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What do you think 2015 has in store for tablets? Did any of the best tablets of 2014 make your holiday shopping list? Let us know in the comments section. The year 2014 was jam-packed with new tablet models, but not all of them rose to our expectations. Check out the best (and worst) of the year. It was a rather quaint year for tablets. The usual suspects made better versions of their best models, the crown for "Thinnest Tablet" was worn by three different tablets, and both Google and Apple released dapper new operating systems. Nothing broke the mold, but the year gave everyone a chance to catch up and meet the standards set by last year's top slates. To be sure, the predictable innovation lacked excitement, but there were still a number of solid releases worth noting. Relive some highlights and low points of the year in tablets below.

The Typo2 is a $99 keyboard case (about £63, AU$119) for the iPhone 6, that aims to bring a physical keyboard experience to Apple's smartphone, But whether or not it succeeds is wholly dependent on how badly you want a physical keyboard on an iPhone, There's isn't all that much to the case: it has small, cramped keys that take a bit of getting used to, The case also blocks the home button -- there's a shortcut home button key for accessing things like Siri, but you won't be able to use Apple's Touch ID. Each key is canted slightly so it's easy to tell them apart however, and iphone glass screen protector zagg the keys are backlit -- just press the light-bulb key on the bottom row, The case connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and pairing is fast and easy..

The case feels fairly sturdy, though it likely won't take as much abuse as some of the more robust cases out there. It's also light and doesn't add much bulk to your phone -- it will make it a bit taller, though. The keyboard charges by way of this microUSB port here on the side. It can last around 7 to 10 days once fully charged, depending on your usage. The iPhone's charging port and headphone jack are readily accessible, so you don't need to worry about taking the case off to plug in your phone. A charging dock likely won't fit, however.

Say hello to the YotaPhone iphone glass screen protector zagg 2, an Android phone with a normal LCD screen on one side and -- exotically -- an e-ink display on the back, which you see here, It's the second attempt by Russian firm Yota at making this two-faced phone, This second generation has a wealth of upgrades to the design and overall specs, It's available to preorder today in the UK and the rest of Europe for the princely sum of £550, There's no official word yet on when it will reach the US and Australia, but a direct price conversion would be $860 and AU$1,025, respectively..

From the front, it looks like a pretty standard 5-inch Android phone. It's around the back where it gets interesting. That's an e-ink display, which is the same technology used on e-book readers such as Amazon's Kindles. Displays using e-ink technology are extremely battery efficient as they only use power when they refresh what's on the screen. The YotaPhone 2's rear display has had a resolution increase from its predecessor, making it sharper to look at. It's fully touch-enabled as well, making it much easier to use.

It has several display modes, the first of which can be seen here, There are four panels available onto which you can pop widgets like the time, date, weather and favourite contacts, Alternatively, you can have the e-ink side mirror what's on the LCD side, meaning you can swipe around the Android interface exactly as you normally would, Except much more slowly, And in black and white, The Yota Manager app lets you customise what's on the back display, Pressing and holding the home button on the front will let you switch to iphone glass screen protector zagg view Android on the back, or take a screenshot of whatever's on the LCD screen and display it instantly on the back -- it'll remain there even if the battery dies..

The design has been radically changed too. It's slimmer, has rounded corners and the back is gently curved, which makes it comfortable to hold. There's an 8-megapixel camera on the back. It's running stock Android, so Yota hasn't put any kind of changes to Google's interface. It's Android version 4.4.3 KitKat, which isn't the most up to date version -- that's 5.0 Lollipop -- and Yota doesn't have a firm date on when an update will arrive. The curved corners are far more attractive than the clunky, square design of the predecessor.

The speaker is found on the bottom, You can pop key apps on the back panel, The most useful will likely be the Kindle app for reading e-books, as Yota's own e-book service is miserably understocked, The other display mode is iphone glass screen protector zagg called YotaCover, It displays photos from your own image gallery, as well as icons to show notifications, Running low on power on your way to meet someone? Take a screenshot of the map and put it on the back screen, When your phone dies, the map will still be there for you to follow..