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The Fitbit Surge will soon be updated to include a new outdoor bike-tracking feature. An update to the Fitbit app will also allow users to pair up to six Fitbit trackers to a single account. The Fitbit Surge sport watch will soon be able to track more than just your runs. Fitbit announced on Monday that an upcoming update will add tracking support for outdoor cycling. With the hel-p of the GPS and other sensors, riders will able to view their distance, duration, average speed, heart rate and calories burned in real-time. A map of the route, along with detailed information on speed and elevation will be available post-workout in the Fitbit app.

There's an increasing number of people in the world who can't remember a time iphone screen cover 6s before laptops and phones, These devices have become not merely an integral part of our lives, but the means through which we live, Perhaps far too much, One British psychologist believes these gadgets may be wrecking kids' mental health, In an interview with the Telegraph, Julie Lynn Evans gave a very dark view of electronics' incursion into kids' psyches, She said: "Something is clearly happening because I am seeing the evidence in the numbers of depressive, anorexic, cutting children who come to see me, And it always has something to do with the computer, the Internet and the smartphone."Lynn Evans, who I've reached out to for further comment, specifically targeted smartphones for her observations, She told the Telegraph: "It's a simplistic view, but I think it is the ubiquity of broadband and smartphones that has changed the pace and the power and the drama of mental illness in young people."Lynn Evans talked about access to anorexia Web sites, pornography and cyberbullying..

Messages about you are out there all the time. Your opportunity to respond to those messages is instant. However, your instant reaction often elicits another instant reaction. Thought is therefore abandoned to impulse. And it's constant. It's a permanent school playground where no one stops talking, no one stops emoting. The opportunity to be hurt is exponentially greater. For kids, still learning about their own emotions and the world around them, this is an especially vulnerable time. Lynn Evans's solution: "I think children should have privacy within their own rooms and in their diaries, and I think they should have the Internet, but I don't think they should have both, certainly not until they have proved they are completely safe and reliable."Perhaps another question worth asking, though, is whether any of us are sane anymore.

Is our own mental health truly any better than that of our kids? We're just as addicted to our gadgets as they are, Many of us toss invective into the digital ether as if it was confetti at a wedding, Look what Ashley Judd had to deal with last week on Twitter, Our ability to be considerate iphone screen cover 6s and forgiving is surely being tested to its breaking point, Our need to display our lives to as many people as possible is becoming pathological, We're desperate for "likes," in the same breath as we're ready to hate..

Technology has moved so fast that it's dragging us with it, whether we like it or not. Social media sites and apps are being specifically designed not only to hook us, but to change our behavior in a way that best coincides with the site's commercial aims. As so often happens, we're too weak to resist, too easily sucked in by the lure of something new, free or instantly ego-gratifying. And then we wonder why we're so unhappy. Technically Incorrect: A leading British psychologist says she's seen an enormous uptick in cases of teen anorexia, depression and cutting and believes in many cases its related to the ubiquity and instant nature of technology.

Cyanogen raised $80 million in a series C round of funding led by venture-capital firm Premji Invest, the company announced on Monday, Twitter's private-investment arm, Twitter Ventures, as well as Qualcomm, and even media bigwig Rupert Murdoch participated in the funding round, In total, Cyanogen has raised $110 million since 2009, Although Google's Android platform is the dominant force in mobile operating systems, Cyanogen is trying to change that, The company has its own mobile operating system, called Cyanogen OS, that's built completely on Android, However, the company has transformed Android to be completely open, allowing users to customize the experience of using the platform, The operating system also doesn't come with Google's built-in services, iphone screen cover 6s which are required in standard Google-provided Android builds..

Google's Android is technically open-source, meaning the community has access to code. However, Google still keeps much of its operating system closed to hardware makers, requiring companies like Samsung, HTC, and others, to add a skin to the operating system to make it look and feel different than competing products running the same version of Android. Cyanogen, meanwhile, provides all source code to hardware makers and developers, allowing them to create fully customized Android experiences. Still, Cyanogen isn't too much of a concern for Google at this point. The company's operating system is still a long way from catching Google, due mainly to a relatively small number of hardware vendors supporting the platform. According to the company, the cash used in the investment round will be used to build out its staff and accelerate its operating system's development. That acceleration could help it bring the software to more hardware vendors and thus, more devices.

"We're excited to have the backing of an amazingly diverse group iphone screen cover 6s of strategic investors who are supporting us in building a truly open Android," Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster said in a statement, Cyanogen declined to provide additional comment on the funding round, The open-source Android startup also received funding in this round from Qualcomm and Rupert Murdoch, Cyanogen, the software maker building an Android-based operating system to take on Google, has raised a boatload of cash from some well-known sources..