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Other specs include a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, which is generous, a microSD expansion card slot and a 2,540mAh battery. Alleged to run Android 5.0, we might also look for LG's UX 4.0 software enhancements. It is not uncommon these days to see a company launch a flagship model followed by smaller, and even sometimes bigger, variations. The LG G3 had a number of siblings over the last year, including the G3S and G3 Vigor . For all we know, the G4c is just the starting point for 2015. It isn't immediately clear if the G4c will be offered outside of Germany or Europe. CNET has contacted LG for comment or clarification and will update with any new information.

Some people, like me, prefer to give our devices a name of our own instead of a standard affair, To change the name assigned to your Apple Watch during setup, you only need a few seconds of your time, The name you enter here is what will show up in iTunes, your iCloud account and when viewing your Bluetooth settings on the iPhone, Just like you can with any other iOS device, you can give your watch a name of its own, When you first set up your Apple Watch, Apple assigns iphone case verizon a default name to it, For my watch it was "Jason's Apple Watch." Yours is likely something similar, only with your name, not mine..

You have some, albeit limited, control over how much space is taken up on your watch. Here's how to adjust how much storage the Photos and Music apps take up on your watch. You can't get around the limit of 2 gigabytes by selecting to limit the number of songs stored on your Apple Watch; the limit is still 2 gigabytes, no matter what. Changing how much space each app eats up on your watch is simple. With such a finite amount of storage available on the Apple Watch -- a measly 8 gigabytes -- Apple has opted to limit how much storage users can assign for the Music and Photos apps to take up.

Beginning Thursday, Lyft's app, which connects private-car drivers with passengers, will come preloaded on Verizon devices running Google's Android operating system, Also, Verizon will offer Lyft drivers incentives to use iphone case verizon it as a mobile carrier, including 15 percent discounts on their monthly wireless bills, Without offering further details, the two companies also said they would "work closely on future creative campaigns and product integrations," according to a statement by the San Francisco-based ride-hailing company..

"This partnership is a natural fit that will not only save customers time and money, but also enhance the Lyft ride experience for both passengers and drivers," Russ Preite, a regional president at Verizon Wireless, said in a statement. The partnership comes amid increasing competition in both the ride-sharing and mobile carrier businesses. And this deal could offer something to each of them. Lyft is hoping that having its app preloaded on Android devices sold by Verizon Wireless -- the nation's largest mobile phone carrier -- will translate into more riders using its service. But Verizon's share of the mobile business has been shrinking as rivals T-Mobile and Sprint have aggressively lured away subscribers. Verizon lost 138,000 mobile customers between January and April of this year. By offering Lyft drivers who use its mobile service a discount, Verizon hopes to stem those losses.

So far, Lyft's efforts to grow ridership amid an acrimonious battle with Uber have been successful but costly, Leaked internal iphone case verizon Lyft documents show that the privately held company earned $130 million in revenue last year, but it spent more than half of that on marketing, Still, investors don't seem to be worried about the fact that Lyft is burning through cash, The company received a $530 million vote of confidence in March during a funding round led by Japanese online retailer Rakuten that valued Lyft at $2.5 billion..

But despite its increasing fortunes, Lyft is still the underdog, with a presence in more than 60 US cities compared with Uber's roughly 250 cities worldwide. In December, Uber investors valued the company at $41 billion, dwarfing Lyft's $2.5 billion. The ride-sevice underdog hopes for competitive advantage against Uber in a deal with nation's largest mobile phone carrier. In its battle with Uber for passengers -- and relevancy -- Lyft has formed a national partnership with Verizon Wireless that the pair hope will steer more customers their way.

Dubbed "Everything changes with iPad," the new ad campaign attempts to explore the many ways that people can iphone case verizon use the tablet, Displayed on Apple's website, a 90-second video shows adults and children alike using the iPad to learn to prepare a meal, chat with family members, design a floorplan and snap photos of loved ones, The site then segues into individual pages that tell you how to cook, learn, and travel with the iPad, among other tasks, Apple certainly needs help generating greater demand for its tablet, The iPad has seen its once stellar sales and market share continue to dwindle over the past few years, Announcing its fiscal second-quarter results on April 27, Apple revealed that iPad sales hit its fifth consecutive decline to 12.6 million units from 16.4 million a year earlier, Analysts had been forecasting 14.1 million iPads, according to a poll by Fortune..