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About the money: Prices for the Apple Watch span a dizzying range, from AU$499 (US$349, £299) all the way up to AU$24,000 (US$17,000, £13,500). The fittings aside, the first Apple Watches won't get into in customers' hands until 24 April. Watching others waiting their turn, it did seem like a backlog of appointments may have been building. It's day one and things will likely settle in, but this is new ground for Apple -- requiring shoppers to take a more patient approach to buying a new device will take some getting used to for some, particularly when we pass from preorders into on-sale dates.

But the in-store experience makes sense if you want an Apple Watch and want to know you're choosing the model that suits you best, A new era dawns for Apple Store shoppers as the appointment-only fittings for the fashion-focused Apple Watch begin, We grabbed one of the first appointments in the world to see how it really works, SYDNEY, Australia -- The Apple Watch fitting experience begins today: a personalised, jewellery-style process to assist buyers in choosing the model, band and sizing to best suit iphone s case amazon their needs, Apple has made it clear this is a very different approach to selling iPhones and Macs -- there are no Apple Watches to be found in boxes on shelves, and reservations are required, Let's see how this works in the real world..

Apple will start taking preorders for its first wearable, which costs from $349, £299 or AU$499 all the way up to $17,000, £13,500 or AU$24,000, at 12:01 a.m. PT Friday for deliveries that will start on April 24, which is also the date that the smartwatch will officially go on sale. The Apple Watch, which can sync with several of the company's products, marks Apple's first new product category since the iPad in 2010. It's also the first new push by the company under the leadership of Tim Cook, who has promised for more than a year that Apple would introduce and enter "exciting new product categories" beyond its wildly successful smartphones, tablets and computers.

Demand for the wearable is expected to be strong, But don't expect to walk into a store on Friday to purchase an Apple Watch like you can with the iphone s case amazon iPhone and iPad , Instead, all sales will be made through a reservation system, The move to offer Apple Watch only by reservation is likely to be sure Apple has the right inventory on hand for what consumers want and being able to walk through the process with potential buyers when they come into the store, Apple Watch is different from any other device the Cupertino, Calif., company has ever sold, Because it's a new product, Apple wants to make sure consumers are comfortable with their choices and understand how the device works before they walk out of the store..

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes -- 42mm or 38mm -- and three designs -- the aluminum-cased Apple Watch Sport, stainless-steel-cased Apple Watch and the 18-karat-gold-cased Apple Watch Edition. The aluminum comes with silver or space gray options, while the stainless steel comes in its namesake color or a space black version. The gold watch is available in 18-karat yellow gold or 18-karat rose gold. Demand is expected to be high for the wearable, which can only be purchased through a reservation system.

To set up this feature, go to the phone's settings then tap Edge Screen, Scroll down to Information Stream, tap it to turn it on with the toggle, Next you'll want iphone s case amazon to customize the contact you'll see, Tap Manage Feeds to add or subtract the available feeds, Here's a list of the built-in options and what they display, Tap the check boxes at the top of each feed to enable them, and tap Reorder to move them around and change how they appear in the Information Stream, Some feeds have settings that let you customize what you see (like stocks or sports teams); just tap the gear icon to access those features, You can also adjust the screen timeout for the Information Stream, from 15 seconds to 10 minutes..

When the screen is off, quickly slide your finger along the edge back and forth to show Information Stream. It appears only on the curved section of the screen, showing a ticker of information, starting with the time. Swipe up and down to cycle through the different feeds to see notifications, sports scores and top headlines. Another feature that uses the edge is Night Clock. Like Information Stream, it shows up only on the curved side of the screen, but instead of news updates, it shows your next alarm and a clock with a dimmed screen, so it won't bother you while you're sleeping. It stays on all night so you can glance at your phone to see the time.

To set it up, go to the Edge Screens settings and scroll to Night Clock, Pick the time you want to it come on and turn off each night, Tap the back arrow when you're finished, and Night Clock will automatically appear at the time you set, It will automatically shut off if the phone battery drops below 15 percent, The edge screen on Samsung's hottest new phone shows off notifications, news and a night time clock, The curved side of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does more than make the phone look pretty, It shows off missed alerts, notifications and news updates with Information Stream, And at night, it can also be your bedside clock with Night Clock, iphone s case amazon I'll guide you through both features here..