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The new no-compromise MacBook. A stellar on-ear headphone. Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. The Good The BlackBerry Leap smartphone is a plain workhorse with BlackBerry's productivity and security pedigree. The Bad The Amazon app store is missing many popular apps found on Google Play, or Apple's iOS app store. The Bottom Line The BlackBerry Leap ditches a physical keyboard to lure folks looking for a modern smartphone experience, but a lack of apps and a lackluster camera keep this device behind the competition.

Meet the BlackBerry Leap, You'll probably notice the distinct lack of a physical keyboard, That's the norm for modern smartphones, and BlackBerry is hoping the fresh look and productivity-driven platform will lure young professionals to the brand, The Leap is running BlackBerry OS 10.3.1, It includes the Android app store, though it's missing many of the most popular apps you'd find in the official Google Play Store, The phone's iphone case union plain, no-frills design is arguably rather professional; a textured back makes things easy to grip, The 2,800mAh battery isn't removable..

At 0.37 inch thick (9.4 millimeters) it's not exactly svelte, but certainly not cumbersome. The 8-megapixel camera on the rear isn't especially impressive. Pop open this flap to access the SIM and microSD card slots. The Leap can support up to 128GB microSD cards. The volume controls sit on the right side. That button in the middle calls up the BlackBerry Assistant -- just press and hold it to start issuing text or voice commands. The lock button sits up top. The phone charges and transfers files through a standard Micro-USB port.

Samsung Pay will launch in the US and South Korea in the "September time frame," Rhee Injong, a Samsung executive vice president, said at an investor forum on Wednesday, according to Reuters, Samsung will expand the iphone case union service to markets such as China and Europe after the initial launch, Injong said, Samsung Pay, which uses near-field communication (NFC) to let people pay for goods and services by waving their Samsung devices in front of compatible registers, was unveiled at Mobile World Congress in March, The announcement came alongside the unveiling of Samsung's latest flagship handsets, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which will be the first phones to feature the service..

Samsung said at that time that the service would be available in the summer, but given today's comments, it appears Samsung Pay may launch later than originally expected. When Samsung Pay does launch it will face several competitors -- all trying to claim a piece of the lucrative mobile payments market. Payments made from smartphones totaled $3.5 billion in the US alone last year, according to research firm eMarketer. By 2018, that number will surge to $118 billion. Total worldwide mobile payments could easily dwarf that number within the next three years.

At its annual developers conference last week, Google showed off its previously announced Android Pay service, Google said Android Pay can be used in about 700,000 stores throughout the US and works with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express, Android Pay will also integrate into third-party apps, including Groupon, Lyft and others, It'll launch with the next iteration of Google's Android platform, Android M, later this year, Meanwhile, Apple Pay is already competing in the iphone case union space, Apple Pay works at a range of retail outlets and allows users to make payments using the iPhone 6, the 6 Plus and Apple Watch, Apple reported in October that over 1 million credit cards had been activated on Apple Pay within 72 hours of launching the service..

Rhee said on Wednesday that the march to bring Samsung Pay elsewhere around the world won't end in Europe. The company also plans to launch the service in areas such as South America and Australia, though it did not provide a time frame. Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Samsung Pay is now slated for a September launch in the US and South Korea -- with China, Europe and more markets to follow. Samsung's mobile payments service, Samsung Pay, is on its way to a global rollout as it prepares for battle with alternatives from Apple and Google.

Visit manufacturer site for details, Hold Cardboard up to your face and it's hard to escape the notion that Google is, in a word, kidding, The virtual reality competition is spending big bucks on what's quickly shaping up to be the next frontier in electronic entertainment, and they're expecting us to do the same, Facebook acquired Oculus for $2 billion, and you can expect to spend about iphone case union $1,500 for the total Oculus experience; Vive , from HTC and Valve, is a similarly pricey PC-tethered affair, Samsung's Gear VR headsets will set you back $200, and those work only with select Samsung phones..