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You're free to cut them out, tape them on your wrist, glue the cutout atop an old watch or whatever floats your boat. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's better than trying to tape your iPhone to your wrist. Update: The team over at WonderHowTo took the above printout and added watch straps to give you a more realistic, yet still rough, idea of Apple Watch size. What size of Apple Watch is going to look best on your wrist? With this cheesy hack, you can get a better idea. After the Apple Watch event Monday, the No. 1 question I keep getting asked is: What size should I get? To which my reply has been, "I have no idea." The truth is, until you physically try the 38mm and 42mm watch housings on your wrist, you're not going to know.

Those who text and walk without looking up have fallen into fountains, They've also plunged into Lake Michigan, It's perhaps a first, though, for someone iphone case x vs xr who was allegedly texting to walk into a moving freight train, This, however, is what police in Lakeland, Fla., are intimating, As the Lakeland Ledger reports, 27-year-old Sheena Keynna on Monday allegedly walked around railway crossing gates on Kentucky Avenue, They were lowered, What she allegedly didn't notice was that a freight train was rolling through, The train struck her and tossed her into the air, Local police told the Ledger that witnesses said Keynna appeared to be texting..

Indeed, Sgt. Gary Gross of the Lakeland Police Department told me: "The pedestrian hit claims she was not [texting], however the conductor and engineer in the train said she was looking down at something in her hands."It could have been a paperback of "War and Peace." It could be that she had some reminders written on her hands. Perhaps we will never know. A CSX spokeswoman confirmed that local authorities and company representatives responded to the scene and that an investigation is under way.

"Accidents between trains and pedestrians or vehicles are all too common," the CSX representative said, "About every three hours somewhere in the US, a person or a vehicle is struck by a train, We urge drivers and pedestrians to use extreme caution around railroad tracks for their personal safety."Gross told me that there will be no criminal charges and that Keynna suffered "a broken right iphone case x vs xr arm and other minor injuries."These days, few are the people who don't at some point have a gadget in her hands as they walk, their attention solely on its contents..

*Estimated size. Apple's iTunes Match service is really for people who want to stay in Apple's walled garden. Android users need not apply. Other than the lack of outside support, the one big downside to iTunes Match is there is no Web player. While iTunes is a great program, it can be a pain to have to download it on a friend's computer to stream music. The service only supports streaming on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV or through iTunes on your computer. It also doesn't support OGG, WMA and FLAC music files. You must instead convert those files to MP3, AAC or WAV/AIFF in order for them to be matched.

The big advantage to using iTunes Match over the competition is the company's massive catalog, which is home to more than 43 million songs, The added perk of unlimited ad-free streaming from iTunes Radios only sweetens the deal and the fact that it's fully integrated into the iTunes software is another benefit, Amazon lets you try out its Cloud Player service by offering space for 250 songs for free, If you opt to pay the $25 yearly fee, you can upload a whopping 250,000 songs, which is more than 10 times storage of iTunes Match for the same price, It's clear that the sheer size of the storage offered by Amazon is the biggest draw, but it's not the only benefit, As you iphone case x vs xr can see in the chart above, your music will be accessible virtually everywhere, Amazon also supports the most audio formats..

One major downside is that matched songs will be provided as a 256kbps MP3, which is arguably a more lossy format than Apple's 256kbps AAC or Google Play's 320kbps MP3. Songs that have been upgraded to this 256kbps MP3 format are not automatically synchronized back to your computer. The process of manually downloading them from the cloud can be time consuming and more often than not leads to duplicated tracks in your library. Google recently boosted the amount of songs you can store from 20,000 all the way up to 50,000. The best part? It's completely free. These songs can then be streamed on the Web, from your Android or iOS device, on a Chromecast or a Sonos speaker. There isn't a native desktop app, however, which may annoy some users. Aside from the obvious benefit of getting more storage than Apple without having to pay a dime, Google Play Music also matches music at a higher quality, supports the largest file size -- 300MB -- and can match songs from more audio formats.

All three services will match lower quality files with a higher audio quality version, They also don't count songs that you have iphone case x vs xr bought from their respective stores against your storage limit, For a lot of people, Google is the best option, The mobile app isn't perfect, but you can't beat the free price tag, If your music library is huge, Amazon's Cloud Player could be worth checking out, If you like that Apple ecosystem or have purchased most of your music from iTunes, there's really no reason to shy away from it..