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Still, some of the text that goes along with this attempt at gorilla marketing reads: "Everyone is worshiping Apple." Jia also accuses Apple of having a closed system, and it is this that gets in the way of industrial progress. Indeed, I'm sure that most developers on earth would say that Apple impedes industrial progress. The post also describes Apple as an empire of the dusk. Yes, it is apparently not morning in America anymore. As I write, this little Nazi post has enjoyed 759 "likes."Attempts to contact the company have so far been unsuccessful.

I wonder, should LeTV's phone see the light of day and be advertised, what the ads might look like, In order to make an even more iphone case zalora striking, strident point, will they feature not just Hitler, but Stalin, Saddam Hussein and Mussolini? How about Mao?, When it comes to fighting tyranny, there's so much of it around that it's hard to know where to start, (Via Mashable, The Verge), Technically Incorrect: In a bizarre image posted by CEO of Chinese company that's about to launch a smartphone, Apple is portrayed by Hitler with an Apple logo in place of the swastika..

There are a few 8-inch Windows tablets that feature stylus capabilities, but none can do what the Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 does. Take a closer look at the innovative slate by clicking through the slideshow, and for more details, check out the full review. The Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 features AnyPen technology, which allows you to use any metal object as a stylus. Yes, that's me using a dart to write down my grocery shopping list. Now your favorite pen can also be your favorite stylus. Just keep in mind, you might get some small ink spots scattered around the screen.

Though the pencil is more wood than metal, the lead point works great as a stylus, Take a load off and use the built-in kickstand on the rear to stand the tablet up instead of holding it, Propping up the tablet at an angle makes writing and typing easier, If it weren't for its big iphone case zalora bottom edge, the Yoga Tab 2 would be one of the slimmest tablets around, The chunky rounded spine makes holding the tablet in one hand easy and ergonomic, The 8-megapixel rear camera is located on the left edge of the thick spine, It's a bit awkward to use, since it's located where you might normally grab the tablet..

An 8-inch tablet is on the small side for a Windows device. The screen can feel a bit cramped at times, but when it comes to watching video and gaming, it's not as big (or small?) of a deal. Whereas the Android models of the Yoga Tab 2 are silver, the Windows version is black. The texture on the back is slightly bumpy, for a bit of grip, and the built-in kickstand keeps it all upright. Lenovo offers a bevy of tablets, but the 8-inch Yoga Tab 2 with Windows is the only one that rocks the AnyPen technology. This, paired with the useful design, makes the Lenovo tablet stand out among the crowd. Literally and figuratively.

Visit manufacturer site for details, Say goodbye to the anxiety of losing your stylus, The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 features AnyPen technology, which allows any metal object to be used as a stylus, Eight-inch Windows tablets that pack the perk of a stylus are few and far between, Lenovo's implementation, with its cutting-edge twist, makes it stand out even more among its competition, Starting at $299 (£195 and AU$370, converted) the Yoga Tablet 2 features an ergonomic and useful design that's conveniently compact, Like other Lenovo Yoga tablets, the 8-inch Windows model houses a built-in kickstand for propping it up vertically or iphone case zalora on its side, and its chunky rounded spine makes holding it one-handed as comfortable as a well-worn paperback book..

Despite its high-tech stylus capabilities and innovative design, its average performance is less impressive, though typical for an 8-inch Windows tablet in its price range. If you're fan of using a stylus, this is one of the most portable, stylus-friendly tablets out there. However, don't expect it to replace your desktop PC; the screen is just way too small to run Windows 8 comfortably. It doesn't look unique if you're familiar with Lenovo's line of Yoga tablets, but when compared to the rest of the 8-inch Windows models available, the Yoga Tablet 2 is exceptionally distinct. Its build culminates at the chunky rounded spine on the bottom. It makes holding the tablet in one hand ergonomically comfortable, and it also houses the built-in kickstand on the back. By utilizing the kickstand, you can prop up the tablet for easy hands-free video streaming, lay it down for a comfortable typing angle (or writing, in the Yoga Tablet 2's case), and you can even hang it up if you so wish.

The power button is located at the right end of the chunky spine, with the volume rocker and Micro-USB port above it, Similarly, the headphone jack iphone case zalora is on the opposite end of the spine, with the Windows button sitting atop it, In a weird move, the rear camera is located on the left-rear edge of the spine, Adjusting your hands to grip the tablet while keeping your fingers from blocking the lens is a bit awkward, The good news is that the camera quality isn't half bad, The 8-megapixel photos come out sharp with lifelike colors..