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But this also leads to mistakenly launching the camera app when you're trying to unlock the device, or readjusting your thumb in order to get the fingerprint sensor to work. I've done it at least a dozen times. Thankfully Samsung has included a way to disable the camera quick launch feature. There are two methods to turn it off. The first, and quickest, is to open the Camera app, tap on the Settings icon, and slide the Quick Launch switch to the off position. The second method requires you to launch the Settings app, select Applications under the Device category, followed by Camera. Move the Quick Lock switch to the off position and close the app.

With quick launch disabled, double-pressing the home button will only result in your device going back to the home screen, Of course if you want to enable the feature, follow these same steps, with the iphone case zurich end result being the same switch moved to the on position, Double-pressing the home button launches the camera from anywhere, but it's not for everyone, Accessing the camera on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is possible by quickly pressing the home button two times, The camera app will open upon the second press, even if the screen of the device is off..

The feature is limited to English-language readers with the Twitter app installed on an Android device, however. While Highlights is officially launching today, April 23, it requires an opt-in to start receiving alerts. To enable the feature on your account, you'll need to launch the official Twitter app on your Android device and bring up the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of your screen. Select Settings from the drop-down. Next, tap on your account name. If you have more than one account, you'll need to complete this process on each account.

Tap on Mobile Notifications, Scroll down until you find the new option titled Highlights and tap on it, The check box should now display a check mark, indicating the feature is enabled, Alternatively, you can also access Highlitghts by tapping on its icon in the navigation bar of the Twitter app, Back out of Settings and look for an alert toward the bottom of your device's screen letting you know the new notification setting has been saved, Now, all you have to do is wait until Twitter feels it has enough important content to push an alert to your device, I enabled the feature about 30 minutes ago and have yet to receive iphone case zurich anything, Which is what I expected, considering Twitter will only send a maximum of two highlight alerts per day..

The South Korean mobile giant on Thursday posted a graphic and press release on its website saying developers can access its software development kit to build apps for an upcoming, not-yet-announced Gear wearable. The company simply said the device -- its seventh in the past two years -- would be another "wrist watch type." Gear is the name for Samsung's line of wearables that includes its Gear S curved smartwatch, its Gear Circle wireless headphones and its Gear VR virtual-reality headset. The graphic showed what appeared to be a round smartwatch screen, which would be a first for Samsung. The company's previous smartwatches have sported rectangular and curved screens, but none has been circular like Motorola's Android Wear smartwatch. The Moto 360 received a lot of attention and accolades before its launch, but the device had issues -- including that the software was designed for a rectangular screen and left a black "flat tire" appearance on the edges of the screen. Other companies, including LG and Huawei, also have released round smartwatches over the past year.

Samsung said to stay tuned for more information about its next smartwatch, "We will unveil details on the timing of the product announcement when we are ready," the company told CNET, Samsung has released more smartwatches than its rivals in an effort to define and control the market, That's particularly iphone case zurich important as Apple prepares to launch its first smartwatch on Friday, Samsung was the market share leader for smartwatches last year, but Strategy Analytics and other tech research firms expect Apple's sales to surpass Samsung's in 2015, It is key for both companies to expand beyond smartphones and tablets, two markets that are experiencing slower growth..

Samsung was expected to introduce a new round smartwatch alongside the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge at the Mobile World Congress trade show in March. Instead, the company focused on its new smartphones and its virtual-reality headsets. It's likely the company was waiting to see what Apple would introduce with its smartwatch before proceeding with its newest device. What changes smartwatches from "nice-to-have" to "must-have" devices is what users can actually do with them. The real trick is convincing app developers to invest in creating programs for smartwatches that will show off what you can actually do with it. Apple's iPad tablet and iPhone became popular with the help of third-party software developers, who collectively have created more than a million apps for those mobile devices.

Samsung worked with developers on apps before its wearables launched in the past, but this is the first time it has opened up its SDK to a broader group before even announcing the device, The company has long partnered with Google for its smartphone and tablet operating system, but it has shifted its wearables to its own iphone case zurich homegrown software, Tizen, While Samsung has made a push to get developers interested in Tizen, including by hosting developer conferences and helping fund development, interest in the software has remained low, Some developers, such as Citi and JetBlue, have opted to make Apple Watch apps first before venturing into Tizen or Android Wear..