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By getting into the display business, Foxconn would have the opportunity to offer another service to its myriad customers. According to the Journal's sources, Apple is chief among Foxconn's targets for customers that would use its new plant to produce displays. The company also wants to make screens for other smartphone makers. It's not clear whether Foxconn would stop at mobile or try to build larger displays. Foxconn did not immediately respond to a request for comment. If Foxconn makes the investment, it would be the largest in the company's history, but so far, talks are only in their preliminary stages.

For customers anxious to get their hands on the latest from Google and its hardware partners the iphone case youtube ad next few weeks should prove quite fun, But, those who recently purchased a handset will also be interested in Android 5.0's tasty new features , This will be even more so if you picked up a flagship model, We have compiled a handy chart which outlines the top smartphones of 2013-2014 and listed their respective expectations, For the sake of keeping things simple, we'll refer to some of these models in a broad sense and not break down individual carrier versions, Just know that even the manufacturers which have promised Lollipop have not provided exact release dates..

Note that there are plenty of other models and variants which should see Android 5.0 in due time. Sony, HTC, and Motorola were all quick to spell out a wider range of products which will pick up Lollipop. In terms of other phones or tablets, the general rule tends to be newer and more popular devices get the update first, followed by carrier-exclusive products. International and unlocked smartphones can sometimes receive new versions weeks ahead of those offered by wireless providers. CNET contacted LG and Samsung for more official comment, however neither had anything to share at this time. We will update the post as new devices are confirmed or begin to receive their Lollipop updates. In the meanwhile, I suggest following your favorite hardware maker or carrier on social media. It's often there that companies will first confirm updates.

It's not much of a surprise considering the iPad Air 2 is 18 percent thinner, too, But how does Apple keep battery life the same when it gives you less juice to do it with? Apple says its new chip, dubbed the A8X, and improvements in software help the iPad make up the difference, "Usually, increased performance comes at the expense of battery life, Notice we said 'usually,'" Apple said in its marketing materials for the device, Apple's iPad, since it its release, has been lauded for both its hardware design as well as the iphone case youtube ad device's longevity, The tablet is consistently ranked No, 1 in battery life tests and Apple has, for the most part, made leaps every year or two in that department, That's despite the fact that tech companies are broadly grappling with breakthroughs in the battery department (Our smartphones still die in a day)..

In favoring thinness and weight over any substantial battery improvements, Apple says it has managed to squeeze out the same amount of usage with less real estate. But reviewers beg to differ. One of them was Walt Mossberg from Recode, who found the original iPad Air lasted much longer. Mossberg is an outlier, however. Most other reviews, including from CNET's own Scott Stein , say the tablet's battery life holds up to its marketing and performs on par with last year's model. Apple declined to comment about whether the iPad Air 2's smaller battery could result in a drop in battery life compared with last year's model.

The one new feature you didn't expect from Apple's iPad Air 2? iFixit says the new device has a battery that's 15 percent smaller, iphone case youtube ad yet Apple claims it still gets the same battery life, Apple says its flagship iPad Air 2 tablet gets the same 10 hours of use as last year's original iPad Air, even though a teardown of a Wi-Fi-only iPad Air 2 from device repair website iFixit shows that the battery is 15 percent smaller than its predecessor, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Visit manufacturer site for details. Editors' note: The Amazon Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7 share identical specs in different form factors. Portions of this review resemble the Fire HD 6 's due to their similarities. A great tablet will cost you at least $200 and anything priced less than that can run the gamut from good to garbage. The Amazon Fire HD 7 is on the good end of that spectrum. Starting at $139 or £119, the 7-inch tablet features a faster processor with better graphics performance than its predecessor and ships with Amazon's latest Android-based Sangria operating system. The new OS now has better battery saving functions, allows individual profiles - great for sharing amongst families -- and permits content sharing between different Fire devices, though the feature has yet to roll out. It also comes in a cheaper 6-inch model for those with smaller hands -- or tighter wallets. Pricing and availability in Europe and Australia has yet to be announced, but the US price works out to about €90 or AU$160.

The change in design is the most notable difference, but it's also the most unimpressive, In comparison to last year's model (now discontinued) the Fire HD 7 sports an angular design -- reminiscent of the HDX 7 line -- and comes in five fun different colors, Unfortunately, the plastic back panel feels flimsy and, for the first time ever, the Fire HD 7 tablet feels as cheap as it costs, The Fire HD 7's saving grace is ultimately Amazon's useful feature-rich operating system and family-friendly functions, If you can get past the inexpensive feel, its lackluster design iphone case youtube ad can be forgiven at its bargain basement starting price, however the free space on the 8GB models fills up quickly and a jump to the $159 or £139 16GB version is a recommended move..