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The company's widely expected larger iPad, often referred to as the iPad Pro, will feature a 12.2-inch display, smaller than the rumored 12.9-inch size, according to Japanese site Macotakara, which has occasionally provided accurate rumors on Apple products. The iPad Air 2, released last month, has a 9.7-inch display. In terms of thickness, the iPad Pro will fill out slightly compared with the iPad Air 2. Macotakara says its thickness is expected to be somewhere between an iPhone 6's 6.9 millimeter body and the iPhone 6 Plus's 7.1 millimeter body, thicker than the iPad Air 2's 6.1 millimeter frame, which is the thinnest iPad frame to date.

The new report provides the latest glimpse into the long-rumored iPad Pro, a larger, iphone case xs clear more work- and education-centric device that would compete directly against Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, which Microsoft positions as a replacement for a work PC, A jumbo-size iPad could provide a spark for Apple, which has suffered through three consecutive quarters of declining tablet sales, Macotakara also said the iPad Pro would take some design cues from the iPad Air 2, It would feature a pair of speakers and microphones on the top and bottom sides of the device, possibly for stereo sound..

Apple is still months away from possibly unveiling a larger iPad (it hasn't yet confirmed such a device), and there have been a number of rumors about the gadget, so take the report with a grain of salt. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment. But a larger iPad does make sense. Apple already has an initiative focused on education and getting more tablets into schools, and the company also partnered with IBM to spur the development of enterprise apps. Rather than go with a less expensive product like the iPad Mini, an iPad Pro could make for a more profitable high-end model.

Apple could use the iphone case xs clear spark, While its iPhone business soared in the fiscal fourth quarter, sales of the iPad have waned, It was the third straight quarter of declines, and for the first time in three years, Mac sales surpassed iPad sales, At the same time, Microsoft's Surface line gained steady traction, though it remains nowhere near the iPad in sales, In the last quarter, Microsoft saw sales of its Surface line rise 127 percent to $908 million, Apple's iPad unit generated revenue of $5.3 billion in the last quarter..

With Microsoft targeting businesses more aggressively, Apple could be looking to the iPad Pro to shore up its growing position in the workplace. A new rumor says the widely expected larger iPad may have a 12.2-inch display rather than the earlier rumored 12.9, and that it'll be slightly thicker than the iPad Air 2. Apple is expected to go big with the next iPad, but according to a new rumor, maybe not as big as people have been saying. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The South Korean company on Wednesday reported its lowest operating profits since the second quarter of 2011 and said third-quarter income in its mobile business tumbled 74 percent from the previous year, It also warned that conditions would remain tough in smartphones as competition heats up toward the end of the year, At the same time, market researchers International Data Corp, and Strategy Analytics said Samsung's global smartphone market share dropped to less than iphone case xs clear 24 percent of shipments in the third quarter from nearly a third of all units a year earlier, It's being hurt by competition with Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones at the high end and cheap devices from Chinese and Indian vendors at the low end..

In an effort to halt the freefall, Samsung said it plans to "fundamentally reform" its product lineup and "significantly enhance product competitiveness for each price tier." It plans to use new materials and technologies, such as metal frames and flexible displays, to set its devices apart from rivals. And Samsung will work on differentiated designs and software and use the same components in its mid- and low-end phones to bring down its costs. That doesn't mean Samsung will be scrapping devices already in its pipeline. Instead, it will think more strategically about what it's developing in the future to make sure it has differentiated products for all price points.

"Although our mobile communications business is undergoing a challenging period, we will use this situation as an opportunity to thoroughly improve our business fundamentals and further strengthen our competitive advantages in order to continue to lead the market and sustain growth," Hyun-Joon Kim, senior vice president of Samsung's mobile communications business, said iphone case xs clear Wednesday in the company's earnings call with analysts, Its planned actions are headed in the right direction, market watchers say, but they may not be enough, Here are some other steps Samsung could take to turn things around in mobile..