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The idea behind standard-essential patents is that certain companies develop technologies that become the standard in the marketplace. When that happens, governing bodies, like the International Trade Commission, force patent holders to offer their intellectual property to any and all companies competing in a respective market. In order to maintain competitiveness and not provide the patent-holder with too much control over the market, they are required to offer that intellectual property on a fair basis or face the possibility of losing the patent altogether.

The patents included in the Apple lawsuit are standard-essential and according to Ericsson, the terms of the deal were being offered on a FRAND basis, However, Apple decided not to renew its license to the patents in January, arguing that the iphone case uag terms were incongruous with FRAND terms, The companies held negotiations and Ericsson offered arbitration, but Apple declined those offers, Ericsson says, That decision to not negotiate came after Apple filed its own lawsuit against Ericsson in a US District Court in January, Apple acknowledged in its lawsuit that it's using technologies that are included in Ericsson's patent portfolio in its iPhone, but said that the wireless company is trying to fetch too much in royalties, Apple said in a statement that it would be "willing to pay a fair price to secure the rights to standard-essential patents," but the company wrote in its lawsuit that the way Ericsson tries to charge for royalties is off, Apple argues that royalties on the patents should be charged based on component costs and not as a percentage of the entire cost of the iPhone, which Ericsson has demanded..

Regardless, Ericsson's decision to expand the scope of the lawsuit is familiar ground for Apple. For years, the company was embroiled in worldwide lawsuits with Samsung over patents until the companies finally decided to end all international lawsuits and focus solely on patent-infringement claims in the US. So far, no court has ruled on the status of the patents and how royalties should be calculated. However, Ericsson last year inked a deal with Samsung worth $650 million to end a similar patent dispute. Apple, meanwhile, was ordered in February to pay $533 million in damages to Smartflash for allegedly infringing patents held by that company.

Neither Ericsson nor Apple immediately responded to a request for comment, The Swedish telecoms equipment maker says that it tried to iphone case uag come to terms with Apple through arbitration, That effort has expired though, prompting the lawsuit over global licensing of intellectual property for mobile technologies, Communications company Ericsson has opened a new legal front in its ongoing lawsuits with Apple, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Have you ever tuned someone out?. You hear them, but you don't. They're there, but for you, they're not. Yes, mom. I know. That's the difficult scenario that Apple is enduring with the iPad. In so few years, people feel like they know it. They have their uses for it. They're perfectly comfortable with what it does for them. And they don't really need a new one because there isn't a new one that offers anything radically different. So as Apple attempts to renew interest in the slightly taken-for-granted product, its effort is that of a half-hearted mom. She knows that her kid has grown up and the touches of protruding stubble on his chin mean that he's about to do things for himself and by himself. (He already is. He just hasn't told her.).

Whatever she tells him will be tuned out, And woe betide if she uses logic, because that will get tiny shrift, The new iPad ad Apple has released tries to show logical, even inspired uses, But are too many people going to be moved to trot excitedly to their Apple store because it'll help them with their domestic chores, their gardening or even signing contracts on a plane?, Don't people sort of know? Should they feel a need for that particular form factor, they'll buy one, But as phones get bigger and Apple wants you to iphone case uag stare down at your tiny new little Watch, however silly you look answering a call on it, what can it possibly say about the iPad that will make people suddenly pay attention?..

This ad is maintenance and it does feel half-hearted. There's something slightly disingenuous in claiming, as Apple does, that "Everything Changes With iPad," when you're simultaneously claiming that, actually, everything's really changing with the Apple Watch. iPads are simply there. Less personal than a phone and slightly more personal than a laptop. They're part of the furniture, but they don't necessarily say anything about us. So we use them and we use them and we use them, even admitting at rare times we're grateful for them.

In order to use the new commands, you'll need to make sure Google Now is enabled for your iphone case uag device, open the Search app, head to Menu > Settings > Now cards, and then enable Show cards and Show notifications, You may also need to turn on Web & App Activity at this link, Finally, make sure Chrome on the computer is signed-in to your Google account, Once everything is connected, try out the new commands by typing them directly into the Google.com search box within your Chrome desktop browser..