jewelry, given that the wedding ring has been a long time coming and is always delayed somewhere south of It's Your Own Fault. So I'm prepared to slip on an Apple Watch, just to see if it engenders fancy feelings. Then I tell myself I might have to do that in an Apple store, and my sinuses begin to twitch.

Rare is the Apple store that isn't crowded and echoing with the cacophony of a thousand voices wondering aloud if they really need Apple Care, Rare is the Apple store where you don't have to push past mesmerized adults and children checking their e-mail and typing "XHPFHTUTUUC" on shiny new products, And rare is the Apple store where there aren't many people irritatedly loafing around, desperate to iphone case trendy be the next in line for the Genius Bar, Is this the sort of place to try on what Apple says is its most personal product ever?..

The Apple store is as personal as a Moroccan bazaar. Can it possibly engender the emotional stillness required for a customer to ask themselves: "Does my arm look big with this?"A recent New Yorker profile of Apple's head of design, Jony Ive, intimated that the stores would enjoy a redesign in order to welcome the Apple Watch. The profile noted: "The new spaces will surely become a more natural setting for vitrines filled with gold (and perhaps less welcoming, at least in some corners, to tourists and truants)."There was even the suggestion that there would be a VIP area, where watch-browsers could be separated from the ever-maddening crowds. Perhaps they'll rope off a tiny area of each Apple store and pour Cristal to make you feel so special.

But if I can remember the times when I iphone case trendy used to buy watches, I always bought them in places where I had time and space to stare self-indulgently at my wrist, I never felt hurried, Any sales pressure was always Tiffany-subtle, Could an Apple store ever deliver that, without perhaps having a glassed-in, soundproof booth? Or would it still be too much like trying to make a baby at an orgy?, As my colleagues Dara Kerr and Shara Tibken reported, the watch will also be available in department stores and boutiques, Only select ones, of course, None of the grubby kind, Those select locations may surely offer a buying experience that feels more personal, more serene..